HA\LF: Dead nor Alive

Chapter 117 It's going to be a long night.

“We have dealt with this parasite once, there shouldnt be any problem since we know what the parasite is capable of. Not to mention, the scientist had observed the samples of the skin, right? At least they should know how to kill this thing,” Archie said as he sat down at the table with the others.

“Thats true, the problem is they want to try another new weapon on the parasite,” Ruby sighed as she leaned on the chair and rubbed her face. She looked irritated and annoyed by the fact they were planning on using the evolved parasite as their guinea pig.

Nova tilted her head and squinted her eyes as she stared at Eves back.

“Whats wrong with your shirt? Did something tear your shirt?” Nova asked as she looked at Eve who was walking past them.

“Hmm? Oh, I think my shirt got scratched by a twig or a branch,” Eve answered as she tried to look at her back. “Anyway, when are we going to leave? Tonight? Or tomorrow early in the morning?”

“Its the same as last mission, we are going to leave early in the morning, but this time we are going to go to the island with a ship,” Ruby answered. “We are leaving three in the morning,”

Eve shrugged her lips and nodded with understanding while she walked toward her wardrobe and grabbed Archies t-shirt then went to the bathroom to change.

“We are going to use our ship or their ship?” Archie asked.

“Theirs, its a cargo ship since we are going to bring a lot of stuff including the prototype weapon they want to try. I heard theyre going to bring a helicopter as well to observe the parasite from above,” Ruby answered with a cup of tea in her hand. “Its going to be troublesome,” Ruby said and stared at Archie while drinking her tea.

Archie nodded in agreement because if those people observed the battle from above, it would be hard for him to use his power. If they found out about Archies real identity, it would become troublesome, especially when they found out about his regeneration ability which could put him in a test lab..

“Why is it troublesome? Isnt it good that they can learn something about a King-type parasite if they observe them?” Nova asked with her eyebrows raised and looked at Ruby with confusion.

“Oh, Im talking about the prototype weapon. The four of us had enough with those scientists and their curiosity that ended up making more problems for us Axis Humans,” Ruby answered. “History tends to repeat itself,”

Archie stood up and stretched his arms and shoulders. “Lets go to sleep, we only have a few hours before we leave,” Archie said as he walked toward his bed.

“Yeah, Im about to say that,” Ruby nodded her head.

All of them went to their bed and Eve came back from the bathroom and saw everyone was ready to go to sleep. She didnt ask anything and immediately went to the bed with Archie, she looked at him and smiled as she tucked herself into the blanket.

Eve looked at the others and it was just silence in the room, so she leaned her head toward Archie and put her right arm on his chest. Archie was startled and looked at her from the corner of his eyes with confusion but then Eve whispered something into his ear.

“When you were unconscious after the fight with the first parasite, I met Cherubim,” Eve whispered so quietly that it even hard for Archie to hear her even though he had a sharp hearing.

Archie turned his head so slowly toward Eve and looked at her with his eyebrows furrowed. “What did they say?” Archie asked and stared Eve in the eye.

“They asked me about you and asked me if I decided to choose you instead of the other Adams,” Eve answered and looked at Archies lips.

“And what was your answer?” Archie asked and he seemed nervous.

“Well, I said that youre the one I want to be with after thinking about it for quite a long time,” Eve answered as she averted her gaze because she felt embarrassed about it. “Cherubim said that they had informed the other Adams about it and now theyre going to hunt you down because of it,”

“Are you sure about this? What if you regret your decision?” Archie asked with his eyebrows raised.

“Even if I said youre the one I chose, that doesnt affect me since youre the one who will get hurt by the other Adams,” Eve answered as she smiled.

“Youre wicked, you know that?” Archie said and he chuckled quietly.

Eve just raised her eyebrows and chuckled with Archie.

“I need to sleep, Im quite exhausted after spending a whole day outside, Good night, Eve,” Archie said and then turned around and showed his back to Eve.

“Good night,” Eve said as she stared at Archies back and gently touched his back.

The morning came and Eve woke Archie up since she didnt sleep and waited until three in the morning.

“Are you not sleepy?” Archie asked as he slowly opened his eyes.

“No, I dont really need sleep and I was thinking about something,” Eve answered. “Ill be waiting outside,” Eve said as she got off of the bed and then left the barrack.

Eve closed the door behind her and then she heard footsteps from the field, it was Faye and Aster.

“Oh? Are you awake? Or you havent slept?” Faye asked.

“I havent slept,” Eve answered and looked at the night sky and enjoyed the cold breeze.

“Hows the other? Are they awake?” Faye asked as she walked to the door.

“Everyone is awake, Archie is preparing his stuff,” Eve answered.

“Ah, I see, then lets just wait here,” Faye said as she stood next to Eve.

It only took them ten minutes to prepare and they all came out from the barrack. They saw Faye with Eve and Aster near the door and then they all left with the rest of the team.

“We are going to use the underground train since the dock is near the underground station,” Faye said as she looked at everyone over her shoulder. “Also, theres a change of plan. We will be leaving at six in the morning because the weapon is still undergoing a final check,”

Faye looked at Archie and he looked a bit tired. “How are you feeling, Archie? Are you still not feeling well?” Faye asked.

“Im fine, Im just a bit tired because yesterday I went outside the city to do some training,” Archie answered as he tightened his gloves. “I will be fine once I rested for a bit,”

Faye nodded her head with understanding and then they all went to the underground station.

It took them two hours until the weapon was brought with a cargo train, so they all proceeded to get into the train and go to the south where the port was.

The moment they reached the designated station in the south, they all went up the elevator. They were in a different area than the last time they went to the south, it was a bit further in the east of the pillar.

“So this is the port? Wheres the ship?” Ruby asked as she looked at the sea.

“Its behind those stacks of containers,” Faye answered. “Lets go,” Faye walked toward the port.

They entered the port and they looked at the massive cargo ship being maintained by hundreds of people. It was so big that it could fit thousands of people inside and it needed at least a hundred people to run it.

“Did you guys make this?” Vincent asked and looked at Faye with disbelief.

“No, we found this ship stranded on the shoreline not far from here. We repaired this ship for at least two years now and today will be its debut after so long staying in the dock,” Faye answered and looked at how clean the ship was.

“I think theres nothing that can sink this ship except a King-type parasite,” Nova said as she walked back to see the top of the ship. “This thing is massive,”

“Speaking of massive, that weapon looks massive as well,” Ruby said as she watched the weapon wrapped with a cloth being lifted with a crane. “Are you planning to bring this thing into the island?” Ruby asked Faye.

“Yes, it will take a while to load and unload the weapon, but its going to be worth it,” Faye answered and looked at the weapon carefully put down on the cargo ship. “At least thats what they said,”

“With all due respect, Faye. I dont think that weapon is necessary and after seeing they made a huge mistake, its going to be hard for me or at least for the four of us to trust them with whatever they made,” Ruby said with a serious expression.

“I know, but this time theres chemicals or whatever they called it. Its pure power, like a cannon,” Faye replied as she looked at Ruby.

“Anyway, lets get to the ship, we are going to leave soon,” Faye said as she walked up to the ship.

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