A new man

Marc was finally happy. He found a friend in Henry. Whenever the other kids try to tease Marc, Henry would always stand up for him. He even stole some food from the kitchen, Marc loved boiled peas, so Henry would often try to take some extra peas for his friend.

”Its been 2 months brother, why wouldn you tell me your name? ” Henry asked. Marc still wasn able to talk to anyone about anything. ”Fine if you won tell me your real name Ill give you a new name myself, how about Jeremy? ”, Marc flinched, ” ok how about Joseph? ”Joseph, do I look like a 50-year-old? ” Marc said to himself. ”ok hear me out, either you tell me your real name or your name will be Mateo from now on, I will call you Mateo ” Marc nodded his head smiling. ”ahh finally a name you like, I know you can talk so why wouldn you talk to me? I know people say that I talk a lot but you can say a simple yes or no. But its ok, you are my only pal. ”

The two boys were enjoying a fine evening with their stolen peas when suddenly Mr. Martin saw that Marc and Henry were eating something. ”You Little ladrones, you stole 2 weeks worth of food ” Mr. Martin slapped Marc and kicked Henry away. He grabbed Marc by his neck and started to punch him, ”stop you are going to kill him ”, Henry shouted, ” yes I am going to kill this worm-like creature today, you
e good for nothing boy, tell me where did you get the peas ”. Desperate for help, Henry asked other kids to help Marc, ”please help Mateo, Mr. Martin will kill him ” he grabbed every single boy but nobody seems to be bothered by his heinous act Nicholas. There was blood everywhere, ”Mr. Martin please leave Mateo it was me I stole the peas ”. Nicholas stopped and threw wounded Marc on the dirt. ” who is Mateo? ”. ”He is, his name is Mateo ”.

”He doesn have a name, he is a worm, worms don have names. And you stole the peas new boy ” Nichols grabbed Henry by his hair and dragged him into his office.

Drowning in his blood, Marc wanted to follow Mr. Martin and save his friend, but he felt dizzy, the taste of blood in his mouth was awful. Marc grabbed a rod and started to pull himself up, but wasn strong enough to help his friend and he passed out.

When Marc woke up, he saw that he was still laying on the ground, he finally stood up and went to see his friend, ”where are you going? ” asked the other kids, Marc pointed at the office, ”your friend is in the hospital, he is lucky Martin didn kill him ”. Marcs face flushed, it was back, the sunken feeling in his heart was back. Marc went to his room terrified of what will happen next. He washed himself up and waited for Henry to come back.

At 1:00 pm, Henry was finally back, Marc hurriedly went to the door to give a big hug to his friend, Henry looked pale, Marc hugged Henry and started to shake him but Henry did not respond to him. Marc was worried about what happened. Henry walked past Marc, and sat on the bed, lifeless, he pointed towards Marc and asked him to sit beside him. Marc started to cry, he walked slowly towards the bed and sat next to Henry. Henry took Marcs hands in his and gave them gentle creases, with so much courage and a heavy heart, Henry opened his mouth. The look on Marcs face said it all, there was no tongue in Henrys mouth.

Henry sat there, once again crying his heart out. Marc stood beside him. ” You should go to sleep ”. Henry heard a voice he was never familiar with. It was Marc, he was talking to Henry. ”You are my only family, Nicholas is going to pay for this ”. Marc tucked Henry in, ”don worry, Im going to be your voice from now on ”. There was a rage on Marcs face, a rage that can kill everyone who is in its way.

Marc locked the door behind him, he walked down the stairs towards Mr. Martins office.

There was a knock on the door. ” who is it? ” said Nicholas in a grumpy drunk voice. there was no answer. ”these pigs are killing me ” Nicholas opened the door and saw that there was nobody. As he was shutting the door behind him he saw Marc crawling quickly under his arm. ”where are you going you pig ” he ran to grab Marc, ”come here you pig ”. Marc ran toward Nicholass desk and found the knife he kept in his best drawer, Marc grabbed the knife and shoved it right into Nicholass throat. There was blood everywhere. Marc then twisted the knife in his throat and shoved him into his chair.

Marc stood there, watching Nicholas choking in his blood. There was something oddly satisfying about this situation. The sunken feeling was gone. As Nicholas was about to shut his eyes, Marc grabbed him by his hair and said, ” The name is Mateo Wright, you little worm ”.

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