HA\LF: Dead nor Alive

Chapter 143 Victor Maxim.

“Oh? Really? Isnt that interesting?” Eve asked with her eyebrow raised. “What kind of a guy he is?”

“Well, since this “operation” is his request, we will be seeing him much from now on. I know what youre thinking, but let us deal with him because both of you are really suspicious right now,” Ruby answered and drank her beer.

“What do you mean suspicious?” Archie asked with his eyebrows furrowed.

“Come on, Archie, you both went missing and suddenly came back as if nothing happened? You both have a very mysterious and suspicious background, dont you think Victor didnt do a background check on both of you?” Ruby answered as she smiled and shook her head.

“Bubby is right, its easier to get something from him when he knows with whom hes dealing with. If our suspicion is right that either hes someone like you or someone that worked for someone like you, I dont think its going to be a good idea to reveal yourself, no?” Vincent explained as he looked at both of them.

Archie looked at Eve with his eyebrows raised, he was asking if she agreed to their request. Eve sighed and nodded her head because she knew that she wasnt the one who was in danger if that happened but Archie who would take all the trouble.

“What are you going to do then?” Eve stared at Ruby.

“Since you both are back, theres no reason for us to be worried about getting killed by you. We both will tell Faye that we agree on doing this mission since it will be pointless,” Ruby answered as she swirled the bottle. “I also have an idea. Why dont you guys dont join us in the mission?” Ruby looked at them.

“Sure, it will be a boring and pointless mission after all, but why?” Eve asked back.

“Theres a place that I want you both to go and check,” Ruby answered as she grabbed something from her jacket. “I want you guys to go to this place while we are going on a mission,” Ruby have a photo and gave it to Archie.

Archie hummed with his eyebrows furrowed because he recognized the building in the photo. It was the same building where those tattooed Axis Humans gathered.

“I know this place,” Archie said and then looked at Ruby. “Why do you want us to go there?”

“We did some digging on this Victor guy, and we found out that place is one of his turfs. You might get something in there and I believe it will be useful for us,” Ruby said as she pointed at the photo. “Maybe you can find some top secret information and there might be a clue whether hes one of you or not,”

Eve grabbed the photo from Archies hand and she looked at it while humming with understanding.

“Should I destroy that whole building? It will be fun,” Eve said as she stared at the photo.

“Well, its up to you. I mean, you both can change your appearance and theres no way you both will get caught either,” Ruby replied as she rested her head on her fist.

Eve looked at Archie and raised her eyebrows, she was reminding him about the mission that Throne and Cherubim told them. Archie looked at Ruby and Vincent from the corner of his eyes for a moment, and then he nodded with understanding.

“By the way, why did you steal the serum? You havent told us about your story and where you guys went to,” Vincent asked as he looked at both of them and chugged the beer.

Archie told them about Eves condition when she consumed the dragons heart, and then he told them about his encounter with Hansel. They were surprised when they heard Archie lose control over his body and almost turned himself into a King-type parasite.

Eve told them about the reason why she stole the serum, and the struggle they both had gone through. Archie then told them that he killed another Adam and found something on the island, but he didnt tell them what they found because it was unnecessary for them, at least at that moment.

“I see, so there should be four of them left, right?” Ruby asked.

“Yeah, but Im not sure how strong they are so I need to prepare myself,” Archie said as he stared at his own hand. “This new ability is really weird and Im not sure if I want to use it,” Archie said as he turned his right hand into a gel and fell onto the table.

“That looks disgusting, seriously,” Ruby looked at Archies hand with disgust. “You said that he could control a parasite, dont you think its a nice ability since you can use it when youre too lazy to fight a parasite?”

“I know, but its more than just that,” Archie replied. “I think this ability can control anything that lives, like you or Vincent for example. I can take control over your body with this,” Archie explained as he turned his hand back to normal.

“Doesnt that mean you can take control over Eves body with that?” Vincent asked and looked at both of them.

Archie and Eve looked at each other for quite a while but then he shrugged. “Im not sure if I want to do that, I think its wrong to use it on someone that you know, especially her,” Archie answered.

Ruby looked at them back and forth then started to chuckle and shook her head.

“Oh, look at the time, I should talk about the mission with Faye,” Ruby said as she looked at her wristwatch. “Lets go, Vince,” Ruby tilted her head toward the stairs.

Vincent, Archie, and Eve stood up, Ruby looked at them with her eyebrows furrowed. “Youre coming as well?” Ruby asked.

“Faye told us earlier that we are going to discuss about the mission with you guys,” Archie answered.

“Right, lets go then,” Ruby nodded her head.

They all went back to the temporary headquarters and visited Fayes office.

“Hmm? Do you guys need anything?” Faye asked as she was tidying up her desk.

“Yes, we should talk about the mission,” Ruby said as she sat down on the sofa.

Faye looked at Archie and Eve while she sat down on her chair. “Okay, let me call Nova here,” Faye said as she grabbed the phone.

Nova came in and Archie noticed that she looked different than the usual, he didnt know exactly why.

“Oh, you guys are back, where have you guys been?” Nova asked.

“Honeymoon,” Eve answered without hesitation and both Faye and Nova as surprised when they heard it.

“You can sit down, Nova,” Faye said as she looked at her. “How are you feeling today?” Faye asked with a worried voice.

“Im fine,” Nova forced her smile and she sat down.

“What happened?” Archie asked.

“She encountered with the Ex-Human, and shes still traumatized because of it. It has been a month since then but shes still having nightmares about that incident,” Faye answered as she looked at her. “Anyway, what do you want to say about the mission, Ruby? Are you going to tell me that we shouldnt do it?”

Ruby shook her head. “No, its quite the opposite actually. I think we should do it,” Ruby answered.

“Oh? Whats with the sudden changes?” Faye asked with curiosity written all over her face.

“Do we really have a choice? If Mister Victor really wants us to go out there, I dont think we can say no to that,” Ruby answered. “Im also worried about this mission because the Ex-Human knows about the serum and it would be dangerous if she used it against us,” Ruby continued.

“Youre exactly right about it, and Victor also said the same thing to me when he came to visit. We have to do this whether we like it or not, and hope that we dont encounter her,” Faye sighed as she leaned on the chair.

“So, when are going to do the mission and hunt that Ex-Human?” Vincent asked.

“Its all depend on Victor, we will move when he gives an order. Looking at the current situation, maybe we are going to move in a few days from now,” Ruby answered and looked at the clock on the wall.

“About that,” Archie said as he stared at Faye. “I think ity better to let me and Eve to go our own separate ways,”

“What do you mean? Is there a reason why you both want to go on your own?” Faye looked at both of them with confusion.

“Yes, because its better that way so we can find the Ex-Human faster since we have no idea where she went to, right?” Archie answered as he stared at Faye with a serious expression.

Faye looked at Archie while she rubbed her chin. “Alright, I think its not a bad idea,” Faye nodded her head with understanding. “Where are you going to search for the Ex-Human?”

“West, because I think shes either came from there or from the FalCon-1. We are going to check both area,” Archie answered.

“I see, we can regroup in one of the cities in Western Nation on the seventh day so we can explore the FalCon-1 together since thats also our destination,” Faye said as she looked at Archie.

“Fine by us,” Archie replied and nodded his head.

“Perfect, I will continue Victor now and ask about the mission,” Faye said as she grabbed the phone.

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