HA\LF: Dead nor Alive

Chapter 131 The familiar darkness.

Archie was finally awake, but his eyes were still closed because his head was spinning like crazy and the bright sun made his headache worse. He tried to swallow his saliva but his throat was so dry that it stung when the saliva went down his throat.

“Good morning,” Eves gentle whisper was heard right in front of Archies face.

Archie thought it was just a dream and he didnt bother to open his eyes because he was still trying to get the hang of the headache.

“Open your mouth, you must be thirsty,” Eves voice was heard again, but Archie did exactly what she told him to do.

Eve poured water into Archies mouth with the bottle he brought in his backpack, and he was surprised when he felt the cold and freshness of the water. He opened his eyes and saw Eves face was right in front of his face, he was surprised but he kept drinking the water as he kept staring at her with confusion.

“Eve? What are you doing here? I thought you left,” Archie asked as he slowly lifted his head from Eves lap.

Eve grabbed Archies head and gently pushed him back down to her lap. “Just stay, dont move. Youre not fully awake and let your body rest first,” Eve said as she rubbed Archies cheeks. “Of course, Im still here. What makes you think I would leave you alone? I said that I will stay by your side, didnt I?”

“How long have I been asleep?” Archie asked and he wanted to look down on his body but Eve kept his head up with both of her hands.

“Two weeks, more or less,” Eve answered as she looked down with a smile on her face. “You slept like a log,”

Archie was surprised because he was unconscious for half a month, and not to mention, Eve had been by his side for two weeks or at least he thought.

“When did you come here?” Archie asked.

“The moment you were unconscious, I came here and protect you from harm,” Eve answered as she looked around. “The witch is somewhere around here, she should be looking for food right now if youre curious about her whereabouts,”

Archie looked at Eves lap and then looked back up. “You have been staying here like this, for two weeks?” Archie asked.

“Of course, I cant let you sleep on the sturdy and hard surface,” Eve answered with a smile on her face and her head was blocking Archie from the sunlight. “This is the least thing I can do, to stay here by your side and protect you. I dont want you to think that I would abandon you, Im your Eve and youre my Adam,”

Archie looked so happy because Eve sounded like she didnt want him to be angry or disappointed in her. He didnt know what happened for the past two weeks but it seemed that the wind witch had something to do with Eves words.

“I know, thats why Im trying my best to win this battle, I cant let you go and I dont want you to be with someone else,” Archie said as he nodded his head, and when he wanted to sit down, Eve kept pulling him back down. “Eve? I want to sit down,” Archie looked at Eve a bit confused.

“I told you that you shouldnt move a lot, and let your body rest first,” Eve said and she didnt let her gaze away from Archies eye.

Archie started to feel suspicious and decided to look down because Eve had been preventing him from looking at the rest of his body. He looked down and he was surprised when his whole body had turned into a living liquid.

“Wh-whats happening to me?!” Archie asked and he looked scared and worried at the same time.

Archie could still feel his arms and legs or maybe it was just his muscle memory and imagination. He couldnt look away and stared at his body which looked like it was melted by the sunlight like ice cream.

“This is why I dont want you to consume the dragons heart tissue, Archie, but you didnt listen,” Eve answered as she slowly pulled his head back up and tried to comfort him by stroking his hair.

“Am I going to die?” Archie asked as he looked Eve in the eye.

“No, but its going to be hard to make your body go back to normal. All you can do right now is just stay still and let the parasites in your body recover from the damage they took,” Eve answered as she stared at Archies body.

“What happened to me? Can you explain why my body turned like this?” Archie asked.

“Do you remember what happened to me after I ate the dragons heart? My body went hot and you had to bring me to Antarctica to cool my body down. Its exactly what happened to your body because your body couldnt handle the heat and it melted everything into liquid. To put it simply, you were like drinking a full bucket of hot lava,” Eve explained and then pursed her lips while staring at Archie.

“You didnt do the same to me? You could bring me to Antarctica and let my body cool down,” Archie asked as he looked Eve in the eye with confusion.

“Its useless, your body is not strong enough even if I brought you to Antarctica. Youre going to melt anyway before I could bring you there, so its better for you to stay here,” Eve answered as she shook her head. “I dont want to risk it and see parts of your body falling down into the sea,”

Archie understood the situation and slowly took a deep breath even though his body had turned into liquid, everything was still working like how it was supposed to be. He was scared, fascinated, and confused at the same time because how could his body still work even though it had become like that.

“Now what? How long am I going to be like this until I can get my body back to normal?” Archie asked as he tried to slowly move his right arm but the only thing that moved was the liquid trying to rise from the sand.

“If you let your body rest for another two weeks, you might be able to try and rebuild your body. But if after two weeks you cant turn your body back to normal, I dont think theres anything that can help you,” Eve answered but she didnt look worried at all.

Archie looked so scared and Eve slowly leaned her head toward Archies face and then kissed him on the forehead. He felt a bit at peace after that and he was happy that Eve tried to comfort him and knew that she cared about him.

“How do you know about all this, Eve? How did you gain all these pieces of knowledge that youre telling me,” Archie asked with curiosity.

“I have experienced it myself, there are a lot more of things that happened to my body that you couldnt imagine. Its normal because I have lived for hundreds of years longer than you are, so I know whats best or worse for your body,” Eve answered as she looked at the sea. “I also did try some experiments on the two Adams that were with me back then. It helped me understand how the parasite works,”

Archie looked at Eve and he knew that she wasnt an innocent woman or even a kind-hearted type of woman. He wasnt shocked by the fact she used the two Adams for her benefits, and he might do the same thing if he was in her shoes.

“Im glad that you chose me because if youre not, maybe Im going to be your lab rat for all kinds of experiments that you have in your head,” Archie said with a smile on his face. “Although you didnt do it, I feel like you have been suggesting me on consuming stuff because you wanted to see how my body works,” Archie looked Eve in the eye.

Eve giggled mischievously as she kissed Archie on the forehead again. “You caught me red-handed,” Eve replied with a smile on her face. “Im just curious because you have the ability that everyone wanted, your regeneration ability is extraordinary and I dont want anyone else to take it from you because youre mine and everything on and in your body belongs to me,”

Archie looked at the sun was about to set, the orange and red sky looked so beautiful. He realized that everything that happened to him was a curse and blessing at the same time.

“Life is so full of surprise, isnt it,” Archie said with his eyebrows raised and kept staring at the sunset.

“Yes, even though you can predict what will happen, it always gets you by surprise,” Eve answered and looked at the sunset as well.

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