CHAPTER 5- A princess.

e really made to be together, darling! ”

”I thought it would take us longer to coordinate our movements, but it took us less than 30 minutes! Great! ”

Kei and Drin were fighting Orcs, both of them clutching their fists together and hitting an Orc in the face at the same time, destroying it head.

They walked away at the same time and prepared the same fire attack.

”Fire sphere! ”

”Sphere of my burning love! ”

”Eh? ”

Their spheres of fire destroyed the heads of the other two Orcs, killing more than 35 Orcs.

”What was that about ”burning love ”? Wouldn ”flames of hell ” be cooler? Personally, I think it would give you more style, Drin. If Im being honest, Im very jealous of you. You
e scary with just your presence, but even the Orcs were confused to see you act like a girl in love. Aren you worried about ruining your image? ”

”D-does my me in love bother you? ”

”Well… S-sincerely, I-I like it a lot. I don know… I-It makes me feel weird, you know, the typical butterflies in the stomach. Personally, I really like your loving self, its very adorable and cute, but your rude self is also great… Well, personally, I like your loving self better, but I think it would be better to show your sadistic side in battles. You know, so that the fear would freeze them and that would give us the advantage. Besides, considering we may have the heroes and the Demon Queen Desmolfer as enemies, we must have a certain reputation. It would be bad if they knew us for being the shy hero and the adorable demon. Such a thing would not be scary and we would possibly be the mockery of our enemies. That they do not take us seriously would give us the advantage, but it would also be detrimental, as our names would not command any respect. And when we become adventurers, that reputation will allow us to gain new allies, increasing our chances of victory. ”

”Yeah, I totally agree, darling! Im sorry, I couldn help saying those things, those words came out of my mouth without thinking. I promise to be as sadistic as ever! ”

She crushed an Orcs head with her foot, while a big smile was on her face. Blood splattered on her face and Kei wiped it off with a handkerchief.

”Thank you for your help, Drin. My situation requires a lot of support. Ah, I hope our future isn so… bad. ”

Drin stroked Keis hand.

”Don worry, darling, together we will defeat that Goddess. I give you my word! ”

”Thank you, Drin … Yes, I also think we can defeat her…! Well, Im 52% sure, but its over 50%! Come on, its almost time to conquer this dungeon. ”

”Lets go! ”

Kei and Drin reached the 40th floor and it only took them 16 hours. A short period of time compared to the average.

”I don want to be late again. Lets get this over with quickly. ”

The demonic Cyclops, the dungeon boss, is standing in front of them, shouting furiously. Without exaggeration, its presence is more than enough to destroy an entire city in less than an hour. A monster classified as an S-class danger, but it doesn seem so, considering Drin and Kei are calm, and even flirting in front of it.

A black armor surrounds it body. Its only eye is huge and black. It skin is white and hard. It measures more than 10 feet. It uses a huge black and very sharp sword, which would cut without much difficulty the skin of an Orc Queen.

”Wow, wow. Drin, you look great with blood on your face and that pose. If I didn know you, you would scare me. ”

”You look even cooler, darling! You look like a real killer. ”

”Well, I don feel so proud, but Ive killed more people than I can remember. They were bad people, so I don feel so guilty. By the way, would you like to have something specific for dinner? We must celebrate our conquest of this dungeon. You can ask me anything, I am a professional cook. ”

”Whatever it is would be fine with me as long as its made by you, darling! ”

They are flirting in front of the monster, filling it more with fury. That monster attacks its victims when it senses their fear, because it feeds on peoples fear, so it tries to scare them, but since Drin and Kei show no sign of fear, it got tired of trying to scare them and took action.

It tried to attack them with its sword, and Drin and Kei simply jumped and dodged the attack without much difficulty.

”His skin is very expensive. The adventurers guild will give us a lot of money for him. ”

”I think he is a ”she ”. Even male monsters are weak in this world. Do you need money, Drin? I can lend you. ”

The Cyclops tries to attack them once again with its sword, but Drin stops the sword with her right hand, without averting her gaze, which is staring at Kei. That frightened the monster, as Drin stopped its sword without much difficulty.

”I just need to get money to rent a house, I can use the previous one I had anymore. Don worry, with the magic stones I got, I will be able to rent one. ”

”Wow, wow. I see… And why don you live with me? My house is huge. ”

The Cyclops drops its sword and tries to attack them using its fists.

”Can I live with you, darling ?! ”

They both stop the cyclopss fists with their hands. Despite possessing incredible physical strength, it was unable to move them from their place.

”Sure… You can change shape, can you? I remember you mentioning that you had that skill. ”

”Yes. Why? ”

”Please wait… ”

An ice sword appears in his left hand. He jumps and throws his sword towards the eye of the Cyclops.

The sword pierces the eye of the Cyclops and ice begins to surround its body quickly, not giving it enough time to complain about the pain.

In less than 5 seconds, it froze completely.

”Ready. ”

Kei lands and sighs, as he savors the blood in his right hand.

”That was disappointing. Ni siquiera nos esforzamos. Eso fue decepcionante… But okay… Drin, Im 12 years old, I can come home and tell my parents that you are my girlfriend and that you will live with me. My mother has an object that detects lies. If I introduce you as my girlfriend, she will want to know about you … I don want them to find out that you are a demon … It would be very dangerous and would ruin my plans, and possibly my mother would end up killing us both. I can detect lies with my magic power, that means heroes too, and possibly many more people, and that includes my sister. I have a theory that it is possible to cheat that skill, but well prove it later. In the meantime, well act natural and Ill keep pretending to be a 12-year-old boy. ”

”Yes, yes… I understand. ”

”I want you to transform into a little cat. During the day, you will accompany me in your cat form, and at night, you will sleep with me in your human form. My parents and the servants cannot enter my room without permission, so they will not discover you… Well, my mother doesn respect that rule, but I trust my golems will warn us when she gets close. ”

”Yes… Of course, darling! Itll be easy! ”

”Well, lets get this over with. ”

Kei hits the ice with a small blow and the Cyclops falls to the ground in pieces. And so ended the life of an S-class monster, wiped out by two people who didn take it seriously.

”Okay… Boss Defeated. Game over, bro. Ganamos, pero es una victoria para nada genial. ”

”But the boss was very weak… Is it really a class A dungeon? ”

”Thats what they say… The enemies were more powerful than an Orc, but to us, they were weak … I think we are too powerful … I guess thats good and bad. ”

”Bad? ”

”Yes. You are just as powerful as me … And you told me that you are one of the weakest demons … If you are considered a weak demon, I don want to imagine the most powerful demons … It will be difficult to defeat them. ”

”We have a lot of time to train, darling. We will become more powerful. ”

”Yes, thats true… Well, lets pick up the bag. I hope it is here. ”

”Look at that, darling, something came out of the wreckage! ”

A bright object came out of the wreckage and is floating, filling Kei with joy.

”We did it!!! ”

Kei walked over to the object and realized it was a black ring, not a bag.

”Oh, a magic ring! ”

He took it and put it on his right index finger. Immediately, messages began to appear in his mind.

[Verifying identity.]

[Confirming identity.]

[Name ”Kei Molfer ” registered.]

[New owner: ”Kei Molfer. ”]

[Registration finished.]

[Storage Capacity: Unlimited.]

[Non-living objects allowed only.]

”Wow, wow, wow! It has unlimited capacity! That will be quite useful! Open Magic Storage! ”

A black portal appeared in front of Kei.

”Wow, its like I keep the objects in another dimension! Should I think about what object I want to take out when I want to take it out? ”

”Great, darling! Only Desmolfer has that skill in hell! ”

”Mmm… Curiosity is too much! ”

Kei stuck his head inside the [Magic Storage] and after a few seconds pulled it out.

”Hows the inside, darling? ”

”I can see anything, its completely black and with nothing at all. Mmm… I know. Drin, help me save the Cyclops. ”

”Yes, darling! ”

Drin and Kei kept the remains of the Cyclops inside the [Magic Storage].

”Fine. Lets see if anythings changed. ”

Kei put his head back in and pulled it out in seconds.

”Nothing, everythings still black. ”

”Mmm… Try saying something like, ”I want to see my saved objects. ” No, you better just think about it. ”

”I will try. ”

Kei stuck his head in and thought about it, and as he did so, a list appeared in front of him, a list on which was written the items kept.

”Frozen remains of a Cyclops, huh? ”

He pulled out his head.

”Thanks, Drin, it worked! Now, well, its time for the next test. Ill think I want to get the Cyclops head out. ”

Kei thought: ”I want to get the Cyclops head out. ” The [Magic Storage] expelled the Cyclops head.

”It works! ”

”Mmm… But, darling, can you take things out with your hands? It will be inconvenient to have to catch the objects. It would be better to pull the objects out with the hands. ”

e right, Drin. In a battle, we cannot afford to lose our enemy in sight. ”

The [Magic Storage] was closed.

”Well, I can close it with my mind… Now, the next test. ”

The [Magical Storage] appeared next to Kei and stuck his hand inside the [Magic Storage].

”I feel something! ”

He took out with his hand the frozen hand of the Cyclops.

”Great! I think Im already understanding how it works. Here, Drin, you must try! ”

Kei tried to take the ring off.

”Eh? The ring does not come out. ”

”I think only you can use it, darling. ”

”Only me? ”

[Cannot be used by other people.]

”Oh… Ahhhhhhhh!!! If the heroes find out about this, theyll take my finger off to remove my ring! Well, I can use my healing magic to regenerate it… Mmm… What do you think about the situation, Drin? ”

”They may try to force you to travel with them and force you to be their personal luggage carrier if only you can use the [Magic Storage]. They would treat you like a mere servant. ”

”I agree… Ah, no quiero ser un simple sirviente… Mmm… Lets see if they can take it away from me first. ”

Kei created an ice knife.

”Okay… Ah, odio esta parte. ”

He literally cut his finger off.

”Darling?! ”

”Don worry, Drin, Im used to pain. More importantly, look, the ring floats like it still has my finger. ”

Kei began to move his hand and the ring moved as if his finger was still there. He tried to take it off and couldn .

”Wow, wow. This thing will be with me until I die… Mmm… My mother is very proud of the family name, she will not allow the heroes to use me as a mere servant. I don think I should worry about that. Lets go back, we have to go get those heads. ”

”Lets go, darling! ”

And so, new problems were approaching.

”Ah, I hope they don force me to use my [Magic Storage]. ”

Kei entered his house. Drin, in her cat form, is in his head.

Drin transformed into a fluffy little white cat.

Kei has his black ring on his right index finger, as he already regenerated his finger with his healing magic.

”I am sleepy… Mother, I have a surprise for you !! ”

A young maid approaches him.

”How did your adventure go, Master Kei? ”

”Pretty good, Nirk, I managed to clear the dungeon. ”

”Congratulations, Master Kei! Your mother is in the dining room, she was waiting for you. ”

”Thank you. ”

Kei heads to the dining room and Drin yawns.

”I think Im sleepy too. ”- Drin said in a low voice.

”Sleep in my head, don worry. ”

”You smell good, darling … Your hair is soft … And cute … very … cute … ”

Drin falls asleep and Kei caresses her.

”Rest, Drin, you deserve it. ”

He walks into the dining room and watches his mother eating. His father is next to her, cleaning a sword.

”Mother, I did it … Although the dungeon disappointed me … I think they were wrong when they classified it as a class A dungeon. ”

”12 years… Despite being a child, you did it… Im proud of you, son. ”

”Aren you hurt, Kei? ”

”No, father, Im fine … By the way, mother, do you remember the criminal group called: ”Kill adventurers ”? By the way, what a stupid name. ”

He extends his right hand and, out of nowhere, a black portal appears, dropping 8 human heads to the ground.

These are heads of adult women.

”They were hiding in the dungeon. They tried to attack me and I defeated them. ”

”Is that the famous [Magic Storage]? ”- Said his mother.

She was surprised that her son managed to get that object, but his father was more surprised that Kei was able to defeat them.

”K-Kei, I knew you were strong, but this is amazing! They have killed over 20 A-class adventurers! Their leader could have been an S-class adventurer! ”

His father is too surprised, but his mother is smiling proudly and gets up from the table.

”Well done, Kei … ”

She strokes Keis cheek, startling Kei, as he is not used to his mother treating him so kindly.

”You will be a great adventurer … But you must hide your power. ”

”Hide my power? ”

”Yes… Listen, the demons have appeared. Rumor has it that they are killing the most powerful adventurers … You need to be very careful. If they discover your power, they will kill you. ”

”Yes… I understand… Hide my power … Okay, I will try it… By the way… ”

Kei smiles and shows off his ring to his mother.

”It wasn the heroes or you, it was me! Mother, I got it! I have checked its information and its storage capacity is unlimited. I won! Although I hope the heroes don get so angry. ”

”Tsk. So many attempts and we didn get it ourselves. Well, at least Im glad to hear that a family member got it first. A unique magical object… Can I borrow it, son? ”

”Im sorry, I tried to take it off, but I can . ”

Kei explained the situation to his parents and the fear he had of becoming a human luggage rack, but his fathers words reassured him.

”You got it, so youll decide how to use it. Don worry, son, we won let the heroes try to take advantage of you. ”

”Your fathers right, you got it, not them. You decide what to do. ”

”Thanks! ”

Thats the advantage of being born into the Molfer family. The Molfer family live as they want and are not willing to obey orders they do not want to obey. Living free is their only priority, which is why they are the only noble family that does not accept to kneel before a Queen, unless that Queen has proven to be worthy of their respect.

”Well, Im retiring, Im going to sleep. ”

”Wow, wow. And that cat? It is very small. ”

”Her name is… Nia. She is my new pet. ”

”I see… She is very cute. ”

”Well, Ill go to my room. ”

Kei leaves the dining room and Sei sighs.

”And to think that Kei was the one who got that object. Darling, Im sad. Hug me. ”

”So many years of marriage and Im still surprised at your double personality, honey. ”

He hugged Sei Molfer and kissed her on the lips.

”Honey, we can hide him anymore. Our country needs his power. ”- Keis father said.

”I know… But hes a kid… He is strong, but does not have much experience … He must train more. ”

”Yes, I know… By the way, will you accept the queens invitation? ”

”I think so… I want to talk to the queen about demons … Besides, the hero Charlotte will be at the party … This is a good opportunity to get information about demons. ”

After showering and changing, Kei tried to fly to school, but Mei caught him and forced him to go by carriage.

”How boring. ”

In the carriage, Kei is yawning and Mei is hugging his right arm.

If they weren siblings, anyone would think they were boyfriend and girlfriend.

By the way, Drin stayed at home, sleeping, dreaming that Kei fights a monster, protecting her with his life.

”I want you to tell me everything! How did you defeat the Cyclops ?! ”

”I already told you. ”

”One more time, please! ”

Mei pouts.

Shes using Keis weakness. He can turn down adorable girls. He feels like a monster if he doesn obey them.

”H-how adorable … Okay, Ill tell you … ”

Kei gets a bad feeling and closes his eyes.

”Please wait… 5… No… 8 bandits… Mia, stop. ”

The carriage stops and Kei steps out of the carriage.

They are on a road that runs through a green valley.

”Lets see… ”

He turns to his left and improves his vision with magic.

”A carriage … That flag … That white star in the carriage … The royal carriage?! ”

Kei used magic in his eyes to improve his eyesight.

He can use magic to improve his body without a problem, that is why he is stronger than a Cyclops. The more magical power he uses, the more his body improves.

”Mei, stay here! ”

Kei uses magic on his legs and starts running at incredible speed.

”Fire sword. Ice sword. ”

A sword of fire appears in his right hand, and an ice sword appears in his left hand.

”Did the royal guards betray the country? They are so stupid… Are they really superior? ”

Meanwhile, a group of bandits and 5 women in armor are tying up 3 10-year-old girls. Three very important girls.

”My mother will kill all of you! Traitors! ”

”They will cut off the breasts of all of you! ”

”I hate you! ”

A girl with long black hair, green eyes, and glasses.

A girl with pig ears and tail, blue eyes, and short pink hair. Despite having pig characteristics, she is slim.

And finally, a girl with 8 tentacles instead of legs, has completely black eyes and her hair is red and long.

”Silence, you brats! ”

One of the bandits tries to hit them with her fist, but Kei lands in front of them and cuts off the bandits hand.

Her hand fell when she touched Keis face.

He used his wings to get there faster.

”Wow, wow… What do we have here? ”

As the bandit screams in pain, Kei watches the bandits and women in armor. The bandits growled furiously, but the armored women began to tremble in fear, as they recognized Kei, the son of Sei Molfer.

”A group of bandits … And a group of guards who betray their country … Wow, wow. Then who will die first? Ah, the woman who lost her hand has died. Well, who will be the second to die? ”

”Attack !! ”

One of the bandits tries to attack him using a sword, but Kei jumps up, uses his ice sword as a shield and protects himself from the attack.

He uses his fire sword to cut off the bandits head.

”There are 11 left … ”

Bandits and guards try to attack him.

Kei smiles and starts spinning quickly.

”Swirl! ”

As they got too close to him, Kei tore them in half, except for one, who tries to escape.

”One more… ”

He extends his right hand and begins to gather magical power in his hand.

”Fire magic: Sphere of fire. ”

A small sphere of fire, the size of a cockroach, comes out of his hand at great speed.

It goes through the bandits head and the sphere comes out of her forehead.

She now has a small hole in her forehead.

”W-What…? ”

Fire begins to surround her and she falls to the ground, dead. ”

”Well, that was easy. ”- He said smiling, making him look great in the eyes of the three little girls.

The 3 girls look at Kei with bright eyes and blushes.

Kei defeated a group of powerful people in seconds, saved them and did it without much effort. It wasn hard for him to get them to see him as a hero, although he didn try to make them see him as a hero.

”Our heroe. ”- They all said at the same time.

”Its all over now, don worry. ”

Kei releases them and stretches.

”It was a good exercise. Well, Ive done my good deed for the day, Im out of here. ”

”E-excuse me… ”- Said the girl with tentacles.

”Yes? ”

”T-thank you very much for saving us! ”

”Ill tell my mother about you! ”- Said the girl with glasses.

”You will be rewarded for saving us! ”- Said the pig girl.

”Don worry, I don want a reward … By the way, thats the carriage the royal family uses, isn it? Do you belong to the royal family? ”

”D-don you know us? ”- Said the girl with glasses.

”No. ”

Kei always stayed away from the nobles. He thinks they are annoying, conceited and arrogant women. He preferred not to know them. And for being a man, girls would try to tease and take advantage of him. He wanted to avoid those taunts.

”I-Im the second princess. M-my name is ”Greyni ”. And they are my cousins. ”

”M-my name is ” Freiya. ”- Said the pig girl.

”M-my name is ” Neil. ”- Said the girl with tentacles.

”Ah… ”

Kei is silent for a few seconds.

He is in shock, because his mother told him to be educated with the royal family of this country.

”T-the princess? ”

He kneels immediately.

”Sorry for being disrespectful! It is an honor to meet you! ”

His mother taught him to respect the royal family. She told him: ”The royal family is very powerful. The queen could easily defeat me. ”

The royal family is a family of powerful warriors. If Kei wants to improve as a warrior, he must enlist the help of the royal family.

”T-theres no need to. P-please stand up. ”

”Y-Yes… ”

Kei stands up and smiles at them.

”Im sorry, I was very excited … My name is Kei Molfer. It is an honor to meet three beautiful girls. ”

The three of them get completely red and nervous, although Kei didn use his skill on them, he smiled at them just to get them to trust him.

”B-beautiful ?! ”- They all said at the same time.

”I would like to talk to you more, but I have to go. Our maid will take you home. Now, Im out of here. ”

”Kei!! Are you okay, Kei? !! ”- Mei yelled.

Keis carriage heads towards them and Kei begins to float.

”Mei, Ill see you at school! Help the princess! ”

”Don you dare leave me alone again !! ”

”What do you want me to leave you alone again?!! All right, Ill do it!! ”

”Brother, you are an insensitive idiot!! ”

Kei flies away at great speed.

”H-hes great… I-I think I fell in love. ”- Neil said.

”I saw him first! ”- Freiya said.

”I am the princess, I will stay with him! ”- Greyni said.

Kei didn use his ”Seduce Women ” skill.

By the way, they argued for hours after that.

(Pov- Kei.)

Ahhhhhhhh!!! Why did I regret it?! According to my research, the second princess is still very weak. I think it would be best to get wives who are older than me. Im only 5 years old, I don have much time to train.

Ah, I really hope everything goes well.

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