My Vampire Little Sister

Chapter 14 Irina's Past (2)

I watched sadly as Variel brought Brother away from the Matriarchs chambers. Ever since wed arrived at the Everwinter Estate, Id never once let Brother out of my sights. He was still too weak to survive on his own, especially in the snakepit that was the Everwinter Estate. If I were to leave him alone for too long, who knows what would happen to him.

Even as he left, I could feel Brothers weary emotions. It felt like he was worried that my grandmother would harm me, and he wanted to protect me by every means possible. Goodness, youre weaker than me, you know? Even though his memories had been sealed, the kindness in his heart hadnt changed one bit.

No, how could he change? All these years I had been watching him…

Even after losing his powers, crippling his body and losing his memories. My Brother was still the confident, kind man that I remember. Even when up against my grandmother, who was easily among the top three most powerful Vampires alive, he didnt flinch for a second.

Hed even said that he would protect me!!!

Thats why I love you so much!

Urgh, this stinking grandmother of mine…

Why must she jeopardise my long-awaited bonding time with Brother?

“Look at you; I separate that toy away from you for one second, and youre already bearing your fangs at me.”

That stupid grandmother laughed at me as if it was no big deal. Hey, if youre going to laugh at me, why dont you just let me leave?

“Now, now. Dont you want to know more about that toys current soul state? Especially since… You werent the one who conducted the ritual in the first place.”


How on earth did she know?! The ritual happened fifteen years ago, and other than the others, no one should know! Dont tell me this grandmother had a spy at my side?!

“… How did you know, Honoured Grandmother?”

“Its simple, really. Other than your fragmented soul, I detected the others. I know that I favour you quite a bit, but performing complicated rituals isnt your forte. And given your history, only that lass from the Moonreaver House could perform such a feat.”


I guess the title of Matriarch wasnt for show. The ritual that she did should have hidden all signatures of our souls. To think that this stinking grandmother of mine would have detected it so effortlessly.

“Still, she was a little older than you when that incident happened, right? Seriously, what did the Moonreaver Clan feed that girl? A ritual this complex would be difficult for even the most seasoned Vampires, let alone a mere eleven-year-old.”


Hearing the Matriarch praise that girl… Really gets on my nerves. Shed never once talked about me in that manner. Tsk, this is why people from the Everwinter House are a bunch of assholes. They only care about those with talent and power. Only Brother can truly soothe my heart.

“So, what do you plan to do next?”

“… What do you mean?”

“I dont oppose you owning a boy toy or two. You are of that age, after all. But given that there are other souls in his body, the rest will come gunning for him.”

“I wont let that happen!!! Brother is mine!!!”

Those girls will try and steal Brother away from me?! Like they did in the past?! Thats fucking unacceptable!!!

Brother is mine!!! Hes all mine!!! I wont let them have a single hair on his body!!!

If they want to take my beloved Brother away again… Theyll have to do it over my dead body!!!

“HAHA!!! So youre telling me youre willing to fight against the Moonreaver, Blackburn AND Shadowgarden House just for that toy? HAHAHA, that human must have been an incubus in his past life or something.”

The Matriarch laughed at me, but she didnt seem all that disturbed by my declaration. Knowing her, she must have some other ideas and schemes hidden behind her conniving mind. However, I was just too inexperienced to think about them.

“Very well!!! A strong Vampire just does as she pleases, regardless of who she pisses off! Although your prize is wanting, I quite like your attitude! Its befitting of my heir!”

What do you mean my Brother is wanting?! Hes the best thing that ever happened to me! Even if I had to give up my position as an Everwinter heir, I wouldnt give my Brother up!

“Dont worry about it for now. Ill keep everything we said here a secret from your toy. Additionally, Ill help shield his information from the other girls. But, in exchange, you will have to do something for me.”

“… What is that?”

“The Winter Hunt.”


Was it already this time of year again? Urgh, Id just gotten back together with my beloved Brother, and I dont want to waste any more of my precious time with him!

“Youve skipped on the last two hunts, and the other heirs-in-training are beginning to grumble. While youre much younger and far less inexperienced than them, you are the one most suited to take my place. So, silence the noise for me.”

“… Yes, Honoured Grandmother.”

Tsk, I really wanted to decline. The Winter Hunt is just a formality anyway. I would much rather spend more time with my Brother. Speaking of which, I wonder if he would let me sleep on his bed tonight? Yesterday, I missed the opportunity to ask, but at the very least I got his measurements.

Hehe, I look forward to measuring his growth tonight as well.

“Oh, dont be like that.”

My grandmother placed her finger on her chin and tilted it slightly. What the hell are you doing, you stupid ancient Vampire? Youre older than the mountain outside, so what are you trying to achieve by acting cute?

“How about this? I will tell you the method of returning ones soul as a reward for attending the Winters Hunt.”

… What?

“See, performing a ritual to rip your soul and place it in anothers body is extremely difficult. However, returning it isnt all that complicated. All you need to do is…”

The white-haired Vampire looked at me and smiled with a seductive grin. My grandmother was already over five-thousand-years-old, yet she could still make this face. I guess shes still living a healthy life with her endless amounts of consorts.

“Connect yourselves in mind, soul and… Body.”


W-W-Wait!!! Does she mean what I think she means?!

I-Isnt that too soon?! I mean, I dont mind living with three-quarters of a soul as long as it means that my Brother would live. But, if he wants to return it…

Y-Yeah, theres nothing wrong with that!

After all, we arent real siblings! No, even if we were, it cant be helped, right?! He needs to return my soul, and it would stop the irregularities of his soul. Its a win-win situation!

Yeah! Why should we wait for him to return my soul?! We should seal the deal tonight!

“Hold your horses, young lady. That toy is still recovering from your Contract of Equals. Hell continue to grow to his true size. And the flow of magic in his body has yet to stabilise. Theres no saying when his soul will be healed if you rush it. At least wait until his training is over.”

“… I-I wasnt thinking of doing it yet!”

Tsk, again with her stupid intuition! I know that she isnt a mind-reader, but she might as well be! I dont understand how she could always guess what I was thinking about every single time! Thats why I hate this stupid Everwinter House! As expected, Brother is the only one who treats me like family…

“Its written all over your face,” the Matriarch smiled at me like she could tell every single thought I had. “And here, Id thought you werent interested in men. Since you never took a Blood Servant or played with any of the servants in the house.”

“… No other man can replace my Brother.”

“Hmmm, you really are enamoured with that fool. I wonder if youre actually under some kind of hypnosis spell?”

Tsk, why would my Brother put me under a hypnosis spell? If anything, I should be the one casting a hypnosis spell on him! What would happen if the other three were to find out that I converted him into a Vampire without telling them? Im certain that theyll come banging on my door!

Thinking about it, performing a hypnosis spell might be good… At least I can keep him by my side if those bitches really want to steal Brother away from me.

But to harm Brother in that manner… Im sure he wont like it…

Urgh, Ill think about that later!

“Whatever the case is, youll have to participate in the Winter Hunt.” My grandmother waved her hands and gave me the signal to leave. As if her earlier warm expression was a lie, the ancient Vampire dismissed me as if I were just an afterthought.

… This was the true face of the Everwinter House built by Matriarch Innocence Everwinter.

“… Yes, Honoured Grandmother.”

Fine! Ill participate in your stupid hunt! And after that…


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