My Vampire Little Sister

Chapter 36 The First Night (2)

[NSFW: Warning! There will be an R-18 scene in this chapter. Please skip this chapter if you dont want to read stuff like this. All chapters with R-18 scenes will have this warning tag to help with your reading experience. Otherwise, to the ones who stuck around, please enjoy! ;D]

“Be connected in mind, soul… and body?”

Putting the mind and soul part aside, when she said that we had to be joined in body… It could only mean one thing, right?

“Just to be certain… Are you talking about intercourse?”

“Yes,” Irina answered smoothly as if she had anticipated my response the whole time. “Our souls are already connected, so theres no need for us to establish a link. As for our minds, we need to experience the same emotions and not have any form of repulsion toward each other. Thats why I opened up about my secret to you, Brother.”

Ah, so thats why she shared this secret with me? I guess she felt guilty about keeping this room from me, and therefore, our mental connection wouldnt be perfect.

“Since our minds and souls have already been connected, all that remains is a physical bridge where my soul can be transferred. Usually, we can begin the process by sucking each others blood, but that would be too inefficient since my soul has been inside yours for fifteen years now. The best and fastest way is to create the deepest physical connection two individuals could have, and that is…”


The theory made sense. There was no deeper physical connection than a mating session between a man and a woman. Though, I wasnt sure how the transfer would work. Does the part of her soul break off during our deed, or would it be transplanted upon ejaculation? I never did study matters regarding the soul, so my knowledge of it was quite sparse.

“… Are you unsatisfied with that?”

Seeing my face that was deep in thought, Irina misunderstood that I felt averse to the idea. Her adorable nose even started to sniffle as her eyes looked at me longingly.

“No, not at all!” I reached up to her petite little head and gently stroked her hair. “I was just taken aback, thats all!”

“Thank goodness…”

Irina heaved a massive sigh of relief. With my consent taken, Irina brought her cherry red lips forward and her snow-white skin closer to mine. Once more, I was overwhelmed by her distinct floral fragrance, but this time, I could feel my heart beating faster as heat rose to my ears.

Truth to be told… I always knew this day would come. I knew that Irinas feelings for me far exceeded that of mere siblings. After all, no siblings would sleep together in the same bed when they were in their twenties. And no younger sister would go to such extents to protect their older brother, risking everything that she had in the process.-.

Additionally, Irina had always shown hints that she desired a more physical relationship. From the times she wouldaccidentally kiss me during our feeding sessions or the times sheaccidentally brushed our crotches together.

I knew from long ago… That we werent going to be siblings for much longer.

However, Id always delayed it. For one, Irina was in a much higher position than me. She was stronger, richer and most importantly, the woman that was protecting me. There was this irrefutable distance between our statuses, and if I were the one who asked for sex, the distance would only grow much larger.

Therefore, I wanted to at least grow my strength or show that we could be equals before I pushed her down and made her my woman. After all, I didnt want to be a sugar baby who was pampered by Irina throughout his entire life.

But if it was for the sake of returning her soul…

“You sure are a perverted little sister. To think that you would ask for your brothers virginity.”

“Whats wrong with that?! We arent blood-related, are we?”

Irina giggled at my joke as she finally closed our distance to zero. Slithering her arms around my neck, the girl ensured that our lips were centimetres away from touching as she said the words that would turn any man on.

“Besides, Ill be giving you my first time as well!”

“Haha, I guess its a fair trade then!”

For some reason, I didnt want to waste any more time with thoughts and words. I scooped Irina up and carried her like a princess. The girl let out a delighted yelp as I did so, her arms never leaving my neck. Fortunately, there wasnt a need to travel upstairs as we had a perfectly functional bed right in front of us. And thus, I gently placed her on the mattress before falling squarely on top of her.

“Brother… Im surprised that youre being so proactive…”

“Well, it doesnt matter if you are my younger sister or my lover. My feelings for you wont change.”

Those were my true thoughts. While Irina might consider me as her brother, in my mind, Irina was ayounger beautiful girl that I loved. It didnt matter if she was my sister or not. Heck, I would prefer it if she were my lover. Even I had primal urges to reproduce, you know. Night after night, I had to resist my sexual desires to devour this perfect specimen before me.

Irina was, by any standards, a beautiful woman. She had perfectly perky breasts with the best complexion to highlight its size. Her heart-shaped face that seemed to be unreal at times, her cherry lips that seemed like a forbidden fruit waiting to be bitten, her wintry-grey eyes that seemed to suck in ones soul every time we locked eyes.

I wasnt ashamed to admit it. My little sister was exactly my type!!!

Not to mention, we werent siblings by blood anyway. So everything that I wanted to do to her was completely legal. Well, not that it mattered to the Vampire Society.

Irinas words had literally broken down a floodgate of my pent-up emotions. And now…

“Irina, take off your clothes.”

“Yes… Brother, take off yours as well.”

I asked Irina to remove her clothes as I couldnt trust myself to do so. My impatience might lead to me tearing her thousand-dollar dress, and that wasnt how I wanted our first time to begin. But my worries were unfounded as Irina herself slipped out of the dress within seconds, not caring about the state it was in.

Not willing to lose to her, I disrobed all the way as well, leaving nothing but my briefs. On the other hand, Irina took it one step further as both her bra and panties went flying, leaving the gorgeous young lady in her birthday suit.

The moment everything came off, my body refused to move. I was spellbound by the image that lay before my eyes. Regrettably, this wasnt my first time seeing Irinas uncovered top. However, it was the first time Id seen her most intimate and precious place.

Clean-shaven with not a stubble of hair to be seen. Her skin seemed smoother than a babys bottom as the outer lips of her vagina hung tightly outside. It was pink in colour, and a faint, enticing smell was permeating out. And finally, the biggest, or should I say smallest, feature that caught my eye was the tight hole above her butthole.

It was like a temptress call, an undiscovered cave waiting for pirates to explore and find its treasure. And it was a temptation that I couldnt resist. Blood immediately flowed into my lower half, and my member erected so much that it almost pierced a hole through my underwear.

“Oh dear, that must be painful! Let me help you with that, Brother!”

Irina, who had no concept of what an erection might feel like, misunderstood that I was in pain underneath my briefs. And so, in a bid to help me, the girl pulled down my underpants quickly, causing my manhood to bounce right into her face.

“I-Im sorry, did I hurt you?”

“N-No, its fine!”

Irina rubbed her face where my naughty wood hit her, not because of pain but due to the residue liquid that remained. Maybe it was due to my impatience or my intense desire to mate with her, pre-cum was already leaking from the tip of my member. Once again, Irina gulped as her eyes were fixated on the bottom half of my body.

“Its really big…”

Many parts of my body grew during my growth spurt. My height was one of them, and so were my muscles. And my reproductive organ was no different. Now that it was fully erect, it measured between twenty-five to thirty centimetres. And since Im highly aroused by the beauty before me, I would say that it was closer to thirty centimetres now.

“Im sorry…”

“Why are you apologising?! Its better to be bigger! I like it that way!”

“Is that so? Then Im glad…”

Ive always heard that women liked it big, but you can never know ones personal preference. Fortunately, Irina seemed enamoured with my manhood, so much so that she started to bring her mouth closer and closer to it.

“Irina?! What are you doing? Its dirty!”

“Theres no part of your body that can be dirty, Brother.” Irina took a huge whiff of my member once more and gave it a little peck. My fifth limb flinched backwards as if to escape the sudden touch, but Irina wasnt going to let it go so easily. She grabbed onto the bottom half of my shaft to keep it from moving and said: “Ive read somewhere that making it wet would help when doing the deed.”

“Y-Yeah, lubrication is common.”

“Good… Looks like Ive been reading the right book.” Irina looked at me with a sultry smile on her face and continued: “Then, you dont have to do a thing, Brother. Let me help you feel better.”

“Wait, Irin-…”

Before I could stop the girl from proceeding, Irinas mouth gobbled my manhood whole. Her tongue circled around the tip, gently pulling my foreskin back. Waves of pleasure assaulted my mind as Irinas saliva was left all over my member. As if she were making a vacuum, the girl sucked in air with her mouth and in the process, my fifth limb went straight for her throat.

Before I could choke her, Irina released the pressure on my shaft, and her tongue swirled around the thick rod as her mouth retreated to the tip. However, doing it once was not enough for the seductive girl. Irina continued to suck on my member for a full minute, coating it with thick saliva that accumulated after doing it multiple times.

And once she was satisfied with her work, the girl finally released her stranglehold on my member, as a transparent string of saliva connected her cherry lips with my crotch.

“Irina, you… Where did you learn how to do this?”

“I watched videos online,” my perverted little sister gave the standard answer. “Also… I practised on you when you were sleeping.”

“You did that?”

Goodness, how deep was my sleep that I didnt know someone was blowing me? And this debauched sister of mine… What was she doing to a sleeping person?!

“Are you unsatisfied?”

This! This again! How can I say no to such an adorable face?! Shit, I best learn how to resist Irinas puppy eyes or else Ill continue to be led by the nose. However, I could let it slide one last time.

“No, you can do it… But please stop doing it when Im sleeping. I would be more than happy to let you do it when Im awake.”

Rather, I welcome it wholeheartedly! That short minute was some of the best physical pleasure I had had in my entire life! It felt much better than pleasuring myself! Speaking of pleasure…

“Irina, let me do you too. You lubricated mine, so its only right that I lubricate yours.”

“No, theres no need for that.”

My little sister shook her head, and before I could retort, she grabbed onto my hand and directed my fingers towards her secret garden. My heart was beating rapidly as a knot tightened in my chest. It was my first time looking at a womans special place, let alone touching it. And as my fingers gently stroked on the hole that all men sought to possess, all I could think of was the sensation my fingers felt.

“Its already this wet…”

And slimy. If anything, it was a little too wet. Even without me touching or pleasuring it, Irinas vagina was already soaking. Beads of her sweet nectar dripped on my palm, and some had even escaped down her long, impeccable legs.

“Brother, whenever I am with you, my bottom half reacts this way. Call me a dirty girl, but ever since weve met, I was always preparing for this moment.”


The last string that held my senses together snapped, and I charged right at the white-haired doll. I pinned her down under me and spread her legs with a fury. I grabbed the bottom of her head with one hand and used the other to pull her chin up. And while looking at her stunned expression, I immediately sealed her lips with mine.

All of my lust was poured out in our first kiss. No, this was our first kiss as lovers, not siblings. As if I had something to prove, my tongue invaded Irinas lips and roughly claimed her mouth as my own.

The dense smell of jasmine erupted within my nostrils. Our teeth gently collided with each other, and with each passing second, our kiss got deeper and deeper. Irina finally realised the situation that she was in and happily accepted my advances. Her soft, supple arms slid up from my stomach and firmly pushed my neck and back down towards her.

Her legs didnt spare me as well. Almost connecting our nether regions together, Irinas thighs wrapped around my tailbone and pulled our bodies so close that no gaps could be found between our skins.

But I wasnt focused on the movements of her lower body. All I wanted to do was enjoy the kiss that finally made Irina mine. I wanted to mark her. I wanted to make her think of nothing but me. I wanted to… make her mine.

All of my emotions were transmitted to her through this one long kiss. We swallowed each others saliva so that this kiss would last longer, even if it was just by a millisecond. Until eventually, I couldnt endure it anymore.

I wanted… to put it in her.

“Irina… Im going to make you my woman.”

At this point, nothing could stop me. Even if Irina were to physically resist, I dont think I can pause my raging emotions. I wanted her! I wanted her! I wanted her!!! It was an intense emotion that I couldnt bottle in anymore.

Irina was going to be mine and mine alone!!!

Irinas face twitched for a moment before a knowing smile covered her face. Licking her lips, the woman gave me the most sensuous look Id ever seen. She laid down flat on the bed, resting her head on the pillow and spreading her legs wide in an M shape. Using both her hands, Irina spread out the beautiful lower lips, the forbidden fruit I had yet to taste, fully exposing the hole that all men sought to explore.

Just that scene alone was enough to pump even more blood into my fully erect member, but she said the words I wanted to hear the most:

“Yes… Make me yours…”

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