civil servant but also did some petty after work jobs such as supplying packaged paper for drug stores where we live, people used to use a white paper designed to store drugs back then.She did everything possible to give us a comfortable life even though I didn realize until several years later when I began to see my Dad and realized my Mum was the breadwinner of my family.

Dad never had a stable job,he refused to accept a government job and he insisted he wanted to be self employed even when he didn have the capital.It was my Mum that kept applying for loan at work for him to be able to start a business and be able to contribute as the head of the house but he always end up wrecking the business leaving her to pay all the debt.Mum hid it from us because she wanted us to be able to look up to him as the provider even though she was the one that always give him money to go pay our school fees,buy books and stationeries.Mum was the one feeding us from the little she was earning while I was busy enjoying myself thinking Im from a rich family because we never lacked anything.

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