My Vampire Little Sister

Chapter 47 The Second Ability (2)

“Make sure you dont push yourself too much!”

“Yes, yes.”

“Anytime that you need me, just tell Variel. Ill exit the dimensional domain immediately and come to your side.”

“Yes, Irina.”

“Also, if Lilith makes a move on you, make sure to kick her away! You dont have to hold back! Just kick her into another dimension!”

“Hey, I heard that!”

I couldnt help but break a smile at my younger sisters worried expression. Irina continued to tap on my body, hoping to get one final touch. And why was she so concerned?

“Youre acting like this is the final time youre meeting Jin. Ill have you know the dimensional domain is perfectly safe, okay? Ive spent months meditating in it and came out perfectly fine.”

Lilith, who had been staring daggers at Irinas touchy hands, snorted derisively from the side. The girl was still uncomfortable with the skinship that Irina and I had developed, and she couldnt help but frown at my little sisters actions. Though, in truth, I knew that Lilith wanted to join in on the fun.

She really was someone who wore her emotions on her sleeve. She couldnt hide her jealousy even though her words clearly meant something else.

Was this the infamous Tsundere that Ive been hearing about?

“Its not the dimensional domain that Im worried about…” Irina glared at the blonde woman, who was slowly edging closer toward us. “Im just worried about what this thirsty virgin would do to you when Im not around.”

“T-Thirsty?! Youre the one who did all those immoral things to Jin last night!”

Liliths face instantly turned crimson as she recalled the feeding session Irina and I shared. While Lilith was too shy to participate, her eyes were wide open the entire night long. The sight of her covering her face with both her hands while leaving a gap between her fingers was one that I would remember for the rest of my life.

“Tsk, this is why virgins are so annoying.”

“V-Vir… Stop calling me that! You were one just a few weeks ago too!”

“Alright, stop fighting.”

I separated the two cautiously and held Irina by the hand.

I could watch these two go on with their sisterly act all day long. But unfortunately, Irina couldnt spend much time dilly-dallying. The dimensional domain was a simulation that the Moonreaver House formulated for training talented young Vampires. Due to the immense cost and the amount of effort needed to create such a contraption, it was only limited to the direct descendants of the Moonreaver House. Even then, you had to have exceptional ability to be even considered.

The only reason Irina had this opportunity in the first place was due to Liliths unlawful trespass on the Everwinter Estate. To prevent the escalation of tensions that might even lead to a rift in their relationship, the Moonreaver House acquiesced to Matriarch Innocences demand. It gave Irina a free pass into their dimensional domain.-.

However, that didnt mean she could use it for an unlimited time. Lilith had been using the dimensional domain over the past few months, and there were barely any resources left. At best, Irina had one months worth of time; therefore, every second was worth more than gold.

Which sadly means… I would be unable to see Irina for a month.



We looked into each others eyes, and our longing feelings for each other were transmitted clearly. This was going to be our first time separated ever since Irina first transformed me into a Vampire. To some, one month might seem like a short time, but for Irina and I, it was practically our first time apart since establishing our relationship.

“Stay safe, okay? Theres no need to rush. Even if you dont become stronger, I will protect you.”

“Stupid Brother, you took the words from my mouth.” Irina giggled as her arms slithered up my neck. “Dont push yourself too hard. I know you want to become stronger fast, but think about what would happen to me if you collapsed from overtraining.”

“Haha, you got me.”

My hands naturally went down to her waist, and the girl instantly knew what to do. She leapt up, forcing me to carry her like a koala bear. And after licking the base of my neck twice, Irinas sharp, ivory teeth pierced through my skin as a torrent of blood flowed from my veins into her mouth. Since shes going to be away for a month, I allowed her to feast to her hearts desire.

It was only after fifteen minutes that the girl released her grip on my neck. Face-to-face, Irina went for my lips, and her blood-soaked tongue invaded my mouth.

“Ill be back.”

“Ill be waiting.”

No other words were needed between us. I watched fondly as Irina walked into the dimensional domain as Variel and Luminita followed along.

“Well then, if you would excuse me, Master Jin.” Luminita, being Irinas personal maidservant, had to be by her side at all times. Meanwhile, Variel was her protector and the only one the Matriarch truly trusted. No matter how much Irina begged, there was no way that these two elites would guard me.

Well, not that I needed protection in the first place.

“Take care of Irina for me, okay?”


Finally, after the three disappeared into the private chambers that held the dimensional domain, peace and quiet returned to my life. It was the first time in months that I was left alone. A world without Irina… It sounded so melancholic. Could I actually survive in such a world? Fortunately, this situation was only temporary, and I would see Irina after a month. But, God forbid… What if something happened to her? Or what if I was too weak to protect her?

Yes… I will never want to see a world like that… ever.

And therefore…

“Lilith… You sure held back well.”

“… Im not that insensitive.” The blonde beauty laughed under her breath. “She wont be seeing you for a month, so that level of skinship is still acceptable.”

“Still acceptable, huh?”

“Besides, now that shes not here, we can…”

“We can, what?”

“Huehuehue… Nothing~”

Goodness, how cute could you be? I felt the need to tease this adorable creature, but I held back my words. The more important thing was…

I walked over to Lilith and grabbed her by the shoulders. Her vale eyes faltered, and her entire body convulsed. Perhaps she thought I was about to give her the same kiss that I gave Irina? Well, as much as I wished to, there was something else I wanted to do at the moment.

“Lilith… Lets train!”


Liliths training facility was quite similar to Irinas one. She had an entire gym filled with empty space. An entire library that could easily match those in universities. Dozens of facilities, such as swimming pools, forest and mountain ranges, testing grounds… Even a myriad of weapons and artifacts would make the worlds top Hunters drool.

It was a stacked facility through and through.

However, the most impressive feature of Liliths massive land wasnt anything from the aforementioned list. It was the virtual dimension simulator that trumps anything that even the Everwinter House could get.

Being the premier authority in creating mirror dimensions and alternate realms, the Moonreaver House had the best magical technology when it came to creating a training ground. Using a complicated algorithm and a set of arrays, the Moonreaver House had created something awe-inspiring.

I stood in the middle of a white chamber, one that was about a football field in size. There was nothing within these four walls, but that didnt matter one bit. Why? Because with a press of a button, this facility could transform into any landscape I desired.

A technological metropolis with towering skyscrapers that reached the skies? A rocky cavern with nothing but broken boulders and shadowy moss? Or a beautiful meadow with thousands of flowers littered all over the ground?

Any environment that I wished to train in, I could create.

And that was the power of the Moonreaver House.

“I dont remember you being so dedicated to training, Jin.”

“Really? How was I in the past?”

“Hmmm… You used to train a lot back then as well, but you always made time for us. Even if you were in the middle of your routine, if one of us wanted you there, you would drop everything and come to us immediately.”


Dear God, just how chauvinistic were you, ten-year-old Jin? Then again, I should thank the past me for being that charming. Otherwise, I wouldnt have met Irina and Lilith and made them enamoured with me.

“Later, when we are resting… Would you mind sharing the details about the past with me?”

“Sure! But I will only share bits and pieces. As much as I hate to agree with her, Irina is right. We cant overload your brain with too much of your past memories, especially since they are still sealed. Once youve returned the remaining three souls, then maybe…”

Liliths face blossomed into a smile. She was probably thinking about the deed that would return her soul back. Hah… This girl should never play poker. Anyone with half a brain would be able to read her face.

“Okay, lets discuss that later. Would you mind changing the scenery for now?”


Lilith snapped her fingers, and the world changed. Or, to be more precise, our surroundings changed. The white room transformed into a vast plain with a clear blue sky and acres upon acres of grass. At that moment, the adorable young girl I knew and loved completely transformed. Gone was her bashfulness, and in its place, a certain mature confidence took over.

“Lets start with the basics, shall we?”


Since wed already discussed this before, there was no need for any further explanations. I immediately summoned my Soul Armament. Five rings appeared on my right hand, and they were chained up to the bracelet that engulfed my wrist. Amongst the rings, only the middle one had retained its colour, while the other four were wholly dulled out.

Naturally, Lilith knew about the state of my Vampire Aspect and the Soul Armament it produced. However, since she was seeing it for the first time, the researcher in her immediately came alive.

“Hoh… So youve only awakened one of your five rings, and it has already given you the power to control Space?”

“Yes,” I agreed while pushing down my desire to kiss this enthralling woman. “From what I surmise, the five rings will each grant me one attribute. And once my soul is whole again, the five rings should be completely unlocked.”

“You Vampire Aspect sure is… unique.”

Lilith thought out loud. Compared to the sparse information the Everwinter Estate had, the Moonreaver House should have a better record of what kind of Vampire Aspects were out there. However, even with her extensive knowledge, Lilith was still impressed by my innate ability.

“Controlling space is an ability no other Vampire had in the past. No, there should be one…”

“Oh? Who was that?”

“The First Vampire,” Lilith stated calmly. “The First Vampire, also known as the ancestor of all Vampires, used to have an extraordinary Aspect. To date, it was the most powerful Aspect ever recorded. With it, he could create a zone where he himself was the Sovereign. A zone that could suppress any enemy and dominate anyone who dared to breathe in his presence.”


“He could bend space, dominate the minds of others, and kill anyone with a thought. And since he was the First Vampire, he had the power to force all Vampires to bend to his will.”

That sounds… broken.

Wait, wait, wait! Such a monster existed? Doesnt that mean he held the entire Vampire race in his hands? Jesus, its fortunate that hes passed away now. I dont think I could handle it if I knew some random ancient fossil could dominate my will.

And if he were to decide to forcibly steal Irina or Lilith…

Yeah, thank the heavens hes dead.

“So your power to control space isnt unheard of. The problem is what are the other four abilities.” Lilith went into scholar mode and carefully examined each one of the rings. “Do you have any idea how you can unlock them?”

“Actually, I do…”


Even before Lilith asked this question, Id run through thousands of scenarios in my mind. I thought back at the events leading up to my awakening and the main reason why my first ability awakened. And Ive come to one conclusion.

“Yes, Lilith… I need your blood.”


My words made the girl freeze instantly. It was such a funny scene that I was tempted to take a photo, but I held back for now. Coughing twice, I continued with my explanation.

“When I first awakened my Vampire Aspect, I had already sucked on Irinas blood. And while her soul still resided in my body, I started to get memories of the past. Plus, my soul became much stronger. It was as if her blood was the catalyst to unlocking my first ability. Thats why…”

“… you need my blood?”

It was a sound theory. My memories and powers were sealed due to the four souls that resided in my body. If I was exposed to them, be it drinking their blood, bonding as Bloodmates or even just being in their presence, the seals that chained me up would loosen up on their own. And therefore, if I just had a chance to drink Liliths blood…

“Of course, I wont force you if you dont want to.”

“N-No, its not that I dont want to, its just…”

Lilith once again slipped back into her bashful teenage self. Her eyes darted everywhere, and her left index finger curled her long blonde hair. She didnt know it, but at the moment, Lilith looked exactly like a stereotypical cheerleader who was flirting with the football captain.

“Shouldnt we do it on the bed? And Lisa is watching. Ah, maybe if I create an illusion, we can do it right here! But what if it goes beyond that? Ahhhhh!”

Fuck… This girl is just too cute!

Lilith thought that I couldnt hear a word she mumbled, but her every thought was delivered to me in surround sound. Unable to bear it anymore, I leaned in and raised her pointed chin.

“Lilith, dont worry. I will only take a sip.”


As expected, this girl was weak to a forceful man. Almost immediately, she closed her eyes and bent her head slightly, revealing the scrumptious, white nape of transcendent beauty. Irinas blood was the most delicious meal Id ever had, and so… I expect Liliths blood to be much the same.

Id unconsciously gulped down a mouthful of saliva. My fangs were salivating, and my desire for Lilith shot up tenfold. And without knowing, I closed my eyes and leaned in for the taste.

Alas… My teeth would never find the swan-like neck. However, I did taste blood. Blood that came from my abdomen, unfortunately.

“What are you doing to my sister?”

I hurriedly opened my eyes and saw a massive man standing before me. He seemed a little over two and a half-meters tall. A toned adult, one that could compete in swimming competitions all around the world. And most importantly, he had the same rich blonde hair that my beloved Lilith had.

But he didnt have the same face of compassion that Lilith had, and neither was he showing an expression of kindness. What he had… was a face of pure, red-hot rage.

“Y-You… Bleurgh!”

I tried to speak, but I started coughing up blood. And the reason for that was simple. The man that appeared, the man that resembled Lilith the most, had pierced his arm through my chest.

I felt overwhelming pain. My mind was in shambles, and my body refused to move. However, even with these conditions that would kill a man instantly, my mind could still latch on to the word that came out of the mans mouth. No, it had already become something that would live on with me for the rest of time.


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