HA\LF: Dead nor Alive

Chapter 127 The rule changed.

“You said that the other Adams are trying to create a catastrophe, but what kind of catastrophe we are talking about? Does it have something to do with the meteorite?” Ruby asked.

“I dont know, thats why we are going to find out what kind of catastrophe theyre going to make. If theyre trying to wake that being inside the meteorite, then the mastermind behind this would be the first Adam that was chosen by them,” Archie said as he looked at Eve.

Eve hummed and nodded her head in agreement. “The first Adam might know something about it as well since we both have lived for hundreds of years,” Eve said as she drank a glass of beer.

“The first Adam, huh?” Vincent raised his eyebrows and stared blankly at the table. “Do you think that guy is as strong as Eve since he has been living for hundreds of years?” Vincent asked and looked at Eve since she was the only one who knew the answer.

“He could be, but I dont think anyone is as strong and as powerful as I am,” Eve answered and emptied the glass of beer. “Although Im strong like this, each parasite has a different kind of power and ability. Theres a chance the first Adam can outmatch me if I dont be careful,”

“You need to be careful, Archie, because if the Adam that lives in Borneo is the first Adam, you will be in danger,” Ruby said and stared at Archie seriously.

Archie had thought about it and he didnt want to be careless, but at the same time, he hoped that the Adam that he was going to face was not the first or second Adam. He believed in his ability that he could fight the fourth or fifth Adam, but either way, as long as he had Eve on his side, he thought that he would be safe.

pAɴ,ᴅᴀ.ᴄ0m Archie looked at Eve who didnt look nervous and it was enough to assure him that everything would be alright.

“Have you met the first Adam, Eve?” Ruby asked and looked at Eve.

“No, I only met three Adams in total. Archie, the fourth Adam, and the sixth Adam,” Eve answered as she shook her head. “I heard that Archie killed the seventh Adam, so there are five Adams who are still out there,”

“Right, that guy, who was his name again?” Vincent looked at Archie with his eyebrow raised.

“Gideon Armen,” Archie answered and looked at Vincent.

“Speaking of Gideon, theres something that Im still so confused about. In his memories, theres someone who told him about my location, and whoever that is, I think he knows about all the Adams locations. Theres a chance that person knows Eves location as well,” Archie said as he stared at the glass of his whiskey.

Eve furrowed her eyebrows and looked at Archie with curiosity and confusion.

“What do you mean by someone informing your location to him?” Eve asked and she looked a bit unsettled by it.

Archie explained the memories he had after he consumed Gideons brain and heart. The memories were still sticking in his head as if they belonged to him, but he wasnt surprised since he believed the moment he got the abilities from Gideon, Gideons memories became one with him.

“Thats not possible,” Eve said after she listened to Archies story, and she looked certain about it.

“Why its not possible? Doesnt the angels can tell him about my location?” Archie furrowed his eyebrows with confusion.

“No, they are forbidden to interfere in this game unless its necessary like what happened to you. Archie. Other than that, they can only warn their own chosen Adam and thats it. Theyre not allowed to tell the location of the other Adams, especially my location since Cherubim are protecting my identity and location,” Eve answered.

“Then, if its not them, who gave Gideon my location?” Archie asked and stared at Eve.

“It might be one of the Adams who has the ability to sense another Adam,” Eve answered and nodded her head.

“So youre telling me that the other Adams have been working together and eliminating the new competitor like me?” Archie asked.

“Yes, that might be the case and theres a chance that theyre not the only ones who got involved in this,” Eve replied and looked at Ruby and Vincent. “Theres a chance that there are some humans who knew about their existence and decided to follow them,”

The three of them looked at Eve with surprised expressions and they almost thought they misheard it.

“Wait, so there are people like us?” Vincent pointed his thumb at himself as he stared at Eve.

“What makes you think that youre the only one? The first up to the third Adam could do the same as Archie, no?” Eve raised her eyebrow. “They have been living for hundreds of years, of course, theres a chance they live among us with the descendants of their followers in this Nation or the other Nation,”

“The Rebellion,” Ruby said under her breath.

Archie glanced at Ruby and remembered that she said something about the rebellion back then after Throne decided to wipe everyones memories about him.

“The Rebellion?” Archie asked and he was curious about it.

“Its a rumor that had been going around back then after the bridge got destroyed by the parasite,” Vincent answered and sighed as if he didnt want to believe it. “The moment the bridge was collapsing, we all saw it with our own two eyes that the pillar was oddly too easy to destroy as if someone put an explosive on the pillar to help the parasite destroy it,”

“We sent an investigation team to the bridge to look at it but we found nothing but the suspicion was still around and some of us believed that there was some group of Axis Humans who did that behind the curtain,” Vincent answered.

“Just think about it Vince, look around you and tell me if this is not too fishy because the moment the bridge collapsed, the other nation became more advanced,” Ruby stared at Vincent from the corner of her eyes. “Theyre so advanced that they have a blimp and helicopters that are enough to come and help us all, but they didnt,”

Archie just realized that while Vincent was thinking of an answer but he ended up having no answer to that.

“If Eve is saying the truth, some of these people who live in the Central Nation who have an important role here, they might have prevented them from helping us. Theres someone who can give us an explanation, and thats Faye,” Ruby said and kept staring at Vincent.

“You should pay her a visit then and try to find out about the truth if the rebellion does exist or not. I think if what Eve said is the truth and one of the Adams is really living among us, he must be the one who control over the world of the humans,” Archie looked at Ruby because he believed that Ruby wanted the same thing.

“Im thinking about it as well because if they really abandoned and sacrificed us just for their own benefit, Im going to turn this whole place around,” Ruby clenched her fist and she looked really pissed. “What do you say, Vince? Are you with me or not?”

Vincent took a deep breath and exhaled deeply. “Do I have a choice?” Vincent replied and emptied the glass of whiskey in his hand. “If you want to do that, we cant let anyone to know about this. The people that we can trust are Fanheim, Marlon, Tommy, and Daniel since theyre one of us. We should tell them about this and see if they found something weird or odd out there,”

“Yes, I agree,” Ruby nodded her head and liked the idea. “We should start working on it now and gather as much information as possible,”

“Good luck,” Archie said as he looked at both of them standing up.

“We can only do this from our end, you should be careful out there because youre fighting the real threat out there,” Vincent said and looked at Archie with a serious expression.

“I know, I will try my best not to die,” Archie nodded his head and smiled at him.

“We will see you guys later,” Ruby said and then they both left the bar leaving Archie and Eve alone at the table.

“What do you think, Eve?” Archie looked at Eve who had been so quiet.

“I think its necessary to investigate it even if its not real in the end, but I believe if someone who stood above the others, they would want to have those below him to be his,” Eve answered and looked at Archie. “But not you, I found it interesting because of that,”

“Dont flatter me all of a sudden, Eve, we have more important thing to do,” Archie smiled as he stood up. “Should we get going as well?”

“After you,” Eve chuckled as she smiled at Archie.

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