nlikely to happen. Even when they were all teared up when I got to them, Lady Eris Easily broke the floor of Cart with no force. ”

King Bradford

”Aren you contradicting yourself by saying they ate rock pieces when you said before that you couldn see anything there as there was nothing to be seen. ”


”These are the 2 things which I don know answers of, my lord

The debris and their powers.



Thats all. ”

King Helios

”Are you kids okay and feeling well? Tell us what happened when asteroid struck there. ”


”Well, ” …..

King Bradford(Irritated by Her)

”Let them speak too, young girl, if you may.

Keep Your Royalty Outside for a Bit. ”


”Honour, my lord. When the asteroid struck, we were all together all along with my and hers(pointing towards B) parents. But after the crash, we weren able to find them. ”


”Well , Actually we were able to find a couple of bodies but we weren sure if they were my parents or not. ”


”Do the greetings first. ”

King Braford(Poking Her)

”No need of formalities for now.

You didn care to do so at the first place too,did you


What about other bodies or livings? ”


”Despite those two , we weren able to find anything else

And as the Commander said, there wasn anything or be seen the day later so he is right on that point. ”

King Bradford

”What about you Two? ”


”As you Know, I live with Eris and Uncle(King Betelguese). I Agree with whatever Both A and Commander are saying. There was only disaster to be seen the moment asteroid crashed but the day after it was like nothing and then the day later when Commander reached, there was nothing as everything was flat and clear. ”

Rehan(Low Voice)

”I live in the cities. Well, nothing else.

I just wanted to know abt my parents. They were there with the king when we evacuated. ”

King Harald

”Sorry to say, but we aren having any updates from town as you know. Its most likely everybody who was in town has died. ”

King Helios

”Don get so harsh all along.He has just survived we can say what. ”


”Dead ,huh.

Is it finally going to happen now ”.(Smirks)

King Bradford

”What are you laughing for?

Anyways we now have to decide what to do of Land A.

Suggestions? ”

King Alfred

”Its certain that the nation can revive on its own and we are not liable to do so too. Also, as a weak member of pact they loosen our strength as well. My suggestion will be to remove them from the Pact as we have done all we could. ”


”But that would be so cruel, my lord. You just can do that. ”

King Harald

”Who are you to say so?

You are not currently having a king who you were representing as and also you aren the king either.

This is a matter of rest of 4 Nations so don interfere.


I suggested you to proclaim yourself as the king earlier but you

didn do it. So just be quiet for now until you are said to speak.

You are currently a normal resident only. ”


”Pardon me,But in that case, you too can say anything as you are a member of alliance who can throw us out of it all along as per your desire.

To Decide the King and all is an internal matter of Land A. ”

King Harald

You are getting the wrong Idea, My boy. Everything here will be decided by vote. All we are throwing is our opinions. You can throw one cause you are not of our level. Decisions will be taken by us 4. So shut up for now.

You can decide the king for yourself but decision of whether keeping you or not in the pact stays with us. ”

King Bradford

”Even so,The proposal of king Alfred is very sounding and I agree too.

But I have an another proposal, do any of us wants to have are of land A under their kingdom so pact and our area holdings remains strong at same time?

I don think Land A can fight for now to show their disagreement. ”

King Harald

”Well , it can happen but it would take a large amount of investment and we have to maintain refugees too

What about splitting it between all 4 of us? ”

King Bradford

”It can happen too if all of us want so. ”

King Helios

”Sorry, but well , i think the most important matter to discuss is on the kids.

Didn all of you heard that they possess powers unlikely to anybody else and that too after eating rock leftovers. We should solve that mystery too as its first case in its own.

Besides,Bradford, aren you the one who believes in imagining what isn in front of naked eye? Can you imagine what these kids could become? ”

King Bradford

”So, what are you proposing then. ”

King Helios

”I just wanna know if these are assets or liabilities to us. ”

King Harald

”Thats a talk of later. Besides, its not our problem to deal with at the 1st place. ”

King Helios

”Hey Bradford, Can you remind me what was the sole purpose of forming an alliance? ”

King Bradford

”Purpose? To strengthen our influence and get rid of non-logical politics. ”

King Helios

”So do I need to tell or ask you anything else now? Where is your practical mind. ”

(Bradford realises he was acting out of his mind, in a way he doesn reacts normally)

King Bradford(Firmly)

”Well, I would like to resume the meeting tomorrow. I don think I am in my mind today.

Thanks for that,Helios. ”

King Helios

”You got me. ”

King Alfred

”As per kids being assets or liabilities, i think they are contingent for now. They will become what they think as they are in a age of being vulnerable to corruption. Anyways, I would also like to think well on it and resume tomorrow. ”

King Helios

”Should we Call off for today then? ”

King Harald

”Yeah, do whatever you want. ”

(Deyja is relieved on getting some time as Eris is tensed about her father)

Ext.Allied Nations Headquarters – Night

(Scene : Both of them are discussing well and King Bradford is also thinking about this whole matter in the shadows of 2 moons with King Alfred and Kaiden.)

King Bradford (Confident)

”Well, I think I finally know what to do

Thanks for that, I knew I could rely on you two. ”

……..The End…..

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