illionaires inside the car. There was nothing to rescue, there was no sign of life, the bodies were just there, motionless.

Just like that, Phil Torres had lost his entire family. His father, his mother and his older sister, gone. He watched helplessly as the three bodies were removed from the shell of the car.

Jamie had tried to take him away from the scene but Phil hadn moved. He wanted to watch everything.

A large part of him still didn believe what was happening and wanted it to be all but an act, and that they would wake from the body bags they were in but it wasn .

Everyone present knew who he was, how could they not, her was the son to one of the biggest business men in New York and were it not for that, they recognized him as the basketball king if New York. They all turned to him, others with eyes full of pity, others with blank looks. His girlfriend, Ashley, made her way to him with a horrified look. She threw her hand around him and squeezed him, he didn react, he didn move. Just stood there with blood red eyes. She let go and held his face between her palms and looked deep into his eyes. She saw nothing, nothing at all. Just a lost soul. She hugged him again, tears rushing out of her eyes. ”Im so- ” she had wanted to tell him she was sorry but Jamie stopped her, he didn see the


This wasn something that a mere Im really sorry could fix.

10:49Pm. He sat in the hospital bench, Ashley on his right, Jamie on his left. They were all silent, Ashley held his hand.

”What are we doing here? ” Phil asked weakly.

He had a point. Why were they there, no report from the M.E would change the situation. They were dead, nothing was going to change that fact.

It is then that it hit him. ”Luna! ” he exclaimed in a whisper. Ashley and Jamie exchanged glances. They had all forgotten about the little soul. Phils little sister who was at home, probably in bed, having a nice beautiful dream full of friendly unicorns and clouds that carry her and fly.

”Oh My God! ” Ashley exclaimed looking at Phil.

”Can you take me home please? ”

He was still in his jersey. He was led to the exit of the hospital and guided through the paparazzi outside shouting his name and begging him to comment. Jamie opened the back left door to his Bentley and closed it once Phil was in. Ashley joined him as Jamie took the wheel and Gray sat on the co-drivers seat.

Phil lay his throbbing head on the window and looked out, trying to distract himself but it did little to ease the situation.

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