A new man

many questions the policeman asked all the children, they were all scared, and yet there was a sense of ultimate relief in them. As they took Mr. Martins body out of the orphanage, Marc thought that all of his problems are now over. The authorities provided a new warden to the orphanage. His name was Bill Cunningham. He was a tall, decent-looking man. He was kind to all the kids and provided proper care to them. As time went by, Marc and Henry grew up together as brothers. Henry mastered the sign language and Marc became the rock Henry needed. From time to time, Marc used to go for assignments Bill Cunningham gave him. Whenever Marc left the orphanage, he brought back a bag full of papers. Bill was always happy with Marc, and Marc was loyal to Bill.

One day before Marcs 16th birthday, Henry heard two of them talking about some big assignment. ”You sure about this Mateo? ” said Bill. ”I wouldn suggest it if I wasn 100% sure. you want it done or not? ”. Bill nodded his head and gave Marc a bright green colored knife, it looked heavenly. ” Do not use it until necessary, you know you go on a spree every time you touch this ”. Marc took the knife and went to his room. Henry stood there, silently hoping his friend is still that innocent kid he knew.

The next day special, Henry bought some balloons, fireworks, and all the ingredients to make the best cake. It was Marcs birthday. Henry arranged a great party, which had tamales, drinks, chorizo, and some boiled peas. Henry invited miss Paula and everyone else from the orphanage. Henry was so happy. ”only if I had enough money to buy him his favorite jacket, wait maybe I can make a new jacket out of my old one, ” Henry thought to himself. He went running to his room, he took all the clothes out of the cupboard to find his old jacket, as he was digging through his wardrobe of 5 shirts and a pair of pants, he saw a piece of paper shoved to the side of the clothes. He took the paper out, ”Oliver Fright, James Stone, Charles David, Andrew Dunphy, and the last name shook him to his very core, his hands started shaking vigorously, Nicholas Martin ”. Henry ran to find Marc, ” you have to explain this Mateo, Henry thought. He went to every room looking for Mateo, and finally he came across miss Paula, ”you know where Mateo is? ” Henry signed, ”dear it is a surprise birthday party Mateo isn supposed to know about this yet, let Mr. Bill come ”.

Henry went to the roof to look for Marc when he saw Mr. Bill coming out of his car, he went down and saw Marc laughing and surprised at what he saw. Henry took Marcs hand and gave him the piece of paper, ”explain this ” Henry shouted, only to remember that his words no longer make any sense nobody could understand him. Marc took Henry to the office, ”where did you find this, I told you not to worry about anything ” said Marc. ”you killed them, you killed them all, you know how pathetic you look ” Henry signed, ”I had to, don you get it, they were all bad people ” Marc shouted, ”who made you the judge of that, you had no right to harm these innocent people ”.

Marcs face flickered, ” innocent? so you think the person who did this to you was innocent? what is wrong with you Henry, after all, I did for you, you still dare to speak like this with me ”.

After hearing what Marc said, Henry knew his friend was changed, this was no innocent boy he knew, he became a killing machine.

”Happy Birthday Mateo ”, Henry signed and left.

Furious of what just happened, Marc went up to his room and gathered everything he needed, and left. leaving nothing more than a piece of chocolate.

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