“I have back to my sense again, but where am I?” He asked in his mind.

The loud clicking sound in his head was enough to stop him from questioning. The sound of his stomach rumbled because he hasnt eaten anything, or to be precise he hasnt eaten something normal for a human being.

His body moved on its own because of the thing inside him that slowly took over his body. He wanted to die, he wanted to end his life, he wanted to rip his whole body apart and crush his own heart with his own hands but he couldnt do anything but watch his body slowly rotting away. He couldnt move any muscle in his body even his eyes were controlled by that thing inside him.

“Why are you doing this to me?” He asked that question so many times even though he knew he wont get any answer from it.

All he could do was watch what the thing did to his body and all those disgusting things he put into his mouth. He could still feel pain, exhaustion, hunger, thirst, every inch of his body and he could still smell everything but he couldnt control them anymore.

“God… not again…” He looked, felt, and tasted at the flesh of a decayed creature with maggots on the flesh that the thing inside his body that forced him to eat it that he was going to puke.

His trembled hands were feeding his mouth with that disgusting rotten flesh, the pungent smell, and the soft, chewy, cold, and watery rotten flesh was getting chewed by his teeth. He couldnt handle the taste, the smell, and the texture of the flesh but his tongue and his throat were forcing him to swallow it.

Whenever he tried to throw everything up, his stomach clenched and his guts were preventing him from doing so. His mouth was always tightly closed and so was his throat, all he could do was cry and hope that this will end soon because he couldnt take this anymore.

There was a moment where he could gain a part of his body, his mouth, his voice, his eyes and that was it. It happened whenever the thing inside his body is resting. He kept screaming and shouting hoping there was someone or something that would take him off from this torture but it was all futile.

He didnt remember what day, what time, where he was, or what he had become. Everything that had happened to him felt so slow and a day felt like a week. He didnt know what was happening to him but if only he knew what it feels like to be consumed by these parasites, then he wish he could kill himself before this thing took control of his body.

He thought it was time to believe, but he was nervous that the answer was right in front of him, that he would be like one of them.

He looked at his surroundings filled with decayed bodies of these monstrous creatures and the wall of rocks that were blocking the sky. He didnt know what he should do, he didnt know what he could do, he was scared and he was alone with that damned thing in his head that took over all his memories and erased all of those memories he treasured his whole life.

“Any… anyone out there… help me…” He slowly tried to open his mouth and looked up at the wall of rocks, tears came out of his eyes while he was trying to speak. “Please… kill me…” He was sobbing and his eyes went blurry because the tears were blocking his vision and he couldnt wipe them off.

He gulped and he could taste rotten fleshes he had consumed the whole day that was still sticking on his gums and between his teeth. He didnt want to puke them out because it would wake that thing up.

He tried his best to move the tip of his fingers but he couldnt. He took a deep breath while he was holding his tears.

“Kill me! Anyone or anything that can hear me! Kill me! I know that you all can hear me! Come at me and devour me! Please!” He glared at the ceiling of this place and screamed his lungs out with his voice echoing.

He heard roars, growls, screams, screeches, and bangs coming from all around him but none of them were coming toward him as if they were all mocking him and letting him suffer.

Immediately he couldnt control his body anymore, tears were falling down his cheeks while he was staring at nothing in front of him. His eyes rolled up and everything immediately went dark.

Deep down he knew what was going to happen to him and to be honest, this was the only time he could enjoy himself, the memory that he could watch and soon would be erased from his brain.

“Im sorry, everyone, I forgot all of your names and faces but I still can remember your voices. I cant even remember my own face since it has been forever since the last time I saw my own face.” He talked to himself in his head, then a screen appeared in front of him like a projector screen.

“Archie! Hey! Are you even listening to me?” A womans voice, the voice that tingled his stomach and heart whenever he heard it. A blurry image of her was the only thing he wish he could erase so he could see her face, she seemed important to him.


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