Growing up,I used to think my family was rich because I had everything as a young child.I went to the best school,had beautiful dresses, accessories,a roof over my head and good food even though Ive always preferred junk food.I have a sweet tooth and there was money to always buy and satisfy my neverending craving and its no surprise I was chubby.

My name is Idowu,the last of four child and i celebrated my 25th birthday three weeks ago.Mum married quite late,her first child was a son and she had him after years of trying to conceive.She named him ”Mosinmiloluwa ” which mean ”I rely totally on God ”.She became pregnant afterwards and had twin girls and they were automatically named ”Taiwo and Kehinde ” a name designed for twins where I come from.She became pregnant afterwards but she had a still birth and even after several years,she still carried the pain of losing him in her heart.

And she finally had me and that was why I was named Idowu(a child after a twin).She would have gone further to have more children but she was told by the doctors not to for h

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