After a whole three weeks journey from the north back to the city, they had finally reached the north wall of the city. They were looking at the wall and they were thinking that the wall hadnt changed at all ever since they left. Fanheim looked up and saw the same soldiers who were guarding on top of the walls, and when they saw the nomad from the walls, they rang the bell and opened the gate for them.

All the Axis humans around the north gate immediately approached them and welcomed them. It was something that they hadnt done in a long time, welcoming people back to the city. Fanheim was surrounded by them and they were so happy to have him back in the city.

While they were welcoming the nomad, a group of people walked toward the north gate, Archie saw Marshall Marlon with Prince and Ress walking toward them. Fanheims smile disappeared the moment he saw Marlon and immediately put his serious expression.

Marlon rested his hands on his waist as he looked at Fanheim. “How long has it been? four years now?” he asked.

“Yes, its been that long,” Fanheim replied as he nodded in agreement.

“Come on, we have so many things to discuss,” Marlon said and then he looked at Prince and Resse. “I heard everything from them about what happened in the north, and I believe that we really need to evacuate and leave the continent as soon as possible,” he continued.

Fanheim, Ruby, and Vincent followed Marlon to the headquarters leaving the rest behind under the soldiers care. Archie decide to go back to his house and rest for a bit because he barely had time to sleep since he had been taking care of the parasites all the way back to the city without them noticing.

On his way back he heard footsteps that had been following him ever since he entered the city. Archie turned around and saw Newman was looking around the city and he kept staring at him until Newman noticed.

“What? This area used to be my home!” Newman said.

Archie just raised his eyebrows and ignored him then continued walking back to his house.

Even after Newman said that he kept following Archie but he was telling the truth because everyone who lived there was greeting him.

“Archie, youre back?” Marie said as she approached Archie, she then looked at him and patted his shoulder while she kept talking about her worries.

“Marie? Youre still alive?” Newman asked.

Marie looked at Newman and she immediately crossed her arms and furrowed her eyebrows. “Newman? You old bastard, what are you doing here?” she replied.

Archie was surprised when Marie suddenly went hostile toward Newman but by the look of it, they both seemed to be close friends or something.

“You abandoned us and now you came back here as if nothing happened? You have some balls to get back to this area,” Marie said as she walked toward him and started to smack him on the head a few times.

“Hey! You crazy old hag! Stop it!” Newman said as he protected his head with his hands.

“Im going to make you regret coming back here!” Marie yelled at him as she kept smacking his head.

Archie decided to leave them and went to his house and rest for the day.

The morning came and the sound of the roosters woke him up, he got up and washed his face, and left the house. Marie was enjoying the morning sun and then she looked at Archie. “Good morning, you slept like a log yesterday,” she said.

Archie raised his eyebrows. “Really? Did you need me yesterday?” he asked.

“No, I was offering you dinner but you didnt respond so I thought you were sleeping,” Marie replied.

“Oh, I see, yeah, Im kind of exhausted from the journey,” Archie replied. “By the way, Marie, are you and Newman close friends? I saw that you both were yelling at each other yesterday,” he said.

“Hah, that grumpy old man? Hes just someone that I used to work with,” Marie replied.

“You work with him? Wasnt he used to be a blacksmith?” Archie asked.

“Oh, you know him? Thats right, I used to work with him making weapons. We used to be working all day all night back then until he decided to leave and left us behind. Hes a selfish old man that doesnt care about the people that are depending on his skill,” Marie answered.

“Wait, I didnt know that youre a blacksmith, Marie. Are you still making weapons?” Archie asked.

“No, Im not working anymore and enjoying my days now. Its not because I cant handle the heat anymore, its just that I dont have the passion anymore after Newman left me because we used to be the best blacksmith in the Eastern Nation,” Marie said as she sat down and looked at the blue sky. “Speaking of that old man, he said that he wants you to visit his house,” Marie said.

“Me? Why?” Archie asked as he tilted his head.

“He said that you have something that hes interested in,” Marie answered. “Now that I think about it, what kind of item do you have that makes him interested in you? Can I see it?” Marie asked.

“Oh, hold on, I will grab it, its in the house,” Archie said and went back to his house to grab the fragment. He came back and showed her the fragment in his hand. “Here, you might be interested in this as well after you see it for yourself,” Archie said as he handed over the fragment.

“This is?!” Maries eyes were wide open as she stared at the fragment.

“Yes, thats the fragment that I took from the meteorite,” Archie answered.

“Where did you get this?! This worth more than anything!” Marie was still shocked by the fragment.

“We found it in the abandoned laboratory on the west from here, theres still a boulder of this hidden in the laboratory. Im planning to make a sword from this but when I met Newman he declined and didnt want to help me,” Archie explained.

“What?! That stupid old man!” Marie said as she looked at Archie. “Come with me! I will smack his head until he changes his mind,” Marie said as she grabbed Archies arm and dragged him to the alleyway.

Marie brought him all the way to the other side of the city and stood in front of a really big house. Marie banged on the door so loud that Archie felt a bit uncomfortable standing next to her while everyone was looking at them.

“Who is it?! Stop banging on the door!” Newmans voice could be heard from behind the door.

The moment Newman opened the door, Marie smacked him with the fragment in her hand. “That hurts!” Newman screamed. “What the hell is wrong with you?! You came to my house, banged on the door, and hit me with that stone!” Newman said as he rubbed his head.

“I should be the one asking you! Whats wrong with you by not helping him make a weapon from this!” Marie yelled back at him and showed the fragment in her hand.

Newman looked at the fragment and grabbed it from her hand. “I will take this from your hand! Do you even know how sturdy this thing is?!” Newman yelled at Marie.

Newman looked at the fragment and flipped it around. “I said that I didnt want to help you make a weapon back then, but now that Im back here, I change my mind. Thats why Im asking this old hag to tell you to come here, but I never thought she would come here with you,” he said.

“So youre willing to help me now? But you said that its not enough to make a sword with just that much fragment, should I bring you more so you can make a sword for me?” Archie asked.

“Thats right, this much isnt enough to make a sword but its better for me to go there with you and see it for myself because I want to see how big the meteorite is,” Newman said.

Archie raised his eyebrows and pointed his thumb behind his back. “You want to go now?” he asked.

“Of course! I have prepared my gears over here, look!” Newman said as he pointed at the big backpack on the ground with so many tools inside it.

“I see, well then, lets get going because its better to go there now since its still morning,” Archie said.

Newman nodded and grabbed the backpack, but before they both could leave the house, Marie grabbed Newmans shoulder. “Hey, Im going as well! I want to see the meteorite,” she said.

“What do you mean youre coming with us? Youre getting old, youre just going to bother us!” Newman said.

“Hah?! What did you just say?!” Marie said as she pinched Newmans ear. “I have been working with you for decades! I know you better than anyone that youre a messy person and if Im not there youre going to end up messing everything up!” Marie continued.

Archie raised his eyebrows and looked at Marie. “Does that mean youre going to help him make me a weapon?” he asked.

Marie smiled and nodded. “Of course! After seeing it for the first time, who doesnt get excited?”

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