It happened right in the middle of his most important basketball game in high school.

His mom, dad and sister had flown to Washington Dc and had promised to be back in time to watch him play. At the start of the game, they were nowhere to be seen, he presumed they were held up in traffic.

Six minutes to the end of the game, thats when he received the devastating news. It was displayed on the large screen next to the scoreboard, TRAGIC ACCIDENT CLAIMS THE TORRES FAMILY

He had the ball, about to score again. He froze as soon as he saw the headline, all the cheering noise faded as the ball slipped out of his hand, his heart stopped as he saw the photos of the sleek Mercedes in flames. His knees gave and he fell on the court floor. There was dead silence as all read the headline, Jamie, his assistant captain and his best friend found himself on his knees next to Phil, speechless.

It was two blocks away.

”Phil, ” Jamie called weakly holding Phil by the shoulder. Phil was shaking, he didn reply, his eyes were still on the large screen, staring, unblinkingly. All eyes turned to him as his teammates walked to him. He stood weakly with the help of his buddy, he ran out, ignoring the calls by many behind him.

Jamie was the first to run after him, then walker, then Gray then the whole team.

He could already hear the sirens and see the smoke.

”Phil stop! ” Jamie called from behind him but he didn , he went on.

The small crowd kept their distance, their phones were in their hands documenting the happenings. Phil froze at the sight, he confirmed it was their car, the same black Mercedes that he saw everyday parked in their garage.

He ran towards the car but something held him back, someone held him back. Jamie. Phil fought him but Jamies grip was firm.

Phil fell on his knees, the small pieces of stone didn show mercy but he didn notice. The shock was to thank, he wasn even crying, just staring as the fire consumed the bodies of his parents and his sister. Motion from his sister on the back seat sent him bolting towards the car but he didn make it. An explosion sent him flying across the road and trashcans cushioned his fall. ”No! ” he cried in a mere whisper as he struggled to get up.

The ambulance and the fire truck arrived at the same time and the firemen sprang to work. The two teams and spectators were already at the scene. Horror all over their faces as they watched in disbelief as the fire got extinguished and the doors mercilessly pulled the doors open to try and rescue the b

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