Insurgence of the Revenant God

Chapter 1, In the beginning

A long time ago, the world was filled with water and ice. Until five gods descend and changed the landscapes. Azar the god of fire, heated the waters and thawed the ice. Sapphira the goddess of earth, created the ground and mountains. Anan the god of skies, filled the world with clouds and gusts to balance the heat. And Abelia the goddess of life felt lonely and created creatures of different sizes, shapes, and colors each with different strengths.

Amon the guardian god adored the creations of his fellow gods and swore to protect them. But his adoration soon turned into envy, and little by little he desired to take the lands as its ruler. He created a palace and call it his haven. He created his people and called them Edos.

But his hunger to rule wasn sated, being the strongest of the five he felt that he deserves more so he expanded his control throughout the land. The people who weren satisfied with Amons reign rebelled against him. Angered by this, the greedy god flooded the world with darkness and washed away those who rebelled. He threatened that those he deemed dishonest will soon follow along with their possessions.

Fearing for their lives, the creatures of Abelia rushed to the four gods for help. They were in disbelief, that the god that once ought to protect now seek to destroy and plunder. As the four gods went to confront Amon. Giant arrows, spears, and swords of gods fell from the sky and spread havoc.

Edos and Abelians fought in the honor of their gods. But the Abelians were losing, the Edos were superior in strength and magic. The moment they thought they lost all hope, the sound of a trumpet echoed across the land. The battle was already over, and Amon lost. Upon his demise, he swore to return for the heads of those who betrayed him. Upon hearing this, Edos retreated and hid in the dark corners of the world.

After the battle, the weakened gods went to slumber to regain their strength. Little do they know about Amons imminent return…

~Two centuries later

Salvino, a 12-year-old frail young boy wandered the streets in search of food. Fate has been cruel to him, he was abandoned at the age of eight and started begging for food. When he finally found food, three beggars approached him.

”That bread, give it to us. Thats too much for a small boy like you. ” ~Beggar A

”Thats ours now, go ask the baker for more. ” ~Beggar B

Salvino doesn know how to react, he hasn eaten for three days because of the same group.

”Whats with that face? Looking for trouble? ” ~Beggar C

”I haven eaten for 3 days ” ~Salvino

”And? ” ~Beggar C

”Can you give me some? ” ~Salvino

”Sure ” ~Beggar C

The beggar then took a particle of the bread and pass it to Salvino. The group laughed at Salvino as they walk away, but Salvino was desperate and approached the group.

”Please! My stomach hurts ” ~Salvino

”What? We already gave you one ” ~Beggar A

”Go away! Shoo ” ~Beggar B

Salvino cried and continued to beg for it. Until one of them gets annoyed at Salvino and punched him. Salvino tried to punch back but the three ganged up on him until he was down on his knees. After a while, the group was satisfied and left Salvino who was unable to stand due to his injuries.

”Why is this happening to me? Why me? ” ~Salvino cried and added ”If the gods truly loved the world, why me? What did I do wrong?… Why can it be them? ”

Why can it be his parents that abandoned him and the beggars who beat him up? Salvino keeps asking these questions, he believes that the gods will hear him. He wasn wrong, a god did hear him. An apparition suddenly appears in front of him, and the boy is terrified by its appearance he wants to run away but can .

”Don be afraid, young man. Im the god of protection, I mean no harm. ” ~Apparition

”Really? ” ~Salvino

”Yes, I am here to answer your prayers ” ~Apparition

”Since you
e the god of protection, can you protect me? ” ~Salvino

”Of course! If you want I can even give you anything ” ~Apparition

”Even cake? I never had one before ” ~Salvino

”Yes. All you have to do is to touch my body ” ~Apparition

”Okay! ” ~Salvino

Salvino didn find the Apparitions immobility suspicious. He didn know that underneath the apparition is a fragment of Amons core that Edos spread around the world at the moment of their gods death. When Salvino finally touches the apparition, it disappeared.

”Where are you? Did you leave me? ” ~Salvino

”No my

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