HA\LF: Dead nor Alive

Chapter 137 A scientist.

Eve opened her eyes because she noticed Cherubims presence, but she couldnt see them anywhere. She tried to get up but her whole body was so stiff like a rock, it was the after effect of the serum. It wasnt just because of that, it was also because she ripped almost half of her body that made her unable to do anything.

The first thing Eve checked was Archies condition, and he sounded asleep which was good enough to know. She didnt want to bother his sleep and so she went outside the hut to look for Cherubim, but to her surprise, she saw not only Cherubim but also Throne.

It was the first time Eve saw another divine being other than Cherubim, Throne was staring down at her as if they were judging her.

“Who are you?” Eve asked as she leaned on the wall since she wasnt able to stand on her own.

“Throne, we are here for him,” Throne answered as the rings started to spin.

“And what about you? Are you here for me?” Eve asked as she looked at Cherubim and raised her eyebrows.

“We are here for you,” Cherubim answered as she stretched her wings like fingers.

“Why? Is there a reason why both of you decided to come here? Not to mention to see both of you in the same place, it must be something important,” Eve looked at both of them with a puzzled look.

Cherubim walked toward Eve and then she gently touched Eves left arm. Eves wounds miraculously healed in an instant, she was perplexed by Cherubims action because she had never done something like that before.

“Why are you doing this, I dont like it,” Eve asked as she tried to move her arms and all the pain and stiffness in her body had disappeared.

“Dont you realize it? You have lost your abilities,” Cherubim stared Eve in the eye.

Eve looked at her hands and tried to extend her claws but nothing happened. She was bewildered by it, but she didnt stop trying, and in the end, she lost all the abilities that she had.

“Is it because of the serum?” Eve asked as she clenched her right fist.

“Yes, the humans have found a way to kill the parasite. Its not permanent and you will be fine, but not for long,” Cherubim answered and kept staring at Eve. “If they keep getting more knowledge from the parasites, all of you will be in danger and theres nothing that can stop them,” Cherubim continued.

Eve looked at Cherubim and Throne, they both were staring at her but suddenly Eve laughed as she shook her head.

“Do you think those humans can do something like this on their own?” Eve asked with her eyebrows raised. “I know you all know about the other Adams that have been helping the humans ever since the meteor struck the earth. Hes the one behind all of this, isnt he?” Eve asked with her eyes squinted.

“Thats why we are here, Eve,” Cherubim answered as she walked past Eve and looked inside the hut. “We are here to protect both of you from harm until both of you get back all your power and abilities. We do as what we are ordered,” Cherubim continued.

“Getting special treatment from the almighty God himself? Im not surprised since everything has already been planned since the beginning, isnt it?” Eve asked as she stared at Cherubim with a straight face.

Both Cherubim and Throne didnt respond to her question, and Eve interpreted it as true and she didnt bother to get an answer since the answer could be seen.

“What do you want in exchange? Kill all the Adams?” Eve asked with her eyebrow raised.

“Its not you to decide because youre not allowed to touch another Adams. Its him to decide whether he wants to kill them or spare them,” Throne answered. “What we want is for you to destroy humankind because theyre not supposed to thrive and live in peace,”

“For a divine being, you guys are quite harsh and merciless,” Eve scoffed and looked at both of them with a mild shock expression.

“They have been abandoned, their lives dont matter to him anymore because all the good people have died from the meteor strike. Those who survived are no longer his concern and they have no place to live but here,” Cherubim answered and stared at Eve with a serious expression.

“I know, you have told me many times and you managed to brainwash me because of that. I have killed thousands of lives already because of your doctrine,” Eve sighed as she leaned on the wall and stared at the cliff in front of her.

“So you want me to destroy their technologies and make them suffer like how they are supposed to be? Is this why the almighty God is giving both of us special treatment since we are the only obedient children that he has left?” Eve asked and looked at Throne.

“Yes,” Throne answered.

“So I was right about it, dont I? One of the Adams is helping humankind to thrive and what he wants in return is to be on top where nobody else can go against him,” Eve asked. “By doing so, he developed this dangerous weapon to exterminate the other Adams and even this weapon did a lot of damage to me,” Eve continued and looked at Cherubim.

Cherubim smiled and stared at Eve without saying a single word, Eve could tell that Cherubim was proud of her.

“Just rest well, Eve. You will be safe because we, Cherubim, will protect you under his command,” Cherubim said as she put her hand on Eves right cheek.

Eve yawned and nodded her head. “Then I will get some sleep more,” Eve said as she walked into the hut.

A month had passed since Eves encounter with Cherubim and Throne. They really protected both of them because nothing really happened and not even the witches could go there to see them.

Archie woke up on the third week after the encounter, he met with Throne and Cherubim the moment he woke up. Eve was standing next to him while Throne explained the situation to him, he was shocked about the task to destroy humankind.

Archie understood his new task and Eve was there to help him decide what he had to do. He wasnt convinced at first but after consideration about the future and about him and Eve, he agreed with the task.

They both had fully recovered in the fifth week, and they both retained their power and abilities. Both Cherubim and Throne left as promised because they did their job properly, but before they left, they reminded Archie and Eve about the task.

The witches came to visit and checked their condition after five weeks unable to see them because a barrier prevented them from entering the forest. Archie was confused about why all of them were in FalCon-3 and so the eldest fire witch explained everything to him.

“You know, Archie,” Eve said as she laid down on the bed made from dried grass and stared at the ceiling. “I have been wanting to know what happens if I have a child, do you think theyre going to be a human baby or a parasite baby,” Eve said as she turned her body to look at Archie.

Archie raised his eyebrows because he never thought of it. “I have no idea, I never thought about it before,” Archie answered as he stared blankly at the ceiling.

“I have been thinking about it ever since I know my role as Eve, and as a future child bearer, I want whats the best for my child. By that I mean to find the right strong Adam to do it with me,” Eve said as she sat up, she then looked at Archie with a smile as she sat on top of Archie. “Even though I have chosen my Adam, youre still not worthy to put a baby inside me,” Eve said as she stared down at Archie.

Archies heart was pounding really fast that the parasites inside his body started to react. He couldnt hide his excitement thanks to the parasites that transformed his skin and eyes.

“Did you just poke me down there? Are you excited by it already even though I just said that Im not allowing you to put a baby inside me yet?” Eve asked with a flirtatious voice. “So, you should get stronger, for me. Then, you can put your baby inside me because I want to know what will happen,” Eve whispered into Archies right ear as she pressed her body down on top of him.

“What do you say, Archie? Do you think youre worthy to be the one whos going to fill my stomach with your babies?” Eve asked right in front of Archies face.

“I will get stronger,” Archie answered as he nodded his head.

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