My Vampire Little Sister

Chapter 42 Lilith Moonreaver (4)

The Matriarch left just as suddenly as she appeared. A gust of wind breezed through the half-decimated structure that used to be called Irinas bungalow, and the ancient Vampire vanished as if she were a mere hallucination. However, as she left, I swore that I could see the outlines of her lips breaking into a sly smile.

So why did she smile?

Because of the ticking time bomb that shed left in my hands.




Irina and Lilith remained silent, their faces ashen with both their eyes looking away from one another. No, Irina seemed more reluctant to meet the blonde beautys face while Lilith was withholding her desire to start a new World War. Evidently, the two hadnt recovered from their previous fight and were itching to go again.

But I wont let that happen.

“Lilith… You dont mind me calling you that, right?” I smiled at the fuming girl, hoping to somewhat appease her. “Would you mind telling me the details of the ritual? My memory is still quite fuzzy, and I cant remember anything from the past.”

“… You still havent told him?”

Hearing my question, Liliths face wasnt pointed at me; instead, it glared right at Irina as if it were trying to reproach and denounce her.

“Brothers soul has not recovered then. I didnt want to overwhelm him with memories that he cant even remember. Also…”

Irinas body started fidgeting as she looked away with guilt. There were words unspoken, but Ive known the girl long enough to somewhat guess her thoughts. Yes, Irina purposefully withheld details about our past to ease my suffering. But the most pivotal reason was…-.

She wanted to monopolise me.

Irina didnt want the other girls to know that I was taken by her, and she definitely didnt want the other girls to touch a hair on my body. She wanted me all for myself, and it became extremely apparent judging by the way she treated me.

The love that Irina possessed for me was heavy, so heavy in fact, that she was willing to fight everyone in the world, including her best friends, just to retain me for herself.

And honestly… I quite liked that.

The feeling of being loved so much that she wanted to monopolise every part of my being. Truthfully, I felt the same way about Irina. I didnt want any other man to have her, and if she were to run into the arms of someone else…

Yeah, I understood the immense jealousy that my little sister felt.

“Tsk, I should have never passed the observation rights to you!”

Like an active volcano that was about to erupt, Liliths face turned hellish red as fumes spewed out from her nostrils. Her ethereal vale eyes turned crimson as magic power started to fill the room. To defend herself, Irina turned and prepared to battle to the death. Goodness, could these two just calm down for just one second.

Attempting to defuse the situation, I abruptly changed the subject: “What are observation rights? Do you mind explaining it to me?”


Lilith stopped her onslaught of anger and turned her attention back to me. Her bloodshot eyes of hers wavered, and the fuming woman turned mellow. She dropped back on the sofa and lowered her head down. If the girl had dog ears, they would be hanging down in shame as well.


“Jin… How much do you know about the past? About why our souls are in you and the reason why we werent able to be near you for fifteen years?”

“Yes, Irina explained the gist of it to me already. Your souls are meant to hold mine together, and if you approached me, they might go out of control as they tried to return to you.”

“Thats right,” the blonde beauty asserted my words. Liliths face quickly turned sour, and her eyes locked right on me. And within those gorgeous pupils, I could see the yearning she had for me. The desires and words that shed suppressed for many years.

“On that day, the Outer Demon ripped your soul into pieces. We were only children back then, and none of us were specialists in treating the soul. But we desperately wanted to keep you alive, and so… we performed that ritual.”


“Yes, since there were four of us, each one of us sacrificed a quarter of our souls. Using them, I glued your broken soul back together and left them there so that your soul could heal by itself. It wasnt the best option, but it was the only path we had at the time.”

That sounded complicated… Wait a minute, if Lilith was right, did that mean she performed this ritual when she was just ten years old?! When Irina told me that she had help, Id always assumed that there was an adult present!

I stared intensely at the beauty who seemed nothing like a magic researcher or an academic at the top of her field. If Irina had the look of a flawless doll, Lilith boasted an image of a fresh supermodel who could easily beat anyone on television. Her perfectly toned body made it seem like she had been dieting and exercising well. The only weakness was her small chest size, but that wasnt a problem at all! Rather, it added to her allure as an intelligent beauty.

“Because the ritual was done in a hurry, and there wasnt any time to fix any underlying problems it had, the moment you passed out, we were forced to leave you alone.”

Liliths darkened eyes betrayed her anguish, her deep and murky emotions, and her remorse for not being able to do more for me. Unknowingly, her hands reached out to me but stopped just shy, as if there was a mental barrier preventing her from fully accepting my warmth.

Looking away, the blondes voice cracked as she continued:

“We knew that you would forget us, but we never forgot about you… Not for a single second, Jin. We wanted to be with you, grow up with you, and help you with everything you needed… But, we couldnt even come near you.”


“However, even if we couldnt be near you, we would at least protect you! Thats why the four of us shared the responsibility to observe you and assist you from afar. No one was allowed to harm you! No one!”

“So thats the meaning of the observation rights…”

Now everything made sense. Irina had multiple pictures of me growing up, from the time I hit puberty all the way to the day I graduated from university. Although Irina did have her weird hobby, it was mostly to surveil my surroundings and ensure that I remained safe at all times.

And now that Lilith has mentioned it, I do remember some mysterious events that happened throughout my life. From small things like finding my missing wallet on my desk the next day to even weirder things like bullies not disturbing me even though I was crippled.

So… Rather than call them voyeurs, it would be better to think of them as my guardian angels!

“Yes… We would take turns holding onto the observation rights. After all, as much as we wished to monitor you twenty-four-seven, we had other obligations to fulfil. And once your soul had been completely healed, we planned to meet you together to explain everything. But…”

Lilith snapped her head back to Irina, glaring at her with a look that could kill a million people.

“SOMEONE just had to break our promise! When all of us werent looking! Not only that, she…”

Lilith looked at me, mainly the lower half of my body, and blushed furiously. Steam rose from the crown of her head, and her pale white face was rapidly dyed red from head to neck. That simple face sent electric pulses through my veins as my heart started beating far more rapidly. The gap between a calm and confident intellectual and a shy virgin was seriously bad for my heart.

Why was she so fucking adorable?!

Irina once said that due to the connections between our souls, I would feel far more affectionate towards her just through that fact alone. However, Liliths mellow nature would strike down even the toughest of men.

“… I wanted his firsts.”

“What was that?”


Lilith whispered softly so that no one could hear. However, there was no way her honest thoughts could escape my superhuman ears. Smiling impishly, I stood up and gently reached out for her soft head.

The girl flinched for a moment, unsure how to react to this foreign action. Watching Lilith switch from a bold woman to a flustered young girl sure was amusing, and the urge to tease her till the end of time. But, I refrained from that for now.

My fingers traced the outline of her forehead, down to her mochi-like cheeks. Good god, they were soft. Her face was so unnaturally smooth that it felt like the girl didnt have a pimple her entire life. Liliths sharp chin, soft skin and gorgeous cheeks combined to make a killer combination, one that was addictive to the touch.

And to top it all off…


Liliths rage had melted away in its entirety. She looked at me, her eyes misty as her lips parted slightly. The redness of her face, the longing desire in her eyes, the warmth and softness of her face…


This feeling. It was the same. I felt the exact same way when I was with Irina.

“Lilith, please forgive Irina. She was forced to turn me into a Vampire back then. I was dying due to the clash of the souls, and if Irina didnt turn me… Im afraid that I wouldnt be here talking to you.”

“I-Is that so…”

“Yes, so she had no choice but to break that promise.”

“I-I see…”

I think Im starting to understand how this woman works. Perhaps it was due to the experience Ive gained by interacting with Irina, or maybe it was the fact that a quarter of her soul was within me. Just by my instincts alone, I could understand how to work with her. How to tame her. And… How to please her.

“Please forgive her… For me?”

I purposefully left out the fact that Irina hid me away so that Lilith and the rest couldnt find me. Sometimes, leaving out one tiny detail was the difference between life and death. And in this case…

“A-Alright… I guess I can forgive her this time.”

Eureka! Smiling from ear to ear, I placed my hands on Liliths diamond face and tenderly stroked down her chin.

“Thank you, Lilith!”

My lips naturally went in for the kill. Happily planting kisses on her forehead, my face moved at rapid speeds to prevent her from pulling away. Not that Lilith would do that in the first place. Stunlocked by my actions, the girl froze like an ice sculpture, unable to compute the deed that was happening. If I tried to land a kiss on her lips, there was no question that Lilith would be unable to resist.

In fact, I was tempted to do just that. However…

“Thats enough!” After my third kiss landed, Irina immediately forced herself between us and pulled me away. “Brother, I think she got the message.”

On the surface, Irinas actions seem to be protecting Lilith from me, but we all knew that she was just jealous. Hehe, even a jealous Irina was so cute! On the other hand, Lilith was still petrified in place, as if Medusa herself had cast a spell.

Oh my god…

One adorable lover had now turned into two!

I am most definitely going to enjoy my time in the future!

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