Life in Mary\'s house

Third person pov:

As Juliet stood in front of her parents grave, she remembers how it all began…

Mr. hart (Juliets father ) was a successful business man happily married to his wife with three kids:Juliet ,John, Jojo. Juliet was a very smart girl, at the age of sixteen she was considered a genius. Her parents were very proud of her,she never acted like a snobbish brat because her parents were rich, instead she was humble.

Juliet lived with her parents and everything was going well, she attended a famous school and she was known in school for her brilliance, gentle and kind behavior.

Juliet was going back home from school went she felt that something was wrong and as she predicted something was not right.Sadly there was nothing she could do about what went wrong.


Juliet couldn go back home as she was scared the murderer would be there. She remembered her siblings and didn know how to find them, she felt so lonely.

She didn know where to go or who to turn to as she walked aimlessly round the street, then she remembered her mums last words before dying, but there was one problem as she didn know how she would get to her aunts place.

Having no other choice, she had to walk until she got to her aunts place. In the heavy rain, Juliet walked until she got to her aunts place.As she got there,she knocked on the door before passing out. Luckily her aunt was the one who opened the door,Mary(Juliets aunt) was shocked to see Juliet at her place and in such position, quickly she called for help, her husband rushed out and hurriedly helped his wife to carry Juliet in.

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