LOVE; A Slow painful poison

Chapter 8- He Cheated!

”TREASURE! ” Ray called out to Treasure, he ran out of his car chasing after her but she refused to listen.

”Please you need to hear me out…I want you to help me. ” Treasure stopped, she swirled round and faced him.

”Pamela is my best friend Ray…you
e not the first person to come between us… ”

”This was the perfect time I had to talk to you Tress…you don know Pamela the way I do…shes gonna get me expelled! ”

”I know Pamela more than you Ray….weve been friends for the past three years…THREE YEARS!… ” Treasure emphasized her point with her three fingers. Ray straightened and stared at Treasure painfully.

”It seems like you don wanna listen…you
e an amazing person Tress and am glad I had the chance to spend time with you…but be warned,
ot everyone deserves that title FRIEND. ”

Treasure blinked, Ray was always jovial and never this serious. He turned away from her sadly.

”Please get in the car let me drop you off safely. ”

”Am fine….Ill get a cab. ”

”Treasure…at least let me do this, I took you out so I have to drop you home safely ”

Treasure stared at his back. She wondered if she hurt him but Pamela was also important….maybe Pamela had a good reason for doing that….right?

But the question was….WHY?

”What did you do? ” Ray didn face her, rather he stood motionless without saying a word. Treasure frowned and walked up to him slowly until they were facing each other.

”What did you do to her? ” His wet eyes met hers with so much hurt.

”I didn do what she wanted me to do. ”

”What did she ask you to do? ” Ray looked away and gritted his teeth as if trying to control his emotions.

”That doesn matter Treasure, because even if I told you you wouldn believe a word I say. ” He went round her and headed for his car but she stopped him again, gripping him by the arm.

”What did you do wrong? ”

”I….I can talk about it Tress, its embarrassing….I just want you to help me…if I get expelled my parents are gonna be damn disappointed in me… ” Treasure was totally conflicted, who should she side now? Her late boyfriends sister and her best friend or her recent friend Ray.

”Well talk more about this tomorrow…I need to get home. ”

Ray nodded and opened the car door for her, she got in carefully and he too also turned round and got in. Treasures phone rang and she quickly answered when she found out it was her mom.

Ray quietly started the car and drove off.


Treasure tossed her blanket away in frustration, her mind had been occupied with what Ray said…his face kept haunting her on and on saying ”HELP ME. ”

At least something took her mind off Neil without her realizing it.

What if hes just playing around….but he had a sad look…especially his eyes when he said EXPELLED, Treasure muttered to herself. But at school they acted like buddies, Pamela didn even show any dislike towards Ray…

Ray you better not get in between us…I won accept that.

Treasure kept thinking deep until she fell asleep. Morning finally came quickly like there was never night, Treasure drowsily woke up, prayed and prepared for school. After bathing she cleaned herself and dressed up, she had on a fitted shouty yellow shirt with a pair of blue jeans and white sneakers.

She let her hair fall to her shoulders with a yellow hair band to stop her hair from coming to her face. She put on a light make up and after that she picked up her bag, she stared at Neil in the picture frame and prayed for his dear soul.

She rushed down and froze when memories of last night flooded in….speaking of Pamela, where was she? She always picked her up every morning for school. Treasure quickly dialed her number but there was no reply, she dialed it more than three times but no answer.

She greeted her mom and asked her if Pamela dropped by but she replied with a No.

Treasure ate and rushed out of the house after leaving a peck on her moms cheek. Well, this wasn the first time Pamela did this.

Her reasons were always GET ACQUAINTED WITH PEOPLE. Treasure chuckled at the fond memory, she boarded a taxi, she hated the school bus because it was crowdy and noisy.

It took a while before the taxi finally stopped at a distance, away from the school.

Opening the car door she stepped out and shut the door before paying him. Treasure took a deep breath as she watched students walking about.

She strolled alone past the crowd but something unexpected happened.

A cup with smoothie in it landed harshly at her chest, spilling the pink content on her beautiful yellow shirt. Treasure gasped in shock and searched for the person in the crowd but found nothing suspicious, the hurtful part was when some who witnessed the scene laughed and ridiculed her, taking pictures while some videoed her.

”Such a sneaky b*tch! ” Someone spat the words out from the crowd and this riled everyone.

Treasure was totally lost and confused…did something happen? Why were they treating her this way?

Someone pulled her by the arm away from the students burning gaze and into the school building. Treasure scrunched her eyebrows at the person.

”Ray stop! Wait! ” She pulled her arm out of his grip and stared at him questioningly.

”There she is….the betrayer…how cheap! ” A girl dressed in designers shouted out loud alarming others. Rays eyes widened, what was happening?

”Ray! Why is everyone attacking me and calling me names? ” Treasure asked Ray, worry and fear marred her face.

The girls which always mingled with Pamela came at Treasure with hurtful words and this got the attention of students present in the hall.

”I never knew the almighty Treasure was a slut and a fake. ”

”Pretending to be a saint when shes a demon. ”

”A petty slut for that matter. ” Ray got fed up and shouted back at all of them.

”WHAT THE F*CK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? TRESS DID NOTHING! ” The girls laughed and one of them spoke up.

”Look whos talking…boys are so heartless indeed. ” Rays eyes went wide, what was going on? Was he also involved in this?

”Pamela! ” Treasure suddenly exclaimed in relief when she spotted her best friend walking through the crowd with a complex look.

Treasure left Rays side and went to meet Pamela but what happened next had all eyes nearly pop out in wonder and curiosity.

Pamela opened the lid of the smoothie cup she was holding and splashed the entire content at Treasures face before landing a defeaning slap at her cheek, shocking Treasure to her very core.

”You really had the nerve TREASURE! ” Treasures eyes blurred with unshed tears as she stared back at Pamela with a hand covering her left cheek.

”P-Pam… ”

”Shut the f*ck up Treasure! After everything…EVERYTHING! You still had the guts to sneak behind my back and stab me… ” Ray couldn let this slide, he quickly came to Treasures rescue.

”Whats that suppose to mean Pamela….slapping your best friend and humiliating her in public…how cruel of you… ” Pamela interrupted him.

”Why Ray! Why did you still fall for her traps after all we shared…why! ” Pamela lamented with tears in her eyes, startling Ray.

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