Everything is gone

I entered the house and immediately I felt something was wrong.I searched the house but I couldn find anyone,my parents and siblings, they were all gone.I was wondering where they could be when I got a call from an unknown number,i picked up the call and then I heard the voice of a man asking me to come to a place if I ever wanted to see my family again , he gave me the address of the place and I went there without thinking.

I got to the place and it was an abandoned warehouse,i went in and what I saw shocked me, my parents where tied to a chair and they looked as if there had been tortured I couldn see my siblings anywhere. My mum raised her head and when she saw me she warned me to run away but I didn heed to her warning, I went over to my parents wanting to save them but before I could get close a masked man came forward and shot both my parents.I ran forward and held my mum,i cried and asked her why this happened but she didn answer she held my hands an

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