Growing up,I used to think my family was rich because I had everything as a young child.I went to the best school,had beautiful dresses, accessories,a roof over my head and good food even though Ive always preferred junk food.I have a sweet tooth and there was money to always buy and satisfy my neverending craving and its no surprise I was chubby.

My name is Idowu,the last of four child and i celebrated my 25th birthday three weeks ago.Mum married quite late,her first child was a son and she had him after years of trying to conceive.She named him ”Mosinmiloluwa ” which mean ”I rely totally on God ”.She became pregnant afterwards and had twin girls and they were automatically named ”Taiwo and Kehinde ” a name designed for twins where I come from.She became pregnant afterwards but she had a still birth and even after several years,she still carried the pain of losing him in her heart.

And she finally had me and that was why I was named Idowu(a child after a twin).She would have gone further to have more children but she was told by the doctors not to for her safety.Did I tell you I stayed for over eleven months instead of the normal nine months? Ive always been different,totally different from the others.

Mum was always there for me that I didn really notice my Dad,all I knew was that a man always carry and throw me up in the air and catch me each time he returns home.I loved it back then and I always look forward to it everyday and Ill go my own way after the ritual.I was as free as the wind,nonchalant,energetic and I was greatly loved,my chubbiness made me stand out because it was a beautiful sight.

We lived in a two room apartment alongside several other tenants and at that time,we were doing better than the rest financially.While others attended public schools,we attended private schools and could afford extra classes.We had different electronic appliances and there was always food in our house,we weren always taking Cassava flaked known as Garri like the other kids and till date,I don like Garri because I wasn used to.We didn have everything but we were comfortable and we had the love of our Mum.

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