n the eyes. He took her hand. ”Luna! ” He called again.

”She can hear you- ” Lunas nurse wanted to speak but Phil cut her in.

”Don tell me what she can and cannot do! ” He threw at her, to everyones shock. ”What I want you to do is fix her! ” He added looking at the nurse with unsmiling eyes.

”Mister Torres I can do anyth- ” The nurse was speaking but Phils swift movement to her made her stop.

”I lost my family and you haven the slightest idea how that feels like. I can lose her too. ” One could almost feel the bitterness in his voice.

”You won lose her. It will- ”

”You better make sure I don ! ” Phil finished and stormed out of the room.

Ashley walked after him but Lionel held her back. ”Let him be. ” He advised.

”He obviously needs someone to talk to. ” She protested.

”He needs time to think this through, its not every day you lose your entire family just like that. Give him time to process all of it- ” Lionel was cut short when a man dressed in black was escorted in by one of the helps.

Lionel recognized him, but he introduced himself nonetheless. Gary Tenwell, the managing director in the company owned by the Torres family. With him he had two strangers whom he introduced as therapists, both female. One for Phil and one for young Luna.

”What happened is tragic even for a grown-up to bear, let alone children. The company finds it imperative that the two children have a meeting with the therapists. ” Tenwell had told them and they agreed it was a sane idea.

”So where are they? ” He asked looking around the room.

Carman was the one to answer, ”Ms. Luna is in her room with her nurse, Jane will show you to it and Sir Phil went to his fathers office, right this way. ” He led the therapist to the hallway on the left as Jane led the other to Luna.

Carman stood in front of the office door at the end of the hallway ”In here. ” He said and walked away to let the therapist do her magic. He exhaled and knocked softly on the door, no reply. He knocked again, this time calling on Phil. No reply.

She slowly turned the door knob and peered in but didn see Phil. She fully opened the door and looked around. He wasn there. She heard some movements on the left side of the office where the balcony was. She slowly walked and then she saw him.

”Oh God! ” She exclaimed in a whisper as she covered her mouth with her palm.

”Phil… ” she called softly, slowly advancing towards him.

Phil was standing on the other side of the balustrade, the dangerous side.

The office was in the first floor of the house. Down below was solid concrete and chances of walking away from a fall unharmed wherever slim.

”Phil please just come back in. ” the therapist pleaded as she continued her slow advance. ”We can work through all this. ”

”Go away! ” Phil told her.

The room was suddenly full. A gardener had spotted him standing dangerously on the edge of the balcony and rushed into the house. They rushed to the office and froze when they saw him, the only thing that was keeping him from falling was the grip he had on the balustrade.

”Please Phil, you don have to do this. ” The therapist continued.

”Oh My God! ” Ashley exclaimed on seeing him.

Lionel walked closer. ”Don do this son. ” He started.

”Why shouldn I? Im dead inside anyway. ” Phil threw at him looking down.

”Phil please. ” Ashley begged with wet eyes.

”Don do this man. ” Jamie tried.

”Think about Luna. ” Leo added.

”You will take care of her. ” Phil said to him. ”You have to. ”

”Phil just come down from there and we can talk about this, you
e not thinking straight. ” Leo said. ”If not for you then do it for Luna. She needs you Phil. She just lost both her parents and sister. You- ” Phil cut in as he turned and looked at them. His eyes red and swollen.

”Don you get it?! ” He shouted at them. ”My life ended last night as I saw my family go up in flames! ”

e life isn over Phil, it continues because of Luna. Don rob her a brother. She needs you Phil. ” Leo repeated.

”We all need you. ” Ashley added.

”Just take my hand. ” Leo stretched out his hand for him. He was only a meter away.

Phil looked into his eyes. ”Promise me you will take care of her. Please. ” He pleaded.

”Come and we will take care of her toget- ”

”Promise me! ” He shouted at Leo.

”Ok, ok, I promise but you have to come dow- ”

”PHIL NOO!! ” Jamie and Ashley shouted in unison as Phil loosened his grip on the balustrade.

Leo had tried to grab him but had only touched his collar. They all bolted to the protective railing and looked down and there he was. He had landed on a car and crashed on the windscreen. He lay motionless.

And he was bleeding. Was he dead? They didn know.

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