My Vampire Little Sister

Chapter 1 Prologue

The Blood Moon.

An event that happens only twice a year.

In a world where Vampires, Werewolves and Mythical Beasts ran rampant, it wasnt an event that we regular humans could ignore. Twice a year, the full moon that hung over the dark empyrean sky would turn crimson red.

Werewolves and other creatures aside, the Vampires were the ones that benefited the most from this semi-annual event.

On that very night, those notorious creatures of the night, which have already been enhanced through years of evolution, will reach their fullest potential. Their powers would effectively double, and their senses would be heightened beyond any comparison. Even the worlds greatest humans, the hunters of Outer Demons that are said to be the hope and last defence of humanity… Would pale in comparison to those monsters.

Fortunately, with the threat of the Outer Demons that had invaded our world hanging over our necks, humans and Vampires had settled with a peace treaty.

Gone were the days of the inquisition. Humans would no longer hunt Vampires, and the reverse was to be expected.-.

Vampires and humans would stand united to fight back the threat of the Outer Demons, the alien monsters that had invaded our planet through the use of spatial rifts.

And with that agreement came peace. The Night of the Blood Moon was no longer a hunting festival where Vampires ran amok, murdering humans on sight. Some humans had even turned the event into a day of celebration. Couples would take their significant others to nice viewing spots to cuddle and kiss under the enigmatic Blood Moon.

The Blood Moon was nothing more than a beautiful night where lovers could rendezvous and have their little midnight tryst in our modern era.

And yet…


Lying painfully on my hospital bed, my mouth unconsciously opened up, pushing out numerous agonising groans. I rolled around in the puddle of sweat Id created, kicking and swearing in excruciating pain. There was an unbearable heat rising from the inner reaches of my body, and I felt as if my limbs were being torn tendon by tendon.

At the same time, an icy chill broke free from my back, making every movement I made feel like a billion frozen needles piercing deep into my shallow skin. My face was flushed, and my throat had turned dry from all the screaming.

Yet, there was nothing wrong with my body on the outside looking in. There wasnt any blood, and neither was there any skin peeling off. Everything that I was feeling was purely from the inside.

The pain continued on and on for god knows how many minutes. I tried multiple times to call for help, but no one answered. No matter how many times I pressed the button, no one was entering my room.

“N-Nurse… N-Nurse…”

My mind was in shambles. I couldnt string together a coherent li

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