ion is what should we do now. I don have any clue. I can see both of your parents even anywhere. ”


”I am sure that we will find our parents in here for sure. Besides, we may not find other people too. We should be looking for them too ”


”keep in mind that you all too are all broken up because of crash. Don push yourself too much ”


Int. Headquarters if Allied Nations – Morning

The Situation here is very tensed as meeting is starting

Deyja(In Sorrow and Rage)

My Lords, the asteroid made its contact with the land at yesterday midnight.

King Bradford

Tell us quickly how much of people were evacuated by that time.


There was not much progress since yesterdays meeting. Asteroid impacts are estimated to be all over Okyot.

King Helios

Thats very sorrowful. Can you please tell us how much of population is estimated to be killed by it. Tell us about the king too.


As I said, there was not much progress. We are expecting 30% of people to have faced death and less chances of survivors. Only if you had extended your support…!!

King Harald

Hey boy, Are you blaming us now for that?! According to you, asteroid has crashed at midnight. Thats far less than 10-12 hours since meeting adjourned. They would have been devastated too if we had. We also don know by now that how much of our carts are destroyed too.


Are you still concerned about your carts and transportation at this point of time. We are talking of a mass destruction/mass deaths.

King Harald

Don forget that I even told you yesterday indirectly that there will be times when everybody can be saved. Even I am feeling bad about there non needed and brutal deaths by such extraterrestrial thing but we have to accept it as the leaders of the Nations. Don try to act like your king here.

King Helios

Well, Lords. What should be our move for now? Whats the next step to take.

King Alfred(Sarcastically)

Let the self proclaimed king of Okyot suggest. He must be having something already made up his mind. Speak up, Lad.


Well, respectfully my Lords, it will require more carts. I request you to issue a Rescue Squad for possible survivors. Though we don know at this point of time that how many or if people would have been able to survive. We still may find a significant amount of people.

King Harald(Rushed)

Hey boy, I think I asked you regarding the updates on your king. Would you care to tell?


My Lords, I am not having any updates regarding our king for now. I am sure we will get some updates regarding him soon.

King Bradford

Well, your approach of launching a search party is good. I have to accept, you are making me take interest in you.

King Helios

Yeah, you are right. We may also find king Betelguese there. We must not forget he is an important part of our committee as a leader.


Thank you, my Lords. Only if you may tell me now that how much of carts and troops will you be launching so that a proper plan can be made and executed and help is reached effectively.

King Helios

Give us some time. We will update you regarding that.


Ext. Outskirts Of Okyot – AfterNoon

[All of them are looking for the anybody alive and after some time Rehan finds a pair of couple all burnt up holding each others hand. Rehan calls them on the Scene.]

Rehan(Mixed Tone)

”Heya, Look what I found, A couple of people , holding their hands together but they are all burnt up. Seems like husband and wife to me but I am Not Able to See the Faces Or Anthing. Will Anybody care to recognise them? ”

(Everybody rushes to Rehan and Hina recognises them as his/her parents.)


”… Guys…. , I… They are my parents.

Yeah…. I am sure of it!!!! They are my parents. ”(Breaks Down)




”Hey Hina, Calm Down for a Second. Don rush.How can you be so sure, I can even see their faces. They are not recognisable leaving the fact that they were holding their hands at their final moments.


”Look At The Bangle on the Arm of her body…

Its my mothers. My father and I bought it together and gave her as a present. I am sure of it that its hers and they are my mother and my father. ”(starts crying again)

Eris(Trying to relieve her)

”I am sorry Hina, But just don lose hope. We can be still 100% certain about that. Somebody else could be having the same bangle up her sleeves too. We should all look together for some other Evidences. Besides, We were not the only ones Evacuating at the point. There must be more victims too ”.

(There is a moment of silence as nobody is having anything to say.)

(Hina Gets up after some moments and takes a Deep Breath. All friends start looking for survivors again.)



(5 hours have passed by but all they could find in this extensive search were some body remains or so. They weren able to find an another identifiable body or survivor at all. All of them are frustrated and pitiful at the moment of not being even able to Find their Parents , be it alive or dead.)

Ivar(In Grief)

”Fuck, …. What does it all means?


I wasn even able to bid them a final goodbye at the end. Why did it had to happen now of all the times. ”

Hina(Lowly and Frustratingly)

”All we were able to find Were just 2 bodies and on which I am sure even now That they were the bodies of my parents all burnt up. ”

Jean(Looking Down)

”Hey Guys , I get how all of you are feeling now. But i think that now we should all rest well and try to get some shelter and food tomorrow. We can search After some time as we are already worked up by all that. ”


”Thanks for that kind speech , but you may dont know that there is no resting place or shelter nearby anymore because of that damn asteroid. We cant even go anywhere as the nearset settlement would be very far from here to which we cant walk down on our feet. ”

Ivar(Tired up)

”This is not a spot to fight Eris, don you know that. We are all alone here with nobody else seeming to be alive Just stop quarelling with Jean for some amount of time.




(About to Break Down)

Sorry, but save it for later. ”


”Yeah Yeah, Sorry.

Nevertheless,Itll be fine, I know of it. ”

(All of them caring less about pleasure get wiped out at the barren land and sound sleep.)


Ext. Headquarters of Allied Nation – Mid Afternoon

[The leaders are addressing the rescue squad made and have divided them amongst the parts of Land A. All the Leaders bid them Farewell and wish them luck for this important mission.]


[The platoons are going in their respective places. They are all fired up to reach the scene as soon as possible.]

… … … . … The End… … . …

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