Legend’s Second Chance

∆Chapter One∆

en to me in this life. I may be weak and my parents strong, so I will become as meek as a lamb, and as cunning as a snake until the time is right to strike against them.


Two months passed until I was finally removed from the dungeon that was my crib. That is I thought I had been freed from the bonds that held me so tightly. While in reality, my parents had just bought me a new one after I had escaped from it by punching some of the wooden planks out during one of my midnight stretches.

One day my parents caught me stretching at night and they shouted at me.

”Is he doing a plank? ”

”But hes just a baby?! ”

”Bad, bad boy stop that. ”

My father was irritated that he had been woken up so late at night and had scowled at me.

I was horrified because I knew that the weak prey on the strong. However, my parents apparently did not understand that or were simply too pathetically inclined to believe that they were safe.

The new world in which I found myself was truly interesting. I had noticed the strange lamps on the ceiling that instantly turned off and on with the flick of a switch. Sometimes my parents turned devices on which played images, but my mother never let me watch them.

I did not care about the technology that this civilization had. I only cared about gaining muscles. I knew however that weight training could be catastrophic at my age if not done with extreme care. Luckily for me however, I knew exactly what I was doing and did not care about pain.

Though my parents knew about my exercising methods, they were still horrified to see me in a pool of sweat each morning. This made them eventually bring me before a man clothed in white in a sort of clothing that was not quite a dress, they called him a doctor or something.

Regardless, when the man tried to poke me, I bit his finger. As I watched him bleed profusely I giggled.

My parents were horrified and the doctor was shocked. He let out a little yell when it had happened, but nothing really else.

The doctor had said some things to my parents and then we had left. The little vehicle that brought me back to our house was especially interesting. I was surprised that my weak father could control such a beast. My estimation of him grew ever so slightly in that moment.

Another day, my parents were screaming at me for eating my food with my fingers and I yelled back at them in Greek because I was frankly fed up with their attitude.

”May Zeus smite you with a bolt of lightning! ”

For some reason they smiled at me and started hugging each other.

I would find out later in my life that they had only understood eus and nothing besides that.

Regardless, I sat with a frown on my raised stool as spaghetti sauce covered my face. They were hugging me excitedly as I was staring at the wall thinking how I was being congratulated for an insult. I thought they were attempting to strangle me, but the attempts were simply feeble.

They continued saying mommy and daddy and pointing to themselves. I narrowed my eyes at them, for I figured that they were trying to make me apologize. I crossed my arms and shunned them by turning my face away from them. Surprisingly enough, they did not get mad and I took that as another sign of weakness from my parents.

Months passed as I exercised. My body grew taller and stronger and my conviction of my parents weakness was further increased.

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