out of the ambulance one with a large first aid kit.

They quickly did their assessment and as the lady put on her gloves the guy rushed back into the ambulance to get the stretcher to carry poor Phil.

Jamie had taken a step back and had let the medic do her thing.

The nurse was right, lifting Phil would have been a bad move, soon as they lifted him from the car, the bleeding rapidly increased to an alarming rate of flow.

”We can risk pulling it out, we have no way of telling how deep it is. ” She said trying to cover the bleeding wound as the male medic held a breathing aid on Phil.

Once inside the ambulance, the doors were shut and it sped away. Leo had joined them in and watched in horror as the medics performed standard procedures, but yet again, there was nothing much that could be done for the young lad. Pulling out the glass in the ambulance could be fatal.

”Stay with me! ” The female medic said to the unconscious Phil as the ambulance cut through traffic in breathtaking speed.

She gently tapped him on the face as she called on him to stay with them

”Hes gonna be okay right? ” Leo asked looking at the two medics who never met his eyes.

None of them responded.

Jamie was on the wheel of Ashleys car, in hot pursuit of the ambulance but he lost it as he couldn break the traffic rules like the ambulance.

When they go to the hospital, Leo was pacing outside the emergency room.

”Is he okay? ” Ashley asked, her eyes were still wet, and red.

Jamie was right behind her. His hands stained with blood, Phils blood.

”Hes just been taken into surgery. ” Leo answered.

”But hes gonna be ok right? ” She continued.

It was the exact same thing Leo had asked the medic and hadn gotten a reply.

After minutes of pacing up and down, a man in a white dust coat walked out of the emergency room and they all turned and waited with bated breaths as the doctor walked to them holding a file that they all presumed was Phils file.

”How is he doc? ” Jamie was the first to speak.

”We can give a full report right now but things aren looking that good at the moment. He lost a lot of blood as the glass punctured subclavian vein which- ” Leo cut him in.

”English doctor. ” He requested.

”Its a main vein and is linked to the heart, a large amount of blood flows through that vein. ” He explained. ”Either way the surgery was a success- ” He was about to go on but Ashley cut in.

”Will he be okay? ”

One could most certainly see the worry in her face. But again, how could one not be worried everything put into consideration.

”I can make any promises but what I can assure you is that we will do our best to make sure that mister Torres lives. ” His smile was reassuring. ”Excuse me. ” And he disappeared back into the theatre room.

Ashley turned to Jamie and buried her face on his chest. He tied his arms around her and whispered into her ear. ”Hes gonna be fine Ash. He is a str- ”

”We heard what happened. ” A voice said from behind them. Neither Ashley nor Jamie needed to turn, they recognized the voice. Walker, from the basketball team, he was with a bunch of Phils teammates and behind them was their school principal. Principal Cowell.

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