After one week, Juliet was ready to start school again, Mary took Juliet to school to register her on Monday. She specifically asked the teacher to put Juliet in Hannahs class so that Hannah could be able to watch over Juliet.

Juliet didn feel anything as she was about to start in a new school, she just head a cold expression on her face.

In the classroom, the students were all doing different things, some were studying while some were discussing, when the teacher entered the students stopped talking and looked at the teacher to hear what he had to say.

”Today in our class, we will have a new student to join us. please be nice and fill her in on what weve done so far. Student please come in ”. The students all looked over eagerly to see the new student and what they saw shocked them. A girl walked in to the class and she looked very beautiful although she had a cold expression on her face that didn hinder her beauty. The girl stood in front of the classroom and calmly introduced herself, hello everyone, Im Juliet Hart and I will be the new student of this class. Everyone was quiet not even a single word, seeing this the teacher coughed lightly and reminded the students to introduce themselves.

After the introduction, the teacher showed Juliet where to sit and left the classroom. Once the teacher went out the some of the students rushed over to greet Juliet. Before her parents death, Juliet was kind and had a bubbly character but after their death she completely shut herself away from the outside world so when the students came over she felt impatient and was just about to lose her patience when the English teacher walked in.

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