Good Guys Don’t Date Bad Boys (BL, 18 )

Ch. 6 – Something Wonderful

Chapter Five – Trouble Finds You

He was totally, absolutely, not stalking Jonathan. But he couldn help but notice the guy entering the sports building and heading for the indoor pool by the looks of it. Well, Maddox was much in the mood for a swim, too, and since only students on good behavior were allowed to use such facilities after dark, it meant that Jonathan had been a goody-two-shoes enough to impress the powers that be, which was quite the feat seeing the short time he had been there, at Sunny Hill.

Maddox only needed to pump up the charm to gain entrance everywhere, and he reached for the spare key, which he knew where it was hidden to get inside after Jonathan went in. Funny thing, the guy hadn bothered to lock after going in, and he must have used another key. Whatever, Maddox would take care of that because he didn want their little nocturnal rendez-vous ruined by other students happening by.


He had always loved swimming. It helped him clear his mind and find solutions to complicated problems, such as crushing on a guy who was everything he needed to stay clear of. What was about Maddox he liked so damned much? Yes, he was attractive. Yes, he was smart. And yes, he was likable, but not only in that superficial way popular kids usually were. It was just his damned luck that, after running away from an impossible situation, he would end up in much a similar one.

Drew had been… Jonathan sighed. He had seemed perfect at first, too, right? Dangerous and sexy, that bad boy appeal, fantastic body, cute smile, and all that. He just couldn believe he was walking down the same path again. There were differences, however, in how the two compared if he thought about it long enough. Something was a bit twisted in Drews soul, as far as he could recall, a certain ruthlessness that should have sent all his alarm systems on high alert.

Only that he had been too much in love to pay it any mind. And who was to say Maddox wasn the same, or at least not all that could be gleaned at first sight? He was, after all, engaged in some unsavory activities, and he had the kind of body to prove that was right. He wasn into sports like his friends, but those callouses on his hands were a clear indication that he could use his fists, not only his natural charm.

Maddox was different, though, a small voice inside him told him over and over again. He shook his head. So what? He was a straight boy, and straight boys were nothing but trouble. Who needed any more of that?

Jonathan performed another lap and then pushed himself up on the edge. He grabbed the towel and, lost in thought, proceeded to wipe himself.


Hmm, so fully naked swimming appeared to be Jonathans secret pleasure. After the party on Saturday, Maddox hadn seen him close enough to have a talk, and he couldn just send a text and ask for them to meet up, especially since he wasn in the mood to work on a school project, but very much on something else.

He watched for a while as Jonathan swam around, his body cutting through the water with practiced ease. No wonder he had such a nice lean body. And Maddox could appreciate that he was keeping himself so smooth because that allowed the unhindered sight of all his perfect anatomy. Yeap, all those fantastic tight muscles which Maddox wanted to touch and explore to his hearts content.

He noticed Jonathan pushing himself out of the water and sighed. It was one thing to imagine that perfect behind without clothes covering it and another to see it in all its naked glory—round, perky, tight, everything Maddox loved in an ass. And Jonathan had awesome thighs and calves, too. Dude was built like a **ing movie star. It made Maddox almost willing to forgive him for being around one inch taller. Why that annoyed him, it was hard to say. In his group of friends, he was the shortest, and that had never bothered him before.

It was also equally nice to see him out of his usual conservative attire, with his hair wet and looking somewhat more like a human being than someone you couldn reach with a ladder to the stars. Jonathan appeared to be lost in thought as he wiped himself and then began walking. What could be on his mind?

”Nice weather for a swim, ” he said.

Jonathans head snapped up, and his hands clutched the towel, pulling it defensively in front of him. That was a shame because Maddox wanted to check that, too. ”Geesh, man, what the hell? ” Jonathan asked.

”What? Do you think you
e the only student whos allowed in here? ”

Jonathan averted his eyes.

”O.M.G., did you break in? That was why the door was open! How did you do it? ”

”Are you going to tell on me? ” Jonathan asked defensively.

”Not if you tell me how you did it. You
e so freaking gangsta! Where did you live before coming here? Did you do hard time? ”

His words were met with a scoff. Well, now that was the biggest surprise ever. Mr. Goody-Two-Shoes wasn good at all. He was a bad, bad boy, and Maddox loved that he was the only one to know about it.

”No, I wasn in jail, ” Jonathan replied as if that had been a real question. ”But I was in an all-boys school and an all-boys college later. And boys get bored quickly if they don find something to do with their hands. ”

”They can always jerk off, ” Maddox offered promptly. ”I bet you have some crazy stories to tell. Like, was circle jerking a daily thing? ”

That earned him another stern look from Jonathan. Hell, how could he pretend to be all high and mighty after breaking into a school building? That was grounds for getting kicked out, presumably. Hopefully not, because Maddox wanted Jonathan to stick around for as long as they still attended Sunny Hill together. In case someone found out, he would just say he got them in there, so problem solved.

”Is jerking off really the only thing on your mind? ” Jonathan asked.

”How could you tell? ” Maddox faked surprise. Well, it usually wasn , but ever since he had met this dude, he had turned into a compulsive fapper. So, all in all, Jonathan was to blame anyway.

e surprisingly peppy for someone who lost a dear one only recently, ” Jonathan said, changing tack.

Maddox narrowed his eyes. What was he going on about now? Lost who?

”Your dog, ” Jonathan supplied while quirking an eyebrow and letting a small smile tug at his lips.

”Oh, my dog, yeah. Sad, sad story. He got killed in a car crash. ”

”I thought she, ” Jonathans smile grew wider, ”had to be put to sleep because she had cancer. ”

”Right, right, Im mixing them up all the time. ”

”So, you have two dogs that died? ” Jonathan was clearly biting his lips not to break into laughter.

Maddox didn stop, though. He started snickering. ”You saw through that, huh? ”

”Well, it wasn that hard. What kind of dark magic are you using to make all these people believe whatever flies out of your mouth? ”

”How do you know it wasn all invented by that stupid online fake news piece of shit? ”

An appreciative look from Jonathan let him know that he wasn alone in his opinion.

”Well, because you didn deny it and basked in the attention for the last few days, ” Jonathan said promptly.

As he spoke, he made an attempt to cross his arms, and, in the process, he moved the towel away. Maddox grinned, angled his head, and allowed his eyes to wander. Way too soon, Jonathan moved his hand down again and covered the most interesting part of him. Well, it was the most interesting because Maddox hadn seen it yet, although he could tell the guy was interesting pretty much everywhere.

”Why so shy, gangsta boy? Weren you in an all-boys school? I bet it was a sausage fest all day long. ” Maddox made a gesture to grab an imaginary dick and swing it around.

”Well, theres an imbalance here. You
e all dressed and Im naked, ” Jonathan pointed out.

”Thats easy to correct. ” Maddox pulled his t-shirt over his head in one fell swoop.

”Have fun, then. Im heading out. ”

Ha, like he would let that happen. He grabbed Jonathans towel fast and pushed the guy back into the pool. Jonathan huffed as he emerged back to the surface and stared like he wanted a piece of him. Maddox laughed and continued to undress. ”Lets race. I bet Im faster. ”

”Hey, don be a pig. Shower first. ” Jonathan pointed with his arm in the direction of the facilities.

”Hmm, I don know, ” Maddox drawled the words. ”Are you going to wash my back? ”

To his surprise, Jonathan swam toward the edge. ”Sure. Anything to ensure that you
e clean before getting into the water. ”

Well, he had said that mostly to tease, but when had he ever backed down from a challenge?

”After you, ” Jonathan said as soon as he was out of the pool.

Dexs theories about who was gay or not had to suffer some adjustments, because while Jonathan didn care to check out girls cleavages, he also surely kept his eyes steady without letting them wander lower and check Maddoxs junk of which, by the way, he was very much proud and wanted to show off.

Could it be that he wasn his type? After all, Ray the roommate was skinny and looked like a gust of wind could topple him over. Was that what Jonathan liked, after all? Someone he could overpower quickly and hold under him while pounding…

”Hey. ” Jonathan snapped his fingers in front of him. ”Shower. Don think Im fooled by your pretty boy smile like the rest of the universe. ”

Maddox shrugged and turned on his heels, all the while pretending that he hadn just imagined Jonathan **ing his boyfriend. Even if his cock got a little hard, since no one cared to look at it, it could do its little happy dance without fear of being discovered. He stole a look behind and couldn help but smile.

Jonathan was totally checking his butt. It was hard to tell what he was thinking since his face was all a frown, but he was. And that was an up point, no doubt about it.


Maddoxs bravado was something to behold, but it looked like none of it was left when Jonathan took the soap and began washing his back. The famous bad boy was so quiet now that the sound of running water seemed unusually loud.

If Maddox had walked in there, thinking of a dare or something silly like that, it must be firing back if his shy silence was anything to go about. Jonathan had no intention of pushing it, and he wasn the type to tease people, even when presented with such an opportunity on a silver platter.

He pressed his hands against Maddoxs back and moved them slowly. That wasn supposed to happen. To be correct, he should just rub the naughty straight boys back in under one minute and be done with it.

But no, his hands lingered, feeling the muscles underneath. Maddox would drive him crazy this year, and Jonathan just needed to accept it. While clothed, he could only guess what lay beneath those garments, and now, his imagination was fueled with the fantastic sight of a broad back that tapered down to a lean and strong waist. He couldn resist letting his eyes go lower, resting on top of Maddoxs small back, just above the enticing curve of a lovely ass. For now, he had managed to avoid staring at the other boys cock, but it was inevitable that his fantasies would soon be filled in with images of that, too.

And he bet Maddox was exceptional in that respect.

”Hmm, that feels good, ” Maddox purred as Jonathan moved his hands around, stopping short of that scrumptious behind.

If that were him from one year ago, he would wrap his hands around that broad chest, filling them with the perfect pectorals, and he would press his lips against the slight curve of a round shoulder. He would align their bodies together and let the water pour down their skin while he would allow pure unadulterated ecstasy to take over him and forget about anyone and anything else existing in the world.

He stepped away. ”I believe that covers it, ” he said in a raspy voice. ”Ill leave you with the rest. Be thorough, okay? ”

”Yes, dad, ” Maddox threw over his shoulder.

Jonathan smiled. Maddox probably couldn imagine what he was doing to him, but it was fine. He walked out of the shower and dunked into the cold pool water to clear his mind.


What the **ing hell? Maddox grabbed his cock and held it until his erection finally decided to take a breather. He had practically stood there, waiting for Jonathan to take a **ing hint, and nothing had happened! Nothing!

He had never been in that kind of situation before. How did girls do it when they wanted a dude to get it on with them? Maddox had kind of an idea, but he doubted that he could flutter his eyelashes at Jonathan, smile prettily, bite his lips, and caress the guys arm with a hidden promise in his eyes.

Well, maybe he should have done all that because simply standing there doing nothing hadn worked. At all. It had to be that he wasn the guys type, but **ing tough bananas, Jonathan surely was his. He had seen naked dudes by the ton in his life, and it had been nothing like this before. Even his hands felt nice, firm, long fingers working his muscles…

He needed to up his game, he decided and began soaping rapidly. There was no way, but absolutely no way that his dude could provide so much fap material and not see what he was doing. Maddox felt his good mood returning as a sly plan began forming in his head.

Jonathan was already back into the water, so Maddox let out a war cry, rushed toward the edge, and jumped, making a big splash. When he resurfaced, he was happy to see Jonathan laughing. He was so serious most of the time and clearly needed to unwind more often. Maddox splashed some water in his direction, and Jonathan ducked.

”So, what should we bet on? ”

Maddox pondered. ”Whoever loses has to answer the others questions. ”

”One question, ” Jonathan replied. ”Theres no way Im letting you pick my brain, or tomorrow Xpress is going to tout all over the place that I like sticking feathers in my ass and eating edible underwear with strawberry flavor. ”

”Is that the kind of thing you
e into? ” Maddox grinned and watched Jonathan, who offered a broad smile in return.

”Of course not. That would be their version of our conversation if I told you I liked ice cream and that I once petted a chicken when I was four. ”

”All right. One question. But just so you know, everything you say, itll stay between us. ” With that, Maddox moved quickly and cut through the water, taking Jonathan by surprise. ”Its on! ”

”You cheeky – ” Jonathan stopped with a huff and followed him.

The guy was fast and strong, but Maddox was willing to kill his lungs over finding the answer to the question he wanted to ask. He focused on moving as fast as possible and pushed all his muscles until he got to the other side.

Jonathan followed him shortly, but it was clear as day who won. ”I didn think you were a cheater! ”

”Your fault for not paying attention, ” Maddox shot at him.

He hoisted himself up and sat on the edge. Jonathan followed his example, and this time, Maddox stole a look at the guys cock. It looked like Mr. Perfectly Groomed liked leaving a little bit of a bush right above his sex. That was nice and a bit kinky. Maddox felt an itch to grab the guy by the hair down there and then stroke his cock, which unlike his, which seemed to be in overdrive, was completely flaccid now. Still, it looked yummy even in its dormant state.

”So, what do you want to know? ” Jonathan woke him from his reveries.

”Ah, right. Top or bottom? ”

”Excuse me? ”

”No, I won . Are you a top or a bottom? ”

”Is this what you want to know? The straight boys here are an interesting bunch. ”

”Not all, just me. Now dish out. Which one are you? ”

Jonathan rested his hands on his knees. ”I don know exactly. I suppose Id be versatile, but I haven yet tried either. ”

”What? Are you a virgin? ”

”Hey, you said one question, ” Jonathan warned him sternly.

”Its not really a question since I already know the answer. You
e a freaking cherry boy! ”

”Ha, ha, so funny. ”

”So, youve never been with a guy? ” Maddox pressed further. Now that was a juicy piece of info, not that he would share it with anyone.

”I didn say that. ” A short, tense silence followed.

Maddox could smell there was a big thing there, but this time he didn insist. ”Well, thats a bit of a shock, ” he commented. ”The way you look, I thought you must have bended over half of that all-boys school of yours. ”

Jonathan burst into laughter. ”Do I really look like someone easy? ”

Maddox snorted. ”A total manwhore. Really, who cares about looking as perfect as you do unless he wants to get laid all the time? ”

”Funny thing to say, coming from the guy famous to have slept with hundreds of girls. And also putting a great deal of effort in his looks. ”

Maddox had never been annoyed by the stupid stories people said about him, especially when they involved his sexual prowess, but this time, Jonathans remark irked him. ”Thats like 95% not the truth, ” he said quickly. As for putting effort in how he looked… well, he was a tiny bit vain, that was true.

”But theres still the 5%, right? ” Jonathan teased him. ”How many girlfriends have you had, Maddox? ”

”I don have to answer that. ” Maddox pouted and crossed his arms. ”You lost. ”

”It looks like I did. ”

They remained silent for a while. Maddox could feel a smidge of nervousness growing inside him. ”Lets jerk off, ” he said abruptly.

Jonathans head snapped in his direction. ”What? Just like that? ”

Maddox wasn going to let this opportunity pass. He would see that sleepy cock in action, and he would see it tonight. ”Consider it a welcome party that will make your transition from that all-fap school youve been before a lil bit easier. ”

”All-fap school, ” Jonathan said slowly. ”You have some weird notions of what goes on in such places. ”

Well, he wasn saying
o, and that was a good thing. Maddox stood and offered Jonathan his hand. ”It will be fun, I promise. And its for a good cause since I like to excel in all areas of campus life. ” That earned him a small snicker from the other. ”I need to compare notes. You know, its tough to be an accomplished student unless you compete against others. ”

Jonathan blinked a few times, probably expecting him to break into a laugh and say that had been nothing but a joke. Maddox was determined to get what he wanted. ”What? You don jerk off? ”

”I obviously do, but its called solo action for a reason, ” Jonathan said, yet it was clear in his voice that he was considering it.

”Told you, everything we say or do here tonight stays between us, ” Maddox insisted. ”Or, ” he said with a sly smile, ”I could tell on you for breaking in, so… choose. ”

Jonathan chuckled and finally took his hand. They rushed to a pair of reclining chairs and shared a quick look before lying down. Maddox fought a smile of triumph; Jonathans slightly pink cheeks told the whole story. Score.


He could blame it on Maddox taking him by surprise, but in all truth, his resolution to resist the resident bad boys charm was growing thin and weary. Only through an incredible power of will he had managed to keep his cock from springing out like a jack-in-a-box at every move Maddox made.

And now, they were seated side by side, eyeing each other like they were competitors in a game of chess, waiting for the main event to begin.

”Its a bit weird, ” Jonathan mumbled. ”I have no idea why I said yes to this. ”

”Its not weird, ” Maddox retorted. ”Guys do it all the time. ”

”You mean, ” Jonathan asked, a bit confused, ”do you do this with your straight friends? ”

Maddox kept a neutral face as he spoke. ”Yeah, all the time. ” That was a big fat lie, except for that time when he and Rusty had tried to prove something, which had only led to them not daring to look each other in the eye for a whole week.

”Sunny Hill must be an out of this world place, ” Jonathan commented. ”But how are we supposed to, you know, get into it? ”

”I can serve as inspiration. I don mind. ”

Jonathan hoped dearly that he didn look like a deranged person as his eyes traveled down Maddoxs body. They were playing it safe, right? It was just jerking off, and he didn want to come across as a prude. He understood why everyone loved Maddox. The guy was easy to be around, good-natured, and amusing. And that was how he made everyone do whatever he wanted.

This was as far as they would go. And since Maddox was the initiator –

He stopped for a moment. Why did it matter? Was he starting to lie to himself again?

”Hey, ” Maddox called for him softly. ”Its okay if you don like to look at my body or something. You don have to force yourself. Think of someone you like or whatever. ”

Jonathan couldn suppress a small grunt. Had Maddox sounded vulnerable just now? It couldn be an act, he decided. But why would a popular boy like him feel anything of the kind? Jonathan took a longing look at the flat abdomen and followed the treasure trail down to the others sex that was already hard and ready. Maddox wasn even touching it, yet the thing twitched slightly, and there was a bead of precum in its tiny eye.

Jonathan swallowed hard. How little it would take to scoot over and fill his mouth with that tempting thing. But no, he wouldn make the same mistake again. Tonight, he would do nothing more than watch, and that was crazy enough seeing how the boy by his side was straight, a womanizer, and too beautiful to consider for a moment desperate enough for a jerking session with a gay guy.

”No, its fine, ” he barely managed. Maddox had hair in all the right places, not excessive, and just enough to be enticing in a natural way. And he was packed with muscles everywhere, Jonathan couldn help but notice as he took in the perfect thigh a bit raised and leaning against the arm of the chair to allow anyone looking a clear view of his large ball sack that appeared deliciously full.

The chances of meeting Maddox again like this were slim, and maybe his fantasies needed a bit of the real thing to finally reach their zenith. So Jonathan grabbed his cock and pulled the skin back with a punishing stroke. The harder he did it, the more pleasurable it felt. Maddox let out a slight sound of appreciation, and his hand began to move up and down, too. He brushed his thumb over the head from time to time, pressing it into the snakes eye like he was manipulating a shaken bottle of champagne.

”Man, that looks brutal, ” Maddox commented.

Their breathing was too loud, and Jonathan could feel goosebumps everywhere. His cock needed some hard discipline, it was true. But he couldn help but notice how Maddox kept on torturing his own mushroom. ”And that looks like a sadists trade from where I stand. ”

Maddox let out a ragged laugh. ”How about we switch? ”

”What do you mean? ” Jonathan was staring openly now, enjoying the view a bit too much.

Maddox took him by surprise when he stood and walked over. Jonathan had no time to react as the other straddled him, pressing his ball sack directly against his. ”You do mine, and I do yours. ”

”Ah, ” Jonathan said, for lack of words.

He was frozen in place, and his cock was pulsing like mad in his hand, although he had stopped rubbing it. Maddox pushed his hand away and then seized his cock. Jonathan moaned when the rough thumb brushed over the sensitive head.

”Come on, do me, ” Maddox urged him.

It wasn happening, right? He just had the most vivid dream ever, and he was bound to wake up soon. He took Maddoxs cock hesitantly and closed his eyes. Together with that insane torture on his cock, he risked blowing prematurely.

”Why are you so gentle? ” Maddox whispered. ”Do mine like you do yours. ”

”You sure? ” Jonathan asked in a whisper, his eyes still closed.

”Im not going to go easy on you, so suit yourself. ”

Maybe Maddox needed to be taught a lesson so that he would stop with all the mischief. So Jonathan took a firm hold of the beautiful thing in his hand and pushed down the skin with all his strength.

”Oh, yes, ” Maddox breathed out. ”Man, your dick is uber nice. Totally a grower. ”

It must have grown beyond its usual capabilities, Jonathan thought. He half-closed his eyes to observe Maddoxs cock. It was thick and veiny, not as long as his, but definitely used to a lot of action. Was it a good thing to watch it from so up close?

He could feel the others weight on his thighs, and everywhere their bodies touched, fire burned. One risky look higher, and his eyes fell on Maddoxs face. His sensual lips were parted, his pretty eyes were glowing, and he was blinking lazily while moaning now and then.

It had been the wrong move because his already impossibly high pleasure shot up to the next level. He grabbed the arm of the chair with his free hand and groaned as he came all over his chest.

”Fucking A, ” Maddox whispered, and Jonathan felt a second round landing on his abdomen, some of the cum spreading over his fingers as he continued to keep the guys cock in his tight grip.

He closed his eyes again. It was official. He was losing his mind, and he was doing it over a straight boy who could turn him into his puppet at a snap of the fingers.

”I need to go wash, ” he said abruptly and almost pushed Maddox hard enough to make him land on his ass.

Good thing Maddox wasn some feeble character. He managed to get on his feet just fine as Jonathan pushed past him and rushed into the shower.


So that had been mind-blowing and a letdown at the same time. Maddox didn follow Jonathan into the shower and just began to pick his clothes from where he had left them. He had his pride, after all, and the guy had just kind of pissed on it by running to wash like his cum was radioactive or something. Really, he couldn get out faster if the entire building was on fire.

Was Jonathan one of those people who couldn stand to be touched by others? The kind who worried about microbes and stuff all the time? That reaction at the end had left him completely stunned. Otherwise, the others smooth hand on his dick had been pure **ing pleasure, just as his moans and the way he tilted his head back had provided Maddox with fresh new entries to his spank bank.

Fuck, he needed to find a way to take his mind off Jonathan. No wonder he was still a virgin at twenty; he probably couldn stand other dudes and their cum, and just imagined himself gay so that he didn have to confront his phobias.

Or maybe, just maybe, he couldn stand Maddoxs cum, which was bad because coming all over those nice hard pecks and abs had been practically everything.

He walked over to the showers and just washed his hands in a sink. ”Ill leave the key in the door, ” he shouted. ”Make sure to lock on your way out and put the key under the third flower pot on the right, okay? ”

He didn wait for an answer. If Jonathan couldn stand him, he wouldn stand him, either. Maddox pursed his lips and marched out of the room. To say that had been a blow to his ego was to put it lightly.


Jonathan waited for the sound of departing steps to die out. He slammed his hand against the wall hard, again and again, waiting for the pain to flare until the hammering in his chest would finally give in.

He couldn allow himself to do that, no matter how forthcoming Maddox seemed to be. The disaster called Drew had almost cost him everything, and he wouldn turn this into another. There were only this many chances someone like him could take.


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