Girl About Town

Am Back...or Maybe Not

old, when out, he had disappeared.

She called but he was not picking up. She was mildly worried and mildly frustrated. He re-appeared and said,

You don trust me,. She was tongue tied. She didn know why he would make such a conclusion. She didn explain herself, could not.

The first time they had sex, she felt cold. Detached. She saw his ex-girlfriend, her temporary replacement on him, riding him. She felt inadequate. She fumbled with his dick, trying to find a position. Her legs hurt.

I want to come in your mouth, he said amid the cold **. She shivered a little and shook her head. She gave up on her half assed attempt of a blow job. She tried to get back on top of him, feeling her heavy body slumping on him and failing to get up. He leaned forward and whispered that he needed to sleep. Confused, she got off him, slept beside him, holding him. Hoping that their bodies would regenerate some residual heat. Their bodies were cold. They might as well have been corpses.

He left that morning, early, in his mums car. She kissed him, feeling his smelly mouth and ignoring it. Love was acceptance, smelly mouths in the morning or not.

He was trying to be a better man. As the bigger woman, she tried to stay and cheer him up. He joined her savings group and his mums savings group. He called and affirmed her. Then he stopped. She had settled into the norm, she did not notice anything.

When, when did you stop loving me? she asked, laughing hysterically.

2019, he said.

Oh dear, I have become one of those girls. The girls who wait hopelessly, she laughed and he laughed too.

I mean, I dated myself for two years. Btw, I think I have stopped loving you, she laughed again. He laughed too. She wanted to ask him why she was laughing. She couldn . The next morning, she cried. Her last cry.

Someone said that no one can be stopped from reconciling with their exes. However, of the sex is cold, thats the right time for them to leave. She wished that she had read that hypothesis a little earlier.

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