Goddess Of Holy Shadows

Game Of Frozen Chance

e and darted in quickly, their breathing quickened as fear settled in their bones. For each breath they took… they lost their stamina, their bone and muscle mass, some became brittle and old and collapsed as they died farther in to where none could see the dead bodies and still ran in blindly with the hope that they will survive the horde that were attaching the walls behind them.

With each person that died, a Tally Mark would appear on the scoreboard that the Priestess was constantly watching fill up rather quickly… Looking up at the time it showed 19:58:32… Only three-four hours had passed, and on the Goddesses side was almost one-fifth full of Tallies on her side.

:MUAHAHAHA!!! LIKE LAMBS TO THE SLAUGHTER!!: The Goddess voice echoed around the pale elf as the foolish ones ran into the mist, while the few who watched the promotional videos or have played games watched the others not notice the faint outline of a beast prowling in the mist. The outline of the Best got closer to some but ignored them while they stood still, but lunged at those who had moved. It was creating wisps of smoke that extend outside of the misty fog that looked like black tentacles extending out and snatching people who had no chance to cry out. Once the outline had moved away did the few who stayed still dared to move, but as soon as they felt any gaze on them or in their direction they freeze, Like an extreme game of Red light Green Light.

:OH! SOME ARE ACTULLY **ART! IF THEY SURVIVE I WILL GIVE THEM THE SKILL OF THE WEEPING ANGELS!: The Goddess spoke and at which the elf entered the prayer trance and became a specter next to the Goddess as she wanted to ask some questions.

:Why our settlement, my Goddess?: She asked with her hood on, :Surely you would get more entertainment from the other Cities?:

:OH DEAR CHILD!: The Goddess voice carried the hint of sadness as the giant female looked down at the small being. Picking her up gently and stroking the side of her face with a fingertip replied softly, :THERE ARE NO MORE CITIES TO CLAIM! AND I NEED THE DEATH ENERGY TO BE ABLE TO SEND YOU TO THE ALL MAKER IN ONE PIECE FOR THIS WORLD IS GOING TO BE RESET! BUT DONT WORRY THOSE WHO SURVIVE WILL BE GIVEN BETTER LUCK AND LIVES TO LIVE!: The Goddess responded with more sadness weighing her voice heavy as the small being slowly came to terms that her City was The Last City on the planet.

Hoping in her heart that those who stayed Frozen would survive and have the Chance to live a better life once this was all over… Looking at the timer she saw 10:43:88 only nine hours had passed since she entered the Goddesses Realm.

The Goddess took a peak at the small Priestess and could feel the sorrowful hope that she unknowingly showed.

Her favorite subject and the pride of the shadows… she couldn let her suffer like this… even if… it was an order from Father!

She decided that if the Death Toll was double or tripled the amount of those still alive, that she would grant that many extra wishes for her vessel! She was already planning on using the rest of her saved up Power Points before the Reset to give this little hope of hers as many powers that it would allow…

Hopefully Father doesn get mad about her choice for the minor-god-selection of the new Game he decided to make as a testing ground before the war to come…

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