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“How could you, Angelique!”

When Angelique was called into the schoolyard, her hazel eyes widened.
Her auburn hair shimmered slightly as she was surrounded by a group of young ladies.

The school’s most prominent group, made up entirely of high-ranking aristocrats, surrounds her.
Angelique, the Duke’s first daughter, is a reluctant member.

“Who told you that Felice and I gossiped about Charlotte?!”

Well, you said it in the hallway.
I think you rather wanted us to hear what you said.

Angelique looked at Emmeline without saying anything.

Felice followed, her face flushed.

“I was surprised when Charlotte told me.
We didn’t hate Charlotte at all!”

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Maybe you didn’t hate her, but you thought she was stupid.
You were the one who laughed at her and looked down on her and said she would never get married because of her freckles and straight hair.
But personally, I don’t remember saying anything against Charlotte.

Angelique looked into Felice’s face without saying anything.

“I heard that you were the one who put nails in mine and Felice’s shoes!”

“You’re the one who smeared ink all over Emmeline’s clothes!”

“What are you talking about?”

Emmeline and the others went on to describe other minor incidents for which they claimed she was to blame, as well as who and how she did it.

They claimed to have discovered Angelique as the perpetrator of all these incidents.

What on earth are they talking about?

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