Love Story From Heroes

A Cloud of Doubts

leep. Qinglongs eyes were half open and half closed, but she did not dare to fall asleep at all. Her master had instructed her to be a good bodyguard before entering the chamber and to ensure that no one came near the place to interfere with her preparations. Otherwise, all plans to save humanity on Earth would be ruined!

After struggling like this for an unknown amount of time, only the sound of the door to her masters chamber, the Goddess of Mercy, opening and her master going out was heard. The master was followed by a little girl dressed in purple. The little girls skin was glossy and transparent, and her dark, shiny hair fell to her waist. Her eyes shone brightly like the stars in the sky, giving off a dazzling light. Such a delicate and beautiful girl was the legendary Fairy Ziyou? She was as pretty as a doll, did she have the power to save those humans who were spreading their wings everywhere? Qinglong couldn help but start questioning!

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