Land of Okyot – Afternoon

[Scene :- Queen Eris with Her friends And their Secretaries and Deyja roaming around the city and witnessing the progress nation has made]


”You have made quite a progress, Eris

Congratulations. ”


”Don take my name out here in public normally, you fool. ”


”The Infrastructure is really good, no doubt. ”


”Thanks for that, Hina.

Thats really assuring. ”


”Should we move on to your houses, then. ”


”Yeah, lets go.

I am really excited to show you guys. ”


[Scene :- All of them are seeing their houses.]


”They are literally like they were before, you remember our houses quite well, Eris. ”


”I spent quite a huge amount of time with you at your houses as a normal girl. Remembererance was nothing. ”


”Its pretty nostalgic. ”

Rehan (Depressed)

”Yeah, would have been better if it was a Deja Vu. ”

[A Soldier who was looKing for them comes and tells Eris that an Escort has been Waiting For Her]


Int. Royal Court – Minutes Later

[Scene :- Escort Narrates the same notice King Azazel sent to King Harald to Eris]

Queen Eris

”So, what does he want me for? ”


”Thats something even I am unaware about, but it would be best if you will avoid a war with him, being just 16 year old he took crown of kingdom for himself being only a slave. ”


”And you surrendered your crown to a mere slave? ”


”His power is something you haven seen before, he is able to take down 1 or 2 kingdoms by himself. ”

[Escort from Land B arrives and requests to narrate the Notice King Harald Sent Specially For Eris.]


”Queen Eris, my welcome. ”

”I am sure that same notice from Land F must have arrived to you too. Don be afraid as I am coming with half of my battalion by tomorrow evening. I have requested all of other kings the same. ”

”We will be fighting this war to see the wrath of that usurper. Afterall, he has dared to challenge the Alliance Nations. ”



”Just in good Faith, if that escort is still in your care, I wanna see his head as my Welcome Gift. ”


”I think you have got your Answer, Escort(F). ”


”Yes, my lady. I will be leaving to inform my King Azazel the same.

Be prepared for the battlefield. ”


”I dont think you heard well, my dear Escort. ”

(Signals the Soldiers to Behead him)

[Escort is beheaded]


”What did you do, my lady?

Don you know its against the war rules. ”


”I know, but it was a request from King Harald himself. He has requested something from me for the first time.

I had to fulfil it. ”


”You could have said that the escort left before his one came. ”


”And can you see him standing here?

I am sure you would have done the same in my place. ”


[Scene :- Escorts from Land B and F have arrived at the rest of the nations. But after listening to what King Harald has done and decided, we are preparing for the War in a hurry too.]

King Bradford

”Prepare third-Eighth of our army at this instant. We are marching tonight. King Harald is as stupid as ever. Damn that war craver. ”

King Alfred

”Prepare the best of our melee troops now. We have to reach Land A before the war breaks out. Don know why he had to kill the Escort. ”

King Helios

”Its time for us to show that we also can stand out as a defendable nation. Don leave anything which is important. ”


Ext. Royal Court – Same Night

[Scene : king Harald has Arrived with his Army]


”Welcome, King Harald.

I appreciate your immediate response and presence.

Your Gift is waiting for you in your Room. ”

King Harald

”I need to rest a bit now. Take me to the room.

It was a rushed journey. ”

(Deyja takes King Harald to His Room and he is enjoyed by seeing the Escorts head in the Room)

Deyja(in the Background)

”Psychopath. ”


Int. Allianced Nations Meeting Room – 2 Days Later

[All of the kings are present in the room with Deyja and other 4 kids with their Deyjas to discuss regarding the war]

Queen Eris

”Thanks to all of the Kings for responding to King Haralds such short notice and helping me in this time. ”

King Bradford(Angry)

”We had to. Afterall he and you ripped the head off Escorts body defying War Rules which is a shame to the Alliance. ”

King Harald

”That bastard provoked me to do so by saying it was a request and announcing a war threat to me. He brought his death himself. As per her, she did it on my orders. ”

King Bradford

”Whatever it was, killing an escort is not a good thing to do. You have done the battle cry yourself. ”

King Harald

”What are you afraid of?

You know it too, nothing can defeat the Army we are carrying. ”

King Alfred

”I am not afraid of War.

Its only that you crave for it. ”

I am also interested to see the wrath King Azazel is carrying with him. ”

King Harald

”He isn a king. He is a mere usurper who has got the addiction of the throne in a bad sense thinking he can beat the most powerful Army in this world with nothing. ”

King Bradford

”It will be seen in battle. ”

”But I don think he is merely playing on a bluff. ”

”He must have known by now that 2 of his escorts are dead and would have started war right now but he didn . ”

”He is giving the time of 1 month as he said which means he is pretty confident with his strength and is still giving us a chance on his condition to prevent the war. ”

King Helios

”We are not handing over Eris anyways. ”

King Alfred

”We are not. But it seems the kid has got potential and some good strength. What could he be carrying in his Ammunition. ”


”Moreover, he has said it to be a War Of Revenge. What could be meant by that? ”

King Bradford

”I am afraid to say so, but I think that this matter is connected to King Betelguese. ”

Eris(In Shock)

”Father? ”

”As far as I know, he couldn do anything bad to anybody. ”

”He gave his life for the citizens of this Nation.

What bad can you suppose he could have done? ”

King Bradford

”Thats what I am confused about.

Escort who came to me didn know anything about it either. ”


”Could it be that Azazel wants Eris as her queen? ”

King Bradford

”Don be Ridiculous, Ivar. If it was the case, we would have been facing him on the battlefield by now. ”

”He isn desperate.

He has a strong motive behind starting this war. ”

King Harald

”We should be focusing on our War Tactics for now.

We can ask the secret out of that Son of a Bitch when we defeat him in the War. ”

King Alfred

”Guess the pact Decisions will be coming in handy after all. Lets prepare for the first Alliance Nations War. ”

”The War Of Revenge. ”


Ext. The Battlefield (Border of Land A and Land F)- One Month Later(28 Days)

[Scene : The Kings and The Survivors(Kids) are guiding their factions of Armies in the Battlefield while they are all having the same dress as a result of one of the Pact Committee Resolutions. King Azazel and his accomplice Craven have Also arrived. The leaders of Alliance (All the kings and Survivors with Deyja.) and King Azazel and G are out for the talk.]

King Bradford

”You have this Last Chance to retreat.

See the Army of yours and our Army.

You are of no competence to us. ”

King Azazel(Calmly)

”You will see it when the battle starts, my dear King. ”

”You have already begun the War by Killing 2 of my escorts. I just gave you the time because I had said so earlier. ”

”Talking of the Last Chance, I am giving it to you to Hand Over Eris to me. I will not say it again. ”


”Talking about it, where is she?

I can see her here. ”

King Alfred

”This war is for her and she is the prize.

You are not going to get to see her face in your lifetime. ”

King Azazel(Laughing)

”Ooohhh. Is that so? ”

”Well then, she will be at my feets begging for all of your lives by tomorrow then, you will see it for yourself. ”

King Bradford

”What are you having in your artillery you are that much confident in?

I don think it will last even a day. ”

King Azazel

”You will see it when the War Starts.

We are the Shadow.

If I had wanted, I could have taken Eris this instant but I have decided to Win her like a Man not A Coward like you in a Real War. ”


”Win her?

So you do want to marry her after all.

She isn going to be yours. ”

[Scene : Azazel approaches Ivar in a Lightning fast Speed(Super Speed) never watched before]

F(Death Stare)

”And you think that you are able to stop me from getting her, huh? ”

”I don want to marry that slut. All I want is to torture her to the full extent as I have experienced. ”

”She is going to pay for what her father has done. ”



”Beware of what you are saying in front of death as you don know which moments will be your final. ”

[Everybody is shocked at this speed of his as everybody in the Alliance are Scared to Hell]

King Bradford[Shockingly]

”So this is all about King Betelguese after all. What did he do with you. ”

King Azazel

”Its nothing of your concern, old man. Just shut up and die. ”

[Scene : Azazel approaches Deyja and gives him a death stare too.]

King Azazel(To Deyja)

”I have seen you before. ”

”You are that man who used to be with that shitty old guy(King Betelguese) everytime, aren you? ”

”I guess you would be very Close to Eris too. Guess I should start this war By Killing You First Then. ”

[Goes to kill Deyja with his Small Sword but then Eris Approaches him from her position of Special Formation to Front Towards Deyja with Same Speed as King Azazel]

Queen Eris(Angrily)

”Don you dare do that. ”

You are going to be fighting for your life in this War, King Azazel, not me. ”

[Azazel retreats back to his Army as everyone in the Alliance Unit is not able to believe on what happened in front of their eyes]


”Whhhaatt, she is bearing the Same Power as You, Azazel. I don think its gonna be easy for us. ”

King Azazel

”Thats where the real thrill to punish her will start, my friend.

Our dream is near to its completion. ”

King Harald

”Well then, The War Starts Tomorrow.

Be Ready for The Worst. ”

King Azazel

”Was going to say the Same to You.

Be Ready To Die. ”

…..THE END….

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