My Vampire Little Sister

Chapter 38 End of Volume 1 & Author's thoughts

“Jin! Jin! Have you read this book?”

“Hmmm? Ah, the theory of how spatial magic affects the flow of time?”

“Thats right! Could you explain it to me? If spatial magic keeps affecting the flow of time, wouldnt our timeline be distorted right now? Given how magicians, Vampires and Outer Demons alike use spatial magic constantly.”

“Hah… You hit the crux of the issue. Its a common misconception that space and time are two different things. Yes, they are quite different in the physical realm, where you can measure space and time using different methods, but from a magical standpoint, Spacetime is one singular entity. Whether it is spatial magic or time magic, they all affect the same thing.”

“Wow… So does that mean that whenever someone casts teleport, time slows down for them as well?”

“Thats correct. Although it will be very small, so insignificant that we wont be able to physically feel it. The same could be said about using time magic to slow down or speed up a person. Time slows down for them, and at the same time, space will contort.”

“So why doesnt it affect the timeline?”

“Because Spacetime is a self-recovering entity. Let me show you a visual model. Take this piece of paper and imagine that its the dimensions of Spacetime. Whenever someone casts spatial magic, a small depression will be formed. However, once the effects of the spatial ability run out, the piece of paper will fold back up as if nothing ever happened.”

“Oh! So thats the reason why the timeline wont be affected?!”

“Thats right. So no matter how much spatial or time magic is being cast, the dimensions of Spacetime will never be damaged. Thats why time will continue flowing on until the death of the universe.”

“Eyyy, I dont want the universe to die!”

“Hmmm? Why not?”

“Because Im going to live with you for the rest of eternity! If the universe dies, how am I going to live with you?!”

“Hahaha! Youre completely right! How about this? When I grow up and become stronger, I promise you that Ill stop the death of the universe!”-.

“Really? Youll promise that?!”

“Of course! Who do you think I am? Im Jin Valter, the boy who will one day stand at the top of the world! And I never broke a promise with you, have I?”

“No, you definitely havent!!! As expected, youre the only person worthy of being my Bloodmate!”

“Hey, were both just ten…”

“Age doesnt matter! Youre going to be my Bloodmate, and thats final!”

“Hah… Even though you two dont get along, you sure think like Irina… Alright then! Ill promise you this! When we meet in the future, and if your feelings havent changed, we can talk about this at length.”

“I dont get why youre protesting something that will happen anyway!”

“Wow, can you see the future? Would you please teach me that lost magic that no one knows?”

“Hehe, if you get married to me, Ill teach you!”

“You vixen…”

“Im only a vixen to you, Jin.”

“Hah… Youre really a handful…”



A dream?

No, that was too vivid to be a dream. As I awoke from my slumber, the distinct memory of a young boy and girl having a conversation remained sternly in my mind. The young boy sounded very much like me as he echoed a theory that Id learned many years before. In fact, the dream felt more like a memory.

And if it was a memory, it begs the question.

Who was that girl?

I knew for sure that it wasnt Irina. Rather than Irinas beautiful snow-like hair, that girl in my dream had rich golden ones. Her level of thought was something of note as well. I dont remember Irina ever talking to me about laws and theories. Most of the time, she would only care about being by my side. But that girl, on the other hand…

There was no question that what I saw was no dream. And if my theory is correct, the girl might be part of the four souls that resided in my body. No, now that Irinas soul has been returned to her, there should be only three left.

Speaking of the little imp…

“Huehuehue… Brother, not there…”

There was plenty of time to think about that girl in the future. The more important person right now was the white-haired beauty who seemed to be having a fun time in the Garden of Hypnos. First, I checked the state that the two of us were in. My body was sore, and my limbs felt as heavy as a rock.

Given how quickly Vampires regenerate, its been a while since I was in this much discomfort. And I knew exactly why I was so fatigued.

… Just how many days and nights did we spend indulging in each others bodies?

I couldnt tell. Due to our isolation in Irinas basement, there were no windows, nor was there any natural light. We could only tell how much time had passed by the number of times we climaxed. And that wasnt exactly a good gauge. The number of times we did it was easily documented just by looking at the aftermath of the room.

Torn bedsheets that had been drenched by sweat and other bizarre liquids. Puddles of mysterious fluids lay all throughout the entire room. On chairs, tables, sofas… Even the bathroom was not spared from our lust. The place that was meant to be the cleanest was, in fact, the filthiest. The shower room that should have been cleaned with water had been replaced by our foul sweat. The air freshener had been overwhelmed by our combined natural stench, even overpowering the smell coming from the toilet.

It was a complete site of a warzone.

A warzone of two Vampires who desperately wished to mate.

I learned one thing throughout the time when Irina and I vigorously bonded. Vampires do not have infinite vitality. Just like humans, we required a few moments to rest before we could go again. Or, to be more precise, we didnt have infinite fluids to throw out. That was the main reason why I felt this much discomfort.

Irina greedily sucked on my blood while, at the same time, her lower mouth sucked on my vitality. No matter how fast ones regenerative capabilities were, a Vampire wouldnt be able to withstand the twenty-four-seven onslaught of a female nymphomaniac like Irina.

Fortunately, after many days of tending to her lust, both of us had finally satisfied our latent desires. Well, at least I did. And judging from the fact that Im still in a puddle of my own sweat and mysterious liquid, I think Id just about had enough.

“Irina… Irina… Wake up…”

“Hmmm? Do you want to go again? Give me a minute, okay?”

“No, you silly…”

Jesus, does she only think of sex?! Although I didnt mind an obsessive girl that loved me enough to do this every day, I did have other things that I wanted to do.

“Irina, Ill be going to get a change of clothes, alright?”


Irinas eyes were still dropping down, and her lethargic face, which screamed cuteness, was looking right at me. Even though she had just woken up and was unable to wear makeup, the girl was still far more beautiful than any woman Id ever seen on television.

Since she was still groggy, Irina didnt have a chance to cover herself up. Her snowy white complexion mirrored that of the Winter hills, particularly the two female peaks that only seemed to grow more enticing over time. Beneath the two peaks lay a lustful body that no one would pry their eyes away from, including her decanter waist and long sultry legs.

Oh… How I wished I could lick them again…

No! What am I doing?! If we start, we wont be able to stop anymore!

Okay, lets leave before I do something that I cant take back.

Planting a kiss on the sleeping beautys happy face, I stepped away from the bed and wore back my clothes or what remained of them. Irina seemed to tear them to shreds during one of our sessions, leaving many parts exposed. Fortunately, we were the only two people in the house, so even if I walked out completely naked, there would be no one to judge or laugh at me.

Leaving the basement, I quickly made my way to my bedroom, where I got a nice pair of clothes to wear. Though, I did force myself to take a shower, given the debaucherous smell that I was emitting. And while in the shower, I had the free time to dissect the dream that Id just had.

And no, I wasnt thinking about the girl in the dream just yet. I had plenty of time to do that in the future. What I was most interested in… was the concept of Space and Time.


Because the me from the past was right. Space and Time werent two separate concepts in magic. They were unified under the dimension of Spacetime. When a spatial spell is cast, time gets affected.

So, what happens to my ability to control space? Will I be able to affect time as well? If my younger selfs words were correct, was my ability the power to control Spacetime?

Now that was a theory that I wanted to test.

But still… I had to take one step at a time.

Coming out of the shower, I pondered the many possibilities my power could hold. Even if I wanted to test out my theories, the training rooms were still closed to me. If I wished to continue my development, I had to at least get out of the Everwinter House. But it was going to be a tall task. If the Matriarch was going to ban Irina from travelling out, I had to try and smuggle her. Alas, breaching the Everwinter House walls was easier said than done.

They had security checkpoints everywhere, and not to mention all of their planes were tightly regulated by the House.

Alas, I was just not imaginative enough.


Suddenly, a bolt of electricity struck with violence right before my eyes. Was this an enemy attack? No, that cant be. The Everwinter House was protected by a vast array of barriers and other physical protections in place. Even a fly couldnt break into the Everwinter House, let alone a home that an heir lived in.

So was this an inside attack?

Luckily, I didnt need to wait long to get my answer.

The bolt of lightning exploded, and space started to distort. And what stood before me wasnt a picture of complete and utter destruction, and neither was it an ambush of enemies. What stood before me… was a beautiful young woman.

The first thing that I noticed was the sudden explosion of Spring fragrance that came with the young womans appearance. Boasting rich golden hair that flowed effortlessly down to her shoulder blades, the woman seemed like an incarnation of a Greek Goddess. Her tightly measured body was wrapped in a white shoulderless blouse with an indigo flutter skirt to complete her modern woman image.

The young woman brushed her hair to the side as if nothing ever happened, revealing her milky white and tender shoulders to my Vampiric eyes. She took a deep breath in and took a moment to observe her surroundings.

And before long… Her vale eyes, which seemed capable of sucking in all forms of life, connected with my own. The girl looked shocked for a moment, but the astonishment on her face was quickly replaced by a happy and longing smile.

“Jin… We finally meet.”

That voice… That face… That smile…

Ah, yes. How could I ever forget?

This girl… The promise that I made to her. The oath that I swore I would keep. She was… the girl in my dreams.


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