The students who were talking to Juliet quickly went back to their seats. ”Good morning class ” greeted the teacher. She didn wait for the students reply as she started teaching, looking at her face one could tell that this teacher was very strict. This teacher, Mrs.Smith was one of the most feared teachers in the school, nobody dared to talk during her class.

Once the class was over, Mrs. Smith walked out of the classroom. Just then the bell rang and the students went out to eat in the cafeteria. Juliet walked into the cafeteria and quickly sat down in an inconspicuous corner to eat her food, the other students didn bother her as they couldn stand her cold aura and because she didn look like she was looking for friends.

Just as Juliet was thinking she would get to have a peaceful lunch, someone called out to her, she didn have to turn around to know who called her as she had stayed with the person for the past week and as expected it was Hannah. ” you don mind me sitting here, do you? ”asked Hannah as she sat down beside Juliet.

”Don worry I would be your special advisor in this school, I noticed you in class but I was busy so I couldn come to you, if you ever need anything just tell me. You may not know but I am the best in class and Im known as the beauty of this school, so whatever you need just come to me. ” said Hannah. ” You don have to worry about me, I just want to study and get good grades ” replied Juliet.

”By the way I noticed that everyone in the class sat in twos why am I the only one sitting ” asked Juliet. ”Oh don worry you do have a desk mate but she didn come to school today she might come tomorrow ” answered Hannah. The both of them then ate their lunch in silence. After Juliet finished eating she stood up and left the cafeteria, immediately she left, some students hurriedly went over to where Hannah sat and questioned her, ”how did you know Juliet, from the looks of things this probably isn the first time you guys have met ”. Hannah looked up and answered all their questions ” she is my cousin and she just moved in with I and my parents ”. After saying this she walked out of the cafeteria and all the students followed behind her.

Although Hannah was quite famous in the school, after Juliet came to the school she seemed to have gained more popularity.

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