”Pequeño cerdo! stop hugging me I do not care if you are scared ”. 5-year-old Marc sat in silence as the superintendent changes his trousers, Marc had a bad dream. He was terrified to his very core. He would often sleep with tears in his eyes and had such heinous dreams which the poor little boy could not bear. Nicholas Martin was the most unbearable man in the universe. He was the owner of Home for boys orphanage. The building was filthy and there was no clean drinking water. He only provided food once in three days. He would torment the kids who were unfortunate enough to fall into his trap. ”ahh this little guano is good for nothing, your parents never cared for you and left you to rot with me ”. He shoved young Marc into a corner and slapped him across the face. Little Marcs eyes were full of tears. ” You can even go to the bathroom to help yourself? you should have died a long long time ago. You are lucky that I don have my knife on me right now, or you would be choking in your blood right now. This is such a shame, a grown man and you can even talk. What are you ever going to do with your life huh? you know what, you should simply kill yourself and let me live for once. ” Marc stood there, silent, waiting for this nightmare to be over. Marc couldn speak at all right after his father left him on a porch, on a cold night, he was only 4.

By the time Marc was 8, Mr. Martin expected him to earn a living for the other 4 boys at the orphanage and himself. ”Go find a job you worm, Im not going to feed you all day, you eat like a pig already. ” Marc had no one to talk to, other kids would often make fun of his speech, and they would beat him up for no good reason. ”Say something you little worm. The least you can do I scream for help ”. Marc would simply lay on the ground as the older kids of the orphanage would kick, and spit on him. Marc got up, cleaned himself up, and went to his room. As he was walking by Mr. Martins office, he saw that there was a little boy, about 5 years old was crying his heart out. Marc went inside the office. ” Oh finally somebody heard my voice. Come here and take this other worm with you upstairs. Come on get out of my face both of you ”. Marc took the boys hand and started walking toward the stairs. The boy was screaming and shouting. Marc was struggling to get a hold of him. Suddenly the boy hugged Marc and said, ”I don want to live here, I want to go to my mommy, please take me back ”. Marc was stunned, ” if you have a mommy then why are you here? ” Marc said to himself. Regardless of the boys struggle, Marc took him upstairs to his room and gave him a piece of chocolate that he has saved for himself, ”thank you, brother! ”. The boy took the chocolate and ate half of it, the tiny piece of chocolate was now even smaller, ” here you eat the rest ” he shoved the chocolate into Marcs mouth. ”So do you have a name? how old are you? where did you come from? can I be your older brother? do you like my shirt? ”. Marc just stood there with his hands on his head. Alarmed by the fact that how much a person can talk.

” Go to sleep all of you Im turning the lights off ”.Mr. Martin shouted. Marc took the boys hand and went to sleep. ”Psst, you never asked my name, Im Henry Wright, Im 5, and I love chocolates. What about you? ”. Marc didn want to talk ever but Henry would not shut his mouth. Several hours later, Henry finally fell asleep. They both slept in peace. For 4 years, finally, Marc slept with no tears in his eyes. ” Maybe Im not alone ”. Marc said to himself.

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