My Vampire Little Sister

Chapter 17 Vampire Aspect (1)

“Come, Brother… Lets eat.”

Irinas alluring words resonated in my mind. At that moment, I realised the precarious situation I was in. Irina was seated on my lap with her leg crossed around my waist as if she wanted to merge our two bodies together. Our noses were probably less than two inches away from each other, and our warm bodies melted together in the cold.

But the true danger was…

“Irina… Your neck…”

The blood in my eyes pulsated wildly as I greedily ogled Irinas exposed shoulders. Due to her raunchy choice of nightwear, everything from the neck down to her bosom was fully exposed for my viewing pleasure.

Oh, how sweet would it be to bite down on that smooth skin… How delicious would it be to have a taste of her warm fluids… How intoxicating would my experience be…

It was all baked into my Vampiric instincts. I wanted to suck out everything that was within this womans body. And the only real thing holding me back was the fact that I still had twenty-five years of human logic beaten into my mind. I didnt want to hurt Irina. Even if it was to satisfy my Vampiric hunger.

Sensing my reluctance, Irina smiled and said:

“Ah, how could I forget? This is your first time eating as a Vampire, right?”


I tried drinking expired blood at the hospital, but all that I got was a bad taste in my mouth. Ever since then, I hadnt had a morsel of food or even a drop of blood. Surprisingly enough, I didnt feel hungry throughout my long fast.

Until now, of course…

“You do not need to worry about me, Brother.”

Irina raised her long, cleaned nails and gently scratched deep into her left shoulder. Almost instantly, an intoxicating aroma melted my senses. It felt like the nice winds after a night-long snowstorm where both life and ice mingled together to create a symphony of Winter. The blissful smell of tea leaves being brewed gently with the water from a hot spring.

It wasnt like anything Id ever experienced before.-.

But one thing was for certain… It was far more alluring than any food, beverage, or perfume that Id ever smelt.

As I was mind-numbed by the aroma of Irinas blood, the wound on her shoulder had already regenerated back to its original state.

“Youre a Vampire now, Brother. We heal quickly, and our blood replenishes instantaneously. You dont have to worry about a thing and let your instincts do the work.”

Irina played with the drop of blood dangling on her fingernail and raised it towards my mouth. To the outside eye, it was probably the most disgusting thing one person could do to another. However, to my famished eyes, that bead of blood was sweeter than all of the worlds candy combined.

I opened my mouth and slowly brought my tongue out to receive that one drop of Irinas blood. But as I was just a mere centimetre away…

“No,” Irina chuckled and flung that single drop of blood into her own mouth. “If you want it, take it from the source.”

“… You bully.”

“Hehe,” the white-haired girl blushed but didnt bother to retort. Instead, she brought her milky white shoulder to my mouth and whispered: “You dont have to rush… We have all night.”

“Yes… Yes, we do!!!”

Like a dam that had been broken, my last sense of human reasoning was thrown out of the window. I wrapped my hands around Irinas back, one at her tailbone and the other beneath her shoulder blades. As I pulled the girl so deep into my body that I could feel her ribcage rub against mine, I felt my conscious mind blacking out as the primal instincts of a Vampire took over.

And with my sharpened fangs…

I bit her.


A groan, no, a moan, escaped from Irinas mouth. I couldnt tell since I wasnt looking at her expression, and honestly, I wasnt in the state to do anything about it. Even if my little sister felt uncomfortable, I doubt I could stop now. Especially since the first taste of her decadent blood entered my mouth.

… Whats this?

I was clearly seated in a bedroom in the middle of the northernmost land before the Arctic, so why was I so warm? It felt like I had been transported to a place of fantasy where the weather made my inner core tingle with warmth. From the tips of my toes to the inner reaches of my organs. Everything started to heat up.

And that was just the start of it.

As Irinas blood washed on my tongue, my face instantly reddened in delight. What was best on a warm day when everything tingled within your body? A sweet tub of ice cream, of course!

That was the best I could describe my first impression of Irinas ungodly blood. Her blood tasted like pure Madagascar Vanilla ice cream. Not too sweet, but at the same time, delightful enough to keep one coming for more. Heck, it didnt matter if it was sweeter than caramel, chocolate, maple syrup and pure sugar combined. Such a heavenly taste only made one crave for more.

How could something taste this good?

But just when I thought Irinas blood couldnt get any better.


I moaned internally. The only reason why I didnt voice out my ecstasy was because I didnt want to let go of my fangs biting into Irinas supple flesh. And honestly, I should be applauded for keeping hold of my senses.

The taste of Irinas blood was one thing, but the effects as it slid down my throat and into my internal system… That was a feeling Id never experienced in my entire life. The warmth in my core was mixed with the sweetness of Irinas tantalising blood. Both of those factors concocted a cocktail of pleasure that reached every corner of my Vampire body.

From the tip of my head to the toes of my feet. I felt an electric shock pulsate through my entire being. My heart rate was elevated, my primal urges were rising and eventually… My mind blanked out.

I finally let go of the last semblance of reason in my consciousness and allowed my body to do the work. And honestly, I couldnt remember what happened next. All I could feel was wave after wave of pleasure, coming from the numbing of my mouth to the very core of my existence.

It was all so… intoxicating.

“Brother… Brother…”

“Iri… na?”

I didnt know how much time had passed since my mind blacked out. As the fog cleared, I could hear my little sisters ethereal voice getting louder. Eventually, I realised that we were still in her room. That moment seemed like it had lasted forever, but in actuality, less than ten minutes had passed since I began feeding.

Whats more egregious was the position Irina and I were in. While in my trance, I seemingly pushed my little sister down on the bed and continued to suck on the residue blood that remained on her neck.

It seemed that my Vampiric urges were too strong and when I allowed them to take over me, they kept wanting more, ultimately ending up in me forcibly pushing Irina down.

“Sorry, I didnt mean to!”

“No, its normal…”

Irina shook her head with the same warm smile that she would show me, and only me. She raised her snowy-white hand above my head, preventing me from moving away and gently stroked down my neck.

“Youve just turned into a Vampire. Its normal for you to get lost in your urges. In fact, it happens to Vampires who live thousands of years as well. Its just something that youll have to get used to.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes,” Irinas enthralling grey eyes gave me a firm nod of approval before saying: “But still, you really drank a lot of my blood. Was it that delicious?”

“It is… You werent lying when you said that blood is the most intoxicating thing in the world. Ive never tasted anything quite like your blood. I dont think Ill ever return to eating human foods again.”

“Really? Is my blood really that nice?”

Irina thought for a moment before her thinking face quickly lit up with a eureka sound. Smiling like a mischievous child ready to play a prank on their parents, Irina held the back of my neck with both her arms and lifted her face up to mine.

And before I could do anything, her lips brushed past mine as her tongue licked on the traces of blood that remained on my mouth.

“Hmmm, it isnt that nice, though?”

“Irina… Arent I your brother? So how could you kiss me like that?”

“That wasnt a kiss,” Irina licked her lips and chuckled. “And besides, I heard that human siblings kiss all the time.”

“Maybe when they were kids. No one kisses when they are adults.”

“Hehe, then arent I just making up for lost time? I waited fifteen years for this, after all.”

… If she put it that way.

Argh, whatever. Its not like I minded Irinas kiss anyway. And besides, whether she was my sister or lover, it didnt matter. All that was important to me was that I protect this adorable creature that laid under me.

Fortunately, I didnt have to think too much about it as Irina quickly changed the topic.

“Brother… Im feeling faint.”

“Oh! Did I suck too much of your blood?! Sorry, I didnt mean to…”

“No, its fine!” Irina hurriedly reassured me. “However, I did lose some blood, and Im feeling hungry. I wonder if theres a Vampire nearby that I could suck some blood from.”


I realised Irinas ploy right then and there. While holding back my laughter, I quickly got off my mounted position and began to unbutton the silk pyjamas that I wore. As a guy, I didnt have shame in going topless. Besides, since Irina gave me so much blood, it was only fitting to return the favour.

“Brother… Youve grown again…”

“I did?”

Now that she mentioned it, I really did increase in size. Before I turned, I was scrawny and about 1.7 metres in height. However, now my muscles were slowly becoming defined, and my height had increased to 1.85 metres. Irina mentioned that I would continue to grow until I reach my true size, but Im already taller and more robust than most adult males.

Given the size of my father, I guess I shouldnt be surprised. Still, it was interesting to see what my final height and muscular mass would be.

“… You look delicious.”

Irina, who seemed to be in a daze, finally snapped out of it before baring her fangs at me. For a moment there, it felt like I was a mere rabbit standing in front of a hungry wolf. Not to mention, I was already cornered in her den with nowhere to run.

“Im sorry, I cant hold back anymore.”

Ignoring my apprehension, Irina immediately mounted me once more, and this time, I was the one being pushed down. Her grey eyes instantly turned blood red, and her Vampiric fangs protruded out like two elephant tusks.

Ah, theres nothing I could do. I was about to be eaten.

“Thank you for the meal!!!”

The moment Irinas fang sunk into my flesh, a new wave of pleasure hit my senses. It wasnt as intense as the time I sucked her blood, but it was a euphoria that couldnt be equalled by the human senses.

I finally understood why Vampires loved sucking blood so much.

Not to be outdone, I grabbed the sucking Vampire on top of me by the bum and pushed her deeper into my body. And at the same time, my fangs re-entered Irinas swan-like neck and greedily drank her addictive nectar.

It seems… The night was going to be a long and fulfilling one.

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