Life in Mary\'s house II

After Mary took Juliet inside, she called the family doctor.The doctor arrived quickly and checked on Juliet.

” What happened to her ” asked the doctor, ”I don know what happened to her,she came knocking at my door this night and when I opened the door, she had already passed out ” answered Mary.

The doctor prescribed some medicine and left the house. After the doctor left, Mary and her husband sat down and wondered what could have happened to Juliet. ”What do you think has happened to juliet ” Mary asked her husband, ”I don know, all we can do now is to pray for her to wake up ” answered Jack, Marys husband.

The next day, Juliet woke up and found herself in an unfamiliar room.Just then, Mary entered, ”oh, thank God you are awake, how do you feel, are you feeling any pain in your body, how did this happen, where are your siblings, what about your parents ?. ” Mary asked, then Juliet recalled all that had happened yesterday as she started crying. Juliet narrated all that happened to her aunt. ”oh my God, my sister and brother in-law are dead, who could have done that, Where could John and Jojo be ”Mary asked.

I don know why all these has happened or how I am going to continue from now but I need to stay alive and avenge my parents death, I need to find my siblings ” said Juliet. ”Yes you should but to do that you need energy, come downstairs to eat,later we can talk about what to do ”Mary suggested. ”OK I have heard,i will be down in a minute ” said Juliet .

Mary left the room in order to give Juliet privacy, after she left Juliet stood up and walked into the bathroom.

30 minutes later Juliet walked down to the dining where she met Mary, Jack and a girl who seems to be the same age as her. Mary looked up and saw Just and said ”oh! so you are here, come quickly, sit down. This is my daughter Hannah and you already know Jack,as you will be staying here from now on, I want you to familiarize yourself with this place and everyone that live here ” .

Juliet sat down ,thanked Mary and politely greeted Hannah which Hannah returned enthusiastically but Juliet didn take notice of that. As they ate Juliet was the only one that didn eat as she thought of her dead parents, Mary saw this and advised Juliet ”please don be like this you have you eat and take care of yourself, don brood over what has happened, your mum would not like it if you are like this ”. Juliet thanked Mary as she forced herself to eat.

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