My Vampire Little Sister

Chapter 39 Lilith Moonreaver (1)

Hi! This is the author here!

First of all, thank you for reading or planning to pick up this story! I really appreciate it whether its a view, a comment or a power stone. You reading and engaging with this story is what gives authors like me motivation to keep writing. Im writing this end of volume thoughts to answer some of your burning questions and to give you a better idea of what kind of novel youre picking up.-.

1) Yes, its loosely inspired by My Three Wives Are Beautiful Vampires and Little Tyrant Doesnt Want to Meet with a Bad End. However, it is a completely original novel and it will become apparent as we get into the later stages of the story. So if you like those novels, maybe give this a try. 😉

2) No, there isnt incest. Its just a clickbait to get the incest-degens-… connoisseurs to read my novel. There will be R-18 content though. Whether its a deal-breaker or not, thats up to you. As for the harem aspect, Im only thinking of developing the four main female leads. One reason why I wrote this novel was because I didnt like how some harem novels had just too many female characters, so much so that I would lose track of who was who. So for now, I will focus on the four girls on the cover, or at the very least until the story develops to the point where adding a new character wouldnt feel too overwhelming.

3) I wrote this novel with the intention of letting you turn off your brain and not take a story too seriously. There wont be anything too thematically heavy or there wont be any life-inspiring moral to take out of. I wrote this novel for readers to just enjoy. So, please sit back and enjoy the ride!

4) As for comments, I wont be too involved in the comments. As much as I would like to be, this is more of a hobby for me and I do have a full-time job and real-life commitments. Besides, I dont want to accidentally spoil the plot for you guys, right? 😉

5) Finally, I will be converting this to a paid work on AllNovelFull soon. It may have happened by the time you read this authors thoughts or it may still be in the works. I still have to figure out how this contract system works. So for my readers on the other platforms, sorry but I guess you will have to read it exclusively on AllNovelFull soon. Also, since this is the end of the volume, you guys will have a rough gauge of what kind of novel this will be. So you can decide for yourself whether its worth the money you would spend in the future.

Alright, I hope I covered it all. Please, leave a review if you like the story. Or just simply add it to your collection. Every little act helps with my novel engagement. Cheers, and hope you enjoy the story!

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