Legend’s Second Chance

∆Chapter Nine∆


As I was eating, Jackson, Bill, and William walked up.

”Our friend Jack here was hit a bit hard by your ball, so why don you apologize to him. ”

”Hey Bill, why don you walk back to your table before you regret it. As they say an eye for an eye. Jackson made me mad on the bus this morning, so I paid him back. It was also within the rules for me to hit you in the face, so if you have a problem go talk to Bruce. ”

Jackson looked me in the eyes and started to talk.

”I will forgive you for hitting me in the face in dodgeball if you forgive me for the spitball. You caught it though. ”

His response made me angry because he was not even sorry.

”You want forgiveness? ”

I spat on the floor next to him.

”Then get religion. ”

It was a phrase that I stole from my dad who liked to be dramatic. Bill and Jackson walked off while Wiliam had something to say still.

”I don hate you for what you did because I would have done the same. I used to play basketball with Bill and Jack, but theyve become different people. They seem stuck up now and I don particularly know why. ”

”William, you seem like a smart kid, so let me ask you a question. What do you think makes a person seem strong and what is important in life? ”

”I think that a person has to go out of their way to become truly strong. It isn a comfortable process, but it is fulfilling. In life a person should protect what is important to them and they have to be strong and smart to do that. ”

”Damn right William. Anyways, we are making a club. If you want to join it, just let me know. ”

”Ill consider it. ”

William walked away. He would be a good addition to our group, but I would keep an eye on him until he had gained my trust.


The room was complete, I had the keys in my pocket and everything I had asked Bruce to buy had been delivered to the room. It had taken a month, but our clubs base of operations was fully functional.

I was surprised at first by how big the room was and how the school gave such rooms for full use to a single club. Upon the door, a picture of a wolverine facing up against a grizzly bear with teeth bared was posted.

Inside the room, there was a collapsible circular table in the center and collapsable chairs surrounding it. On one side of the room there was a whiteboard, and on the other there was a coffee table and on top of it rested four barrels of protein powder each weighing about five pounds. There was a minifridge next to it filled to the brim with gallons of milk. Upon the ground lay several sets of weights of varying masses. In the far corner, there was a pullup bar with a chair next to it.

Bruce had gotten every single thing I had asked for and I was purely delighted.

I showed Gloria, Gavin, Matthew, and William into the room. William had decided to join the club a week after I had given him the choice.

They all stared in awe at the room. I walked over to the white board and started to draw a workout.

The set would be ten pullups, ten pushups, and ten curls with the five pound weights. We would repeat the set five times and I would use the ten pound weights.

The workout took about thirty minutes.

After the workouts, I took out five cups and five spoons. I put them on the coffee table and divided up some protein powder into each of them. For every cup I put a scoop of protein powder in. That amount filled the glass to about one tenth of its maximum volume. I poured milk into each cup and handed it to each person.

”This may look disgusting, but it has about forty grams of protein overall. ”

”Its so globby. ”

”Don worry, I ordered the chocolate flavor. ”

”Oh, and that somehow makes it better? ”

”Yes. ”

Matthew was being a little squeamish, but he still chugged the concoction. My club was set up and everything was in order. I was finally feeling content with life.

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