HA\LF: Dead nor Alive

Chapter 133 Everyone is here.

“Archie?!” Eve kept calling for his name over and over while Archies body started to resist.

Archies body kept growing bigger as he glared at Even with an empty expression. He opened his mouth and dozens of tongues were moving around like eels then struck Eve on the neck.

Archie wrapped his dozens of tongues on Eves neck and slowly got tighter to suffocate her, but she didnt care about it since she got a bigger problem. She looked at his body and she couldnt stop him from growing, so she decided to slice him into pieces with her hands and wings.

The problem was Archies body kept regenerating which made Eve a bit troubled because of it. His regeneration speed was so fast that the moment she cut off his right arm, it grew back in five seconds.

“Archie, please come back!” Eve said as she tore his arms when he tried to squeeze her head.

Eve knew that if the parasites inside Archies body became too strong, they would make them take over his body. She wasnt worried about it because he showed an amazing result, but it went wrong when he decided to turn himself into a parasite which triggered the parasites.

Archie was trying to run toward the light as he stared at Eve from the small window in front of him. He panicked and couldnt think straight because the feeling that he was having was enough to bring back all the nightmares.

Archie didnt know what to do but he could feel all the pains that Eve did to his body, it was like a wasp sting all over his body. He didnt mind that as he believed Eve would know how to bring him back, so he endured it until he take control of his body again.

Eve had no idea how to bring Archie back because she saw it happen once when she did some experiments on the first Adam she took. She gave him different types of parasites to consume, she fed him those parasites forcefully until he lost control over his body.

Eve tried everything but she failed, so she decided to kill the Adam because there was no reason for her to play with him anymore. She remembered that moment and she started to feel anxious because made the same mistake again and thinking that Archie wouldnt be able to come back, it made her angry about herself.

Without Eve realizing, Archie had become ten times her size and his strength started to overwhelm hers. She looked at him and his gaze had turned into a brainless parasites gaze, she didnt know what to do because it would be impossible to restrain him because of his growth and regeneration ability.

The wind witch appeared next to Eve, she had been watching what happened.

“Did Archie turn himself into a parasite inside out?” The wind witch asked and stared at Archies massive body.

“Yes, he lose control over his body,” Eve answered and made the wind witch shocked by it. “The problem is that his body keeps growing and even if I can disable him over and over, his regeneration ability will heal all the wounds instantly,”

“If thats the case, you should exhaust his body so he wont be able to regenerate his body anymore,” The wind witch said with confidence. “We have seen it many times, his only weakness is exhaustion,” The wind witch continued.

“With the growth that I gave him, it would take a while to exhaust him,” Eve said as she looked at Archies body slowly transforming into a dragon-like parasite. “The scariest part about this is his growth looks like its infinite,” Eve continued.

“It doesnt matter if you can deal a deadly blow to him, it will make him exhausted very quickly,” The wind witch said as she looked at Eve. “We both know that he cant die, so dont hold back and try to bring him back,” The wind witch said with a serious expression.

Eve was considering it as well, and so she closed her eyes as she listened to Archies deep growl and bone cracking from inside his body. She opened her eyes and slowly every muscle and skin on her body was ripped apart which made the wind witch shocked.

Eve grew into a giant slander parasite with long arms and claws, her wings were massive that could cover her whole body with it. She started to catch up with Archies size and went beyond him which made the wind witch look at her with disbelief.

The wings kept growing and they touched the ground, wings with no skin or feather but sharp bones. Eve spread her wings open and then other wings came out from her back, a total of eight bone wings were spread open on her back.

“A battle between a king and a queen,” The wind witch said as she float in the air and stared at Eves terrifying transformation. “Is that her full power or shes still holding back?” The wind witch mumbled to herself.

Eve ran toward Archie who had turned himself into a dragon because his admiration and memory of the dragon made the parasite turn himself into one. She didnt care about what he wanted to become, and the moment she was close enough to him, she swung her long arms and claws at him without hesitation.

The claws pierced through Archies chest, Eve tore his body in half forcefully and now Archies top half body was laying on the ground. It didnt take long until his body react to it and started to regenerate the bottom half of his body.

It didnt matter how big Archies body was, but the parasite managed to regenerate everything in less than ten seconds which amazed and terrified both Eve and the wind witch. Eve didnt waste any moment and kept tearing his body apart into pieces, she didnt hesitate because she knew he would be fine even if she went overboard.

While Eve was tearing Archies body apart, he suddenly opened his mouth and breathe fire onto her face. It shocked her that he could do something like that even though it was her who ate the heart. She realized how dangerous the combination of the parasites that Archie took into his body was.

Eves face was melting and it made her unable to see, but thanks to Archies body parts that were laying on the ground, she could eat one of them and regenerate her wounds. The regeneration ability that he had was backfiring at him because no matter how lethal his attack was as long as she consumed his body parts, she would be fine.

The battle lasted for three days while the wind witch watched the entire battle from above. Eve had so many wounds on her body but all of them immediately healed after she consumed Archies arm while Archies top half was laying on the ground.

Eve slowly turned herself and shrunk back to her human form, she looked at all the damage they both made to the island. The small island had turned into a smaller island because they both sunk the island during the fight.

Eve stood on top of Archies chest and her body was so small compared to half of his body that she looked like an ant. She looked at his face and noticed that he couldnt regenerate his body anymore, the body was slowly shrinking while she was still on top of his chest.

The wind witch was floating right next to Eve. “You did it, he shouldnt be able to do anything now, but that doesnt mean hes going to take over his body back,” The wind witch said as she looked at Archies body became smaller and smaller.

“I know that already, as long as I keep him starving, do you think the parasites inside his body will give up?” Eve asked as she looked at the wind witch. It was the first time ever Eve asked someone elses opinion.

“We both know if the parasites died, and so does the host as well. We should bring him somewhere else first, a place where my sisters can help you take care of him,” The wind witch answered as she looked at Eve. “If you really want to bring him back, youre going to need all the help you can get,”

Eve jumped down from Archies chest before her body weight crushed his ribs. She looked at him as she thought about what the wind witch said, she was thinking of a solution but knowing the witches had been living long enough as hers, they might be able to help her to bring him back.

“Okay, where should we go?” Eve asked.

“With the current situation, I think its time for all of my sisters to live in the same place,” The wind witch said. “Lets gather all my sisters, they all know him and they will help him,” The wind witch looked at Eve with a serious expression.

“Lead the way,” Eve replied as she nodded her head.

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