My Crush Is An Alpha Male



”She was just a fling to pass off time. Her name was Maria, she had my daughter ” Paak said.

Dahlia had arrived at the house and they all sighted her.

”You guys are having fun without me I see ” Dahlia proposed. She noticed the serious face they all had on and immediately realized that it was no time for jokes.

”Ok…did I miss something? ” Dahlia asked confused.

”Dahlia, Paak, Paak, Dahlia ” Jake said introducing one another. Paak kept strangely looking a Dahlia as though they had met before. Dahlia noticed it and left his sight going to meet Sky who sat by a corner.

”Whos the weird guy? ” Dahlia asked Sky.

”Jakes mothers ex-fiance, apparently he leaves here now ” Sky whispered.

”Why are you whispering? ” Dahlia whispered.

”It just feels right you know ” Sky whispered.

Meanwhile, Jake and Paak continued their discussion.

”Is she your best friend? ” Paak inquired.

”Sort of ”

”And the other one, the brunette, is she like your girlfriend? ” Paak asked.

”Im not interested in anyone ”

”Seems like anyone is interested in you ” Paak said.

”My advice kid, open your eyes ” Paak demanded.

”Last thing Im gonna be doing is taking advice from you ” Jake said as stood up and headed to meet Sky and Dahlia.

”Ive made a lot of mistakes Jake, I abandoned the ones I love…don follow my path, youll regret it ” Paak declared. His statement upset Jake and he retorted.

”I am nothing like you Paak and I never will be ” Jake declared then ordered Sky and Dahlia to come with him so they could get going.

They had left the house along with Jake. They walked for some time and suddenly Sky began laughing. Dahlia in turn, did the same then so did Jake.

”Dahlia you needed to have seen Jake in action. Paak was like what are you doing here and I was like all terrified and shit but Jake was like what are you doing here as well and Paak was like why the hell you gotta ask that and Jake was like the woman who lived here was my mother then Paak says he was supposed to be her husband and I was what the **? ” Dahlia jeered as they laughed along.

”Paak was kinda weird though ” Dahlia mentioned and everyone agreed to it.

Jake and Dahlia accompanied Sky home. Before she entered inside, she told Jake to learn how to control his anger and heeded her caution then Jake and Dahlia began their journey home.

”Did she see your wolf side? ” Dahlia asked concerned.

”No ” Jake replied.

”Did Paak see it? Because theres something fishy about that guy ”

”No one saw it, I promise. And you
e right, Paak kept talking about these demons that my mother saw in him. I have her journal in my backpack ”

”I see where you get my writing from ” Dahlia jeered.

”She was a very detailed writer ”

”Was there anything about Paak? ”

”A lot, but I don care about him ”

”Some time Im gonna need to go over that journal Jake…if you don mind ” Dahlia asked politely and Jake agreed.


Paak had everything that reminded him of Edith in a pile outside the house. He held a picture of both of them in his hands. He stared at it for some time and threw it on the pile he had just gathered.

”Ignis ” he said which meant flame in Latin and the pile he gathered caught on fire. Tears rolled down his cheeks as he watched them catch fire.

”Im so sorry Edith ” Paak said. He went inside the house and locked the door.


”That Paak guys just reading all kind of weird ” Dahlia to Jake as they both headed home.

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