Starting School

After eating, Juliet,Jack and Mary sat down in the living room and discussed what happened.

”Where do you think your siblings could be? ” asked Jack as Mary had already filled him in on what happened. ” I don know where they are or who killed my parents, all I know is I have to find my siblings and avenge my parents. ” answered Juliet. Mary sighed and said ” I know the death of your parents has taken a toll on you but you don need to think of revenge now, I don think you should revenge as you don know who the murderer is or how dangerous he could be, I think what you have to do is focus on taking care of yourself and finding your siblings ”. ”I know I have to do this but I don know where to start, how high are the chances that my siblings are still alive, what if they are dead, is the murderer still chasing after me, how high are my chances of survival ” said Juliet in a daze. Mary and her husband couldn say anything as they all sat down in silence, after five minutes of silence, Mary finally broke the silence ”well as of now, what matters most is you, you can be sure of all your assumptions if you are dead, you need to work hard, take care of yourself and become successful. You are still in school and because of this incident you can continue with your previous school but you can attend the school Hannah attends. Just stay here and live peacefully, you and Hannah are the same age you can be friends and Im sure Hannah likes you. ”

Juliet thought for a while and agreed but deep down in her mind she knew what she wants to do.

In the afternoon, when Juliet was in her room, someone knocked the door. ”Come in ” said Juliet, when the door opened Hannah entered. ”Hey, what are you doing cooped up in this room, you can come downstairs with while I show you around ”. Juliet replied ”thanks but Id rather stay here but thanks for the invitation though ”. Hannah sat with Juliet for a while and chatted with her but she did almost all the talking as Juliet just nodded once in a while, suddenly Hannah grabbed Juliets hand and said ”I know you are thinking of what has happened but I want you to know that I will always be there for you no matter what, you might be thinking of why Im been nice to you since this is the first time we met, I just really feel close to you and I know the kind of trauma you have been through ”. Immediately after Hannah said this Juliet felt warm from the inside as she never expected her to say such words.

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