Love Story From Heroes

A Cloud of Doubts

A cloud floated in the sky, and on it sat the Bodhisattva Goddess of Mercy in a white dress. She gently sprinkled manna water on the area where the Green Dragon and the White Tiger were fighting, and as she sprinkled the water she said, ”The fighting will stop, and peace and goodness will last forever. ”

The two fighting dragons and the white tiger were poured with the nectar water, and they felt cool and refreshing all over their bodies. The impulse and anger caused by the robbery of the treasures suddenly disappeared without a trace.

The Green Dragon looked up and knew that it was his master who had arrived. ”Green Dragon! Your bad temper for fighting still hasn changed! You have gone so far as to fight in the mountains, do you know how many innocent and poor beings you two have disturbed here? ” The majestic aura of the Goddess of Mercy shook the whole valley.

The Green Dragon didn know how to reply, ”Master, I have won a piece of exotic treasure by chance, but this wretched tiger has snatched it away from me! Please help me get the treasure back, master! ”

”What treasure is worth you two fighting so hard for? White Tiger! Bring the treasure to me! ” Guanyin Bodhisattva ordered.

Before the white tiger could move, the treasure in the white tigers mouth had already flown above the Bodhisattva of the Goddess of Mercys palm and landed gently between her palms. Guanyin Bodhisattva carefully examined the exotic treasure. Suddenly she smiled, ”Princess Elena, the Violet Fairy, has descended to be born between the universes! ”

The Green Dragon knew that the smile on his masters face was unusual, and that beings who could make his master smile must be of extraordinary origin. ”Master, who is Princess Elena? ”

The White Tiger also asked curiously, ”Who is Fairy Violet? ”

Guanyin Bodhisattva looked at them both and said, ”Fairy Violet is Princess Elena. She comes from the heaven beyond where we are, and she came to our dimension with a special mission to save the universe and all beings. This wondrous treasure is a spiritual treasure that arose at her birth. It is of immense value. I need this precious treasure to nurture a mortal body and have her descend to Earth to save all beings in the Six Paths, especially humans. ” ”Why do you need to save humans, aren they living well? Look, tall buildings are rising on Earth, and the various types of buildings they have built shine with golden light everywhere at night similar to our palaces in heaven! ”

The Goddess of Mercy said unhurriedly, ”It is true that the material civilization of mankind has been developing at a rapid pace, but because mankind has been so focused and obsessed with the development of material life, their spiritual realm has been left blank! You see, from time to time there are smouldering wars on earth, they are constantly creating disputes for the sake of national interests, they are at war over the extraction of oil for gold mines, they rob banks, steal and swindle to satisfy their greedy desires, they betray their closest friends and relatives without any shame! They destroy the basic rules of morality to satisfy their sexual appetites for money! They kill the weak and the weak to satisfy their own appetites! Some of them are cold-blooded and have nothing in their eyes but a life of cynicism, drink and gambling! Some of them have lost respect for religion and some of them have even started to have no religion at all and have begun to denigrate religions and gods! Because of the diversity of religions in the world, rivalry between religions and religions began to arise … The Purple Fairy was born to save the spirituality of mankind, to unify religions, to awaken mankind and to focus on the building and development of spiritual civilisation. Her mission is to go to earth to spread truth, goodness and beauty, friendship and mutual help … ”

”This is a glorious and arduous mission, but how can such a small gemstone undertake such a daunting task? ” The Green Dragon looked at the Goddess of Mercy with a puzzled expression.

”Green Dragon, this gem is only an incidental gem created when the Violet Fairy was born, the real Violet Fairy is now hidden between universes, cultivating! Only when the time is ripe will she appear to save mankind and the world! However, this gem is proof enough that the Violet Fairy has been born in our dimension. And it is not too late, I have to make some plans and arrangements so that the mortal body of Princess Elina, the Fairy of the Purple Violet, can be reborn on earth as soon as possible. Green Dragon, you come back with me! White Tiger, you rest in the forest and are not allowed to spread around! ” As soon as Guanyin Bodhisattvas words fell, the Green Dragon had already leapt to the Bodhisattvas feet and carried her towards her palace …

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