Life in Mary\'s house

When Juliet was going home, the students of the school were all looking at her differently, almost everybody was staring at her which she didn like at all. Halfway home, she met Hannah who was also going home but something was different. Hannah would always greet Juliet enthusiastically but today she just waved at her and didn say anything, however Juliet found nothing wrong with it, as Juliet didn like talking, their walk home was silent.

When the both of them got home, Hannah went up immediately without greeting her parents. ”What could be wrong with her ” asked Mary her mum, ” I don know either, she had been like this since our walk home ” answered Juliet. ”Never mind then, go upstairs to change your clothes, come back down in an hour dinner would be ready by then ” said Mary.

Juliet went upstairs to her room and changed out of her uniform, when she finished she brought out a laptop from her back and started typing a few words into the laptop, to normal people this might seem like she is doing a research but actually she wanted to hack into the CCTV cameras of the abandoned warehouse and her old house , Juliet had known how operate the computer since a long time ago but nobody knew. Although she had promised her aunt and mum that she wasn going to get revenge, she couldn help it. She quickly got into the system but unfortunately the footage of that day was missing, no matter how had she tried to retrieve it she couldn get. Just as she was thinking of what to do a knock disrupted her thinking. ”Juliet, its time to eat ” her aunt said. Quickly, Juliet packed the laptop into her bag and went down to eat.

Downstairs, her aunty, uncle and Hannah were already sorted waiting for her, as she sat down and began to eat, her aunt asked both she and Hannah what happened in school. ”Not much happened, everything is fine and we now have a new school belle which is Juliet ” said Hannah. ” oh wow, thats a great news, by the way who was the old school belle ” asked Jack. ”it was me ” answered Hannah but before Jack could rectify his mistake Mary interrupted him ”doesn matter, to me both of you look extremely gorgeous ”.

” Thanks mum, but it doesn matter because the new school belle is someone I know if it were to be another person i would not have liked it ” said Hannah

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