“In the end, he didnt come back,” Ruby said as she stared at the ceiling.

“Are you seriously still thinking about him, Bub?” Julia asked while she laid down on the bed next to Ruby.

“Its been 3 days, Julia, I still cant believe what I saw that day and the moment I want to see him again to know the truth, he disappeared,” Ruby replied as she turned around to look at Julia. “Was that my fault that he left and wont come back?” Ruby frowned her forehead while she kept staring at Julia.

“You should think about whats currently in front of us, Bub. That parasite that he fought on his own was a Gen 6, and a Gen 6 is the first-ever been seen in the world or at least in the Eastern Nation. You should think about the task that Marshall Marlon assigned you to do, Bub, we have to quickly evacuate and leave this continent,” Julia said as she closed her eyes to try to get some sleep.

“I cant sleep like this,” Ruby sat up as she said that and looked at the night sky from the window.

“Bub, please, lets sleep and talk about when we wake up…” Julia replied weakly.

Ruby sighed as she rubbed her face and hair then slammed her body on the bed.

The morning came and Ruby was already on her way to the headquarter with Julia as Julia promised. Ruby planned on bringing Archie back to her division but she needed Marlons permission first before she could send her team outside the wall.

“Good morning, Marshall Marlon,” Ruby said as she saluted Marlon that came out of his office.

“Captain Ruby? Lieutenant Julia? Its rare to see you both here early in the morning. Is there a matter that you want to discuss with me?” Marlon asked as he closed the door behind him with a document in his hand.

“Sir, can I have your time just for a minute?” Ruby asked.

“Hmm…” Marlon looked at his watch. “Sure, get into the office.” Marlon continued as he opened the door behind him.

Marlon sat down and put the document on his desk. “So? What can I help you with, Captain Ruby?” Marlon asked as he crossed his hands together.

“Sir, may I ask for permission to go on a scouting mission outside the south wall?” Ruby replied immediately.

“South wall? I think we all agreed on this 2 days ago that the south wall is off the limit,” Marlon asked as he looked at Ruby with confusion.

“I know, Sir, but we cant just ignore it after knowing that there was a Gen 6 parasite out there. I need to make sure that we are safe before we can evacuate from this continent.” Ruby said as she tried to convince Marlon.

“I dont think I can do that, Captain Ruby. The danger and the risk are too high out there, I will not let anyone leave or enter the south wall.” Marlon replied as he shook his head.

Ruby closed her eyes as she looked down but then Julia raised her hand and looked at Marlon. “Sir, may I speak?” Julia asked.

“Go ahead,” Marlon replied as he leaned on his chair.

“I believe theres more danger out there in the south than we imagine and its not wrong if we put a precaution before we are going to block the south wall since we might know what kind of danger we are going to deal with,” Julia explained. “Thats why I would ask your permission so I can join the 102nd Division to go on a scouting mission. I will personally supervise the 102nd Division, Sir.” Julia continued with a serious expression.

Marlon looked at Julia for quite a while then he took a deep breath and leaned toward his desk. “Lieutenant Julia, I offered you a position as Major in the army but you declined and decided to stay in your current rank. Back then I accepted your reasoning and granted you your wish and that also means that youre just a Lieutenant, Lieutenant Julia.” Marlon said as he shook his head in disagreement.

Julia stood at ease and looked Marlon in the eyes. “Sir, we both defeated the Gen 6 parasite 3 days ago, and allow me to request a promotion, Sir. I would like to replace Major Bills position as the Major of the 102nd Division,” Julia said as she kept her eyes on Marlon.

Ruby was surprised and looked at Julia with disbelief while Marlon sat there and tapped his fingers on his desk thinking about it.

“Alright, youre promoted as the Major of the 102nd Division, Major Julia,” Marlon said as he grabbed the golden oak leaf insignia under his desk. “As for Captain Rubys request, I will grant you the permission but I will only allow you to go out there today until 10 P.M. then it will be off the limit for everyone without exception.” Marlon continued as he put the insignia on the desk.

“Thank you, Sir!” Julia said as she saluted Marlon.

Julia grabbed the badge and removed her captains badge on her collar then she put it on the desk.

“Is there something else you want? Major Julia, Captain Ruby?” Marlon asked.

“No, Sir!” Both of them replied at the same time.

“Alright, youre dismissed,” Marlon said as he nodded up at the door behind them.

Both of them left Marlons office and walked the hallway.

“Thank you, Julia…” Ruby looked at Julia who didnt seem happy with her promotion.

“You owe me one, and I will ask something in return and you have to accept it no matter what,” Julia replied as she walked next to Ruby and stared at the hallway.

“Yes, maam!” Ruby said as she nodded her head.

The sun was at its peak and the 102nd Division was gathered by Julia and Ruby. Everyone was surprised and happy at the same time when they saw and heard that Julia replaced Bills position as the Major of the 102nd Division.

“Alright, since everyone is here already, I will tell you why I asked this mission to Marshall Marlon,” Ruby said as she looked at Tommy and Daniel. “As you know that Archie disappeared 3 days ago and theres a high possibility that hes outside the south wall.” Ruby continued but the soldiers were looking at each other a bit anxious. “I know that you might think that its pointless, but theres a reason why I want to find him and bring him back. I want you all to trust me on this one and I promise you that I wont let anything harm you,” Ruby tried to convince her soldiers.

“You heard your Captain speaking so you have to understand that its really important to her and that also means that its important to all of us here since we are one. Do you guys understand?” Julia said as she looked at them.

“Yes, maam!” All of them replied and saluted Julia.

Ruby looked at Julia and Julia just smirked and shook her head slightly.

“Bub!” Vincent said as he walked toward Ruby from the distance.

Everyone looked at Vincent and then Ruby tilted her head and looked at him.

“What is it, Vince?” Ruby asked.

“I heard youre going to go on a scouting mission. Are you going to go outside the south wall along with your division?” Vincent asked as he looked at the others.

“Yes, it will be fine since Julia is here with us,” Ruby replied as she pointed her thumb at Julia.

“Oh, I heard about your promotion, Julia. Congratulation on the promotion,” Vincent said as he nodded his head to show respect to Julia.

Julia just waved her hand and brushed it off as if it was nothing.

“Is there something you want to say, Vince, since you came all the way here?” Ruby asked as she checked on her weapons.

“Yes,” Vincent replied and nodded his head. “We came to join you for the scouting mission,” Vincent continued.

Ruby looked at Vincent with her eyebrows furrowed. “We?”

Before Vincent could say anything his whole division appeared from the corner fully equipped. Ruby and the others were surprised when they all came to join since it wasnt easy for them to get permission from Marlon.

“You got your permission from Marshall Marlon?” Ruby asked.

“Well… I didnt…” Vincent nervously replied.

“What? You cant join us or you will be punished by Marshall Marlon!” Ruby raised her voice to warn him.

“Whats the problem with that? Let them join if thats what they want.” Julia said as she ate an apple in her hand. “Im a major now, and I can take responsibility for all of this. So even if I will get a punishment, I will ask for a demotion and I can go back to being a lieutenant.” Julia continued as she chewed the apple.

“But…” Ruby looked at Julia with concern.

“No buts! Is everyone ready? We should start moving now since we dont have much time left.” Julia jumped down from the table she was sitting on.

“Our mission is simple,” Julia checked the ammo in the magazine. “Find Archie Lancaster then we go back,” Julia put the magazine in her rifle. “If we dont find him after 9 P.M. we are going to back and stop the searching. Do you guys understand?” Julia continued as she put the assault rifle on her back.

“Yes, maam!” Everyone replied.

“Good! Lets move,” Julia said and nodded as she cocked her pistol.

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