“Are you sure thats the place?” Archie asked as he looked at Tarkov after he told Archie about their base.

“Of course, why would I lie to you? But dont blame me if you regret it because I dont want to get involved in whatever youre going to deal with,” Tarkov answered as he passed the drunk guy to the guard.

“I see, can I just get inside and see whoever the leader is?” Archie asked.

“You wish, the whole place is guarded by these guys, you will be lucky if you can set your foot in there without an invitation or permission,” Tarkov said as he smoke his cigar. “If you want to go there, just make sure that you dont bring my name into this. Youre on your own,” he continued as he looked at Archie.

“Dont worry, I wont say a word,” Archie answered as he looked at the guy on the floor.

Ivan took a peek and slowly walked back. “Uh, sorry about that,” he said as he looked at Archie.

“I see so it was you who kicked that guy, huh?” Tarkov asked as he stared at Ivan with a straight face. “Look what you did, now your friend is in big trouble now because of you,” he said as he smacked Ivan on the head.

Ivan looked down and he was shocked because he thought the guy who was on the floor was the same guy he kicked. He looked at the tattoo on the guys neck and his eyes were wide open in disbelief.

“Oh, shit…” Ivan said as he scratched the back of his head.

“Yeah, now youre responsible for your friends life because if I see him dead in the middle of the road tomorrow, youre the one to blame,” Tarkov said as he shook his head.

“But this is good though, we have someone that can protect us, no? I dont think Archie could make Gartner knocked out like this,” Ivan said as he tried to shake the guys body.

“Protect us? Dont be stupid, Ivan. Do you think he can fight them all? Once Archie is dead, whos next do you think they will look for? You, and then youre going to die as well,” Tarkov replied as he looked down at Ivan.

“Youre going to fight them, right, Archie?” Ivan asked as he stood up.

“Thats the plan, yes,” Archie answered.

“Alright then, I will take responsibility for your life because I will show you where they at,” Ivan said as he drank his drink on the counter. “Tarkov, lets make a bet, I will bet 100,000 Nomac that Archie will kick their ass,” Ivan said as he looked at Tarkov.

“Sure, youre going to die anyway,” Tarkov said as he smoked his cigar with a smirk on his face.

“Alright, I take your words, Tarkov,” Ivan said as he rubbed his hands together with excitement. “Lets go, Archie, I will give you half the money if we won,” he said as he walked to the exit.

Archie went to the location that Tarkov gave him with Ivan, and he ended up in the middle of the city where people walked around more frequently. He looked around and there were so many Axis Humans with tattoos on their bodies on the street, and he knew immediately he was in the right place.

“Well, we are here and that building at the end of the road is where you want to go,” Ivan said with his hands in his pockets. “I cant come with you since I dont want to put myself in trouble,” he continued as he leaned on the wall and looked at those Axis Humans on the sidewalk.

“Its fine, I can handle this on my own,” Archie said but then a sword was pointed at Ivan from behind the corner.

“Whats this am I hearing?” A womans voice could be heard from behind the corner and then she sword herself with her red ponytail hair and red eyes. “I knew it, it was you, Ivan,” she said as she kept pointing her sword at him.

“Oh, hi, Nova…” Ivan said with his hands in the air and looked at the sword under his chin.

“So? What are you doing here? Are you plotting something?” Nova asked as she lifted her sword and made Ivan lift his chin.

“Nothing!” Ivan immediately answered as he looked at her.

“Hmm? Whos this guy? I have never seen him around the city,” Nova asked as she put her sword down and looked at Archie. “You look strong, why are you playing with this scumbag?” She asked as she sheathed her sword.

Archie ignored her and looked at Ivan as he pointed at Nova. “Is she one of them?” He asked. Nova raised her eyebrows and looked at both of them.

“No, shes not part of them, shes working solely for the government. Shes like an untamed beast because shes the reason why those guys only dare to show face to people like me,” Ivan explained as he looked at Nova. “Shes the one who prevented anyone or anything to harm the city,” he continued.

“Hmm? Are you guys talking about those scumbags?” Nova asked as she nodded up at the Axis Humans on the side of the road.

“But those scumbags used to be your subordinates though, doesnt that means youre also one?” Ivan said as he stayed away from Nova.

“Say that one more time or I will cut your tongue, Ivan,” Nova stared at Ivan with a serious expression, Ivan immediately hid behind Archies back. “Anyway, whos this guy? You havent answered my question,” Nova asked.

“His name is Archie, he works for me,” Ivan answered.

“He works for you? Like what? Gathering feces?” Nova asked back.

“No, hes taking care of the parasites for me,” Ivan answered. “Hes the best guy so far and I dont think anyone could do it any better than him,” he continued as he patted Archies shoulder.

“Really? What a coincidence, I need someone to take care of my farm since they have been multiplying like crazy,” Nova said as she stared at her nails.

“Im sorry, but I have a more important matter to do,” Archie said as he turned around and was about to take a step forward.

“I think you dont realize that youre talking with peacekeeper, so Im afraid I can let you go there to do any harm,” Nova said as she unsheathed her sword. “Take a step forward and this sword will cut your head off,” she said as she pointed her sword at Archie.

Archie ignored her and took a step forward then he could feel Novas movement. She was being serious and when she was about to cut Archie from behind, Archie turned around and grabbed the sword with his hand.

Both Ivan and Nova were shocked when they saw Archie could stop the sword and not mention with only his bare hand glove he wore. Archie stared at Nova who tried to push her sword down but then Archie clenched his fist and the sword shattered into pieces.

“Impossible, its impossible…” Nova mumbled as she stared at her sword handle.

Nova glared at Archie and started throwing punches at him but Archie dodged them like it was nothing. Archie looked at how skilled she was in close combat and compares to Ruby or Vincent, she was on another different level.

Archie had enough of her act and immediately grabbed her leg when she tried to kick him. He pulled the leg at him and then used his left hand to choke on her, he slammed her to the ground as he stared down at her.

“Enough, I dont have time to play around so stop resisting and just go to sleep,” Archie said as he slowly tightened his grip.

“Uhh, Archie, its better for you to let her go or you will be in real trouble compared to those guys over there,” Ivan said as he patted on Archies back.

Knowing that Ivan didnt bother when Archie wanted to deal with those guys, it seemed that Ivan meant it when he said something like that. He then decided to loosen his grip and removed his hand from Novas neck as he stood up.

“Who are you, how could you be so strong?” Nova asked as she coughed and rubbed her neck.

Archie ignored her again and decided to walk away.

“Wait! If you go there, you will only make things worse for the people,” Nova said as she stood up. “I believe you can deal with all of them and think it isnt a big deal, but it does for the people here because they need them,” she continued as she stared at Archie.

“Whats she saying?” Archie asked as he looked at Ivan.

“Even though theyre a bunch of pricks, they made the people get all the access in exchange for paying them money. To put simply, they made the peoples lives easier,” Ivan explained.

“If you have a personal business with them, I can help you,” Nova said as she cleared her throat. “But you have to follow my rules,” she continued.

Ivan leaned his head toward Archie. “She can help you go back to the Western Nation, so I suggest you agree with her,” Ivan whispered.

Archie looked at Ivan and then looked at Nova. “Alright, Ill play along,”

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